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Future Generations Will Mourn What the EPA Did on 9/11

Future Generations Will Mourn What the EPA Did on 9/11

Olivia Alperstein

September 11 is already an annual day of mourning. But while the nation grieved over victims of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the Trump administration’s Environmental Protection Agency announced a plan future generations may well grieve as a tragedy in its own right.

That makes two government-sponsored (or co-) 9/11’s. Naturally, both under Republican presidents.

Always remember all of those responsible for the poisoning of America.

We will need to Permanently Eliminate all of them at some point.

What future generations?

Obviously, but we have a set generational divide of approximately 18 years or so.
On our current trajectory humanity does not have another 18 years.
In fact we are looking at a likely cataclysmic methane release by 2023, unless we can somehow reverse our current course.

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Money rules the world and makes people corrupt. On one hand wanting to save babies and killing
at the same time. How sad for mankind.

If you only knew more about the Hazmat cover-ups at the WTC and the attempts to expose Giuliani making Whitman a patsy by Cate Jenkin (EPA) and myself!