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Future Tenuous for Bibi as Israelis Flock to Polls


Future Tenuous for Bibi as Israelis Flock to Polls

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Israelis are heading to the polls on Tuesday in what is considered a hotly contested vote that threatens to unseat current Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

In the lead up to the general election, polls indicated that Netanyahu's conservative Likud party trailed the center-left Zionist Union by three parliamentary seats. Israel has a parliamentary system, which means that citizens vote for parties rather than individuals.


It will not matter one bit whether Likud wins or loses this election. Washington will still take orders from the most vicious zionists in Israel.

On Tuesday, Haaretz, which has a live blog as the day unfolds, reported “long lines outside polling stations in Arab villages and towns.”

This line reminds me of the 2004 election in Ohio when voters in primarily Democratic areas had a much tougher time voting than those in Republican-controlled areas did.



The lack of a true difference between the parties would favor Netanyahu in my opinion. Its like in the US. Why vote for a cowardly center-right leaning democrat when you can get a real deal right leaning republican who will do the same thing?


I live in Australia and we have a 2-party/both the same system and according to my relatives they have a many-party/all the same system in Israel. Don’t hold your breath, doesn’t matter much if Bibi wins or not, not for the world or the Palestinians or the Lebanese or Iran or Syria, Somalia, Sudan, etc. etc. And most certainly not for the USA relations. It will probably matter to Bibi himself though: he’ll probably do some time for corruption, which is the path trodden by many ex-Isreali high office holders (or religious luminaries) for one reason or other, be it corruption (Olmert, Aryeh Deri, Shlomo Benizri), rapists (Katzav, Yitzhak Mordechai), assault (Avigdor Lieberman - yes, current FM!), etc - as these are the ones that immediately come to mind. BDS is probably the best way to make a difference, as in South Africa anno dacumal. Shalom


“Regarding the peace process with Palestine, Herzog has expressed support for a two-state solution but has also said Israel territory would include settlements on occupied land.”: The Israeli version of the evil of the two lesser.


Just read that Netanyahu has pulled out a close victory. :laughing:

Obviously, Israel’s election system is every bit as sophisticated as the one used in the US.



seems to be that the hallmark of a “western democracy” is vote fraud in one way or another


This article, like the elections that are taking place in Israel, is hot air.
Only when a man of the locality as in what are often called Palestinians or similar non-Zionist or non-Jew becomes the Prime minister of Israel will the country be able to claim full human validity.
Israelis and Jews all know this. This knowledge makes them kill because they refuse to accept the reality that their view is of limited intellect and humanity, thereby proving their inadequacy with acts of violence.
Israel (and the Zionism that made it) is Judaism’s nadir and Jews have to face this.


I don’t think this blind hate towards “the Jews” is helpful and most certainly not justified. You can’t generalise


There are 26 opposition parties. Almost all of them despise Palestinians. It would be pretty hard to find any party in Israel that supports an end to apartheid, equal rights for all and a promise to return stolen land to the victims.


This reminds me of the second time Bush was ‘elected’ in the U.S. The world was shocked that so many Americans voted for this unremarkable man who lied to the 99% as he illegally invaded countries that posed no threat to America. I suspect the same will occur in Israel as many outsiders will be left with the impression that most Israelis are just simple minded, racist warriors hell bent on the destruction of their neighbours. While many Israelis do believe that they are a ‘chosen people’ (Judaism is not alone in the world either in this category) and have no qualms about the murdering of fellow Israeli citizens who are not Jewish, much of this is do to the same reasons we have such a brainwashed populace here in the U.S. Corporate media in Israel has been relentless in its demonization of all things Arab since the inception of Israel over 65 years ago. It is quite common behind closed doors in Israel to refer to all Arabs as ‘animals’ and a firm belief that Israel will only achieve security once every Arab on Earth has disappeared. The history of the U.S. also shared a similar viewpoint chronologically with native American Indians, followed by African Americans, the Spanish, Germans, communists, Germans again, the Japanese, communists again and now “terrorists”. In each case the U.S. government and its corporate partners in crime conspired to ‘cleanse’ the country of the enemy dujour. The culture of hate is as strong as it has ever been, but this is by design and unfortunately people are still falling for the same old BS.


Well, Bibi stays. How 'bout that??? War against Iran, Syria, Russia, even China? Are we living in the “end times”? So, the voting machines spat out this warmonger’s name?


Actually, Israel hand counts paper ballots, the most accurate way to vote. So, we probably can chalk this up to the thieving, warmongering, Zionist Israelis, and not Likud electon fraud, a la the Republican election fraud Americans have to put up with. As a matter of fact, their voting rate of over 70% is something we should aspire to, about the only thing about Israel we should aspire to.


Just Great. All the War mongers need now is a Nazi like Jeb Bush and they can start a “Final Solution” against the whole Middle East.