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Future of Free Speech at Risk as Supreme Court Hears Critical Digital Privacy Case


Future of Free Speech at Risk as Supreme Court Hears Critical Digital Privacy Case

Julia Conley, staff writer

"No constitutional doctrine should presume that consumers assume the risk of warrantless government surveillance simply by using technologies that are increasingly integrated into modern life."


Are we going to permit this government to continue to threaten our freedoms, and treat us as if we were in Russia?

We are the 99%.

They are the 1%.

The last time that I was pushed around was by a bully in the 7th grade, in the locker room. After taking as much of his abuse as I could bear, I pushed back and slammed him into the wall of lockers, ready to beat the crap out of him. He never again bothered me.

This is the United States of America, not Russia.

The 1% deserve 1% of the benefits, not 60% as the bullies are preparing to take.

A war is coming.

A war against the bullies.

Prepare to stand up for yourself, your children, and your grandchildren.


When telecom giants including Google, Apple, Facebook, Twitter, and Verizon are all for civil liberties, one has to wonder why and what’s in it for them. There’s certainly more to this story and this case than is being implied here.


In addition to net neutrality being under siege there is Sinclair, a Trump-regime-friendly corporation, that currently owns 173 local TV stations and plans to acquire 42 more. The onslaught of fascist ideology indoctrination is upon us. What we are dealing with here is a formidable, cunning, relentless enemy. And the enemy is in our own house…


Do you really know your computer? Inside and out? They understand it many times more than you do. If you understood it on the same level as they do you wouldn’t own it. Seriously, do you read it’s logs to find out what it’s doing and who it is communicating with? Security isn’t just an antivirus and a firewall, not anymore.


I gave up keeping a diary on my computer when I realized I was giving away my thoughts to an intrusive govt. I write my thoughts on paper. It’s the only secure way I can think of keeping the govt out of my head. What I need to do is give it up…as was suggested above. When you really begin to understand how insidious the spying is…how data is gathered on our preferences and choices and used to manipulate us citizens, you realize the vast security system is just a means of control and manipulation. There is NO SECURITY. We are giving away more of our power by broadcasting our lives on social media. They can only take what we allow them to take.


The meaning of privacy has not changed and technology needs to adapt to that definition, not vice versa.