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Future of Europe's Internet On the Line as EU Preps for Net Neutrality Vote


Future of Europe's Internet On the Line as EU Preps for Net Neutrality Vote

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

The European Parliament is set to vote Tuesday on net neutrality rules that open internet advocates warn are a threat to free speech, privacy, and innovation.

Opponents are calling on European members of Parliament (MEPs) to pass amendments that target four standout problems in the legislation, including granting unlimited power to Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to slow down and speed up web traffic at will and use "zero rating" exemptions to protect certain applications from monthly bandwidth caps, among other issues.


Democratic tendencies: turning shit into diamonds in the sphincters of the 0.01%.


Yes, and OUR Big Brother equivalent CISA bill will be voted on in the Senate tomorrow-
Anybody hear about any of this Big Brother Bullshit on the MSM?????
I didn't think so- I have read A few articles on the internet-But, too little, too late-
I could almost think that CIA Brennnan and Hillary's E-Mail revelations were carefully orchestrated to somehow coax us into thinking that we needed BIG BROTHER Cyber Security-Which, just like the "Fee Trade" agreements, the crafty labeling is not at all what it is really all about- What it is all about is our privacy in the hands of all of those 3 letter abbreviated totalitarian Government Agencies....


I'm actually surprised that it has taken this long for US and European Establishment forces to try to shut the Internet down except in those circunstances where it can facilitate profiteering. Too much dissent gets uploaded, even if niot enough people pay attention to it.

Public squawks to "save Internet freedom" won't be heeded and the ability to express dissent behind the backs and/or over the heads if the Powers That Be will diminish or disappear entirely.

So what then?


All governments now are concerned at the Internet and free expression driving great gaping holes in the various national propaganda narratives. Vulnerable are all governments, including our own, operating as a collective mythology masking organized looting by favored classes of parasites.
Such misrulers absolutely have to bring the Internet under their control.