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G19 Outmaneuvers Climate Rogue Trump, Ignores Donald and Ivanka


G19 Outmaneuvers Climate Rogue Trump, Ignores Donald and Ivanka

Juan Cole

German Chancellor Angela Merkel ran rings around Trump at the G20 summit in Hamburg, where pictures show Donald sitting alone and being ignored by other heads of state when he bothered to show up (he sent Ivanka to sit in for him at one session). Trump abruptly and mysteriously disappeared toward the end of the summit, not bothering to address it as has been the custom with regard to previous US presidents.


I don't believe the US is as isolated from the rest of the world on climate as it seems from this conference. A number of states and cities are working closely with foreign countries on climate. There are international groups of cities working on climate. Trump has some control over part of the country on climate but he has no control over much of the country. To gain more control he would have to sue states and cities and lawsuits can take years to resolve. So much of the world is moving along to fight climate change without Trump and his reactionary supporters. Everything he does on climate makes him look more and more like a fool and the people who voted for him as being foolish. Trump and his supporters do not seem to care what anyone thinks about them so they just go along on their merry way creating havoc as the go.


It seems to me that China and India are growing much more rapidly than everyone else, including France and Germany who have their own problems of economic sluggishness. I will not comment on quality of life in those nations because I've never been there and don 't know much about that subject. Nevertheless, the people and leadership of the US have relegated the USA to militarism and long-term decline as much of the nation clings to it's post World War II goal of opposing/containing [fill in the blank] as a perilous challenge to capitalism. The other developed nations of the world will move forward while the American Empire continues to rot in decline.


How delightful that Trump was largely ignored, and what a relief that the US is no longer in the driver's seat. Trump's retreat on climate change opened (at least somewhat) doors that had been closed due to US belligerence and kowtowing to the fossil fuel industry. As Lrx mentioned, Trump has no control, and indeed, seems to be solidifying global determination to address the most important issue of our time.


Right on!
I have already posted a week or two ago, that Trump's pullout of the Paris accord was actually GOOD for the environment.
And you see that confirmed in an article in the National Post. (http://www.truthdig.com/report/item/how_g19_outmaneuvered_climate_rogue_trump_ignored_donald_ivanka_20170708 )
QUOTE: With the US absent from climate discussions because Trump withdrew from the Paris Accords, the remaining 19 members of the G20 were able to craft a much stronger statement on climate change and addressing it than the US would normally allow. US governments are typically deeply beholden to Big Oil, Big Gas and Big Coal. UNQUOTE

I also stated then, that it would have furthermore a stimulating effect on the US enviro-movement, by states and industry being motivated into redoubling their effort rather than waiting for 'Big Brother to set the pace.
That still needs to bear out. However several states appear to be reviewing their legislation in order to strengthen environmental protection and astute observers will tell you, that there are few, if any executives in the hydrocarbon industries, who see any chance for a rebirth, Trump or no Trump.


All of Trump’s policies are intended to destroy the United States completely (in reality, extreme right-wing, neo-Nazi Republicanism – Trump is too stupid to create anything himself). We are just witnessing the very first “flush”. There’s certainly a lot more to come in just about every area of economic, social and foreign policy.

It seems to me that the only thing that needs to be addressed by any intelligent American is whether to stay and fight a losing battle, which is a dignified and noble thing to do; or leave a sinking ship and emigrate. That’s the smart move. Which would also help speed up the swirling decline.

Leave the whole mess to Trump supporters and the corrupt Democratic establishment.

Has a certain schadenfreude appeal, doesn’t it?

Regardless, one thing is certain: Brezhnev and Khrushchev et al are smiling from their graves.


so, mr. cole, the most important issue is the loss of u.s. strategic standing in the world? silly me! i thought the purpose is to work toward a sustainable and healthful environment. however, thank you juan for the link to the joint statement on climate change. i followed that link and (ugh!) here's what i found at the very beginning: (my emphasis!)

Sharing the Benefits of Globalisation

Prospering Global Economy: Current growth prospects are encouraging, though the pace of growth is still weaker than desirable. We reaffirm our commitment to international economic and financial cooperation to further strengthen growth and safeguard against downside risks. We will continue to use all policy tools – monetary, fiscal and structural – individually and collectively to achieve our goal of strong, sustainable, balanced and inclusive growth, while enhancing economic and financial resilience. Monetary policy will continue to support economic activity and ensure price stability, consistent with central banks’ mandates. Fiscal policy will be used flexibly and be growth-friendly while ensuring debt as a share of GDP is on a sustainable path.

We reinforce our commitment to structural reforms. We reaffirm our previous exchange rate commitments. We will strive to reduce excessive global imbalances in a way that supports global growth. We will promote greater inclusiveness, fairness and equality in our pursuit of economic growth and job creation. To these ends, we endorse the Hamburg Action Plan.

Trade and Investment: International trade and investment are important engines of growth, productivity, innovation, job creation and development.

well, i'd read enough! the top priority is on the money! in a recent broadcast focused on those thousands "little people" who demonstrated outside the meeting one man expressed the view of many of us saying that the g-20 is just a chance for honchos to stand in the limelight while accomplishing nothing of value. juan, juan, juan! climate change should focus on the ecology first; not the corporate economy! and we wonder how our politicians became so venal!

oh, and i should comment on this bit of financial voodoo.
Fiscal policy will be used flexibly and be growth-friendly while ensuring debt as a share of GDP is on a sustainable path.

utter poppycock! sustainability and constant growth on a finite planet are mutually exclusive goals! debt as growth!?! no, no, no! future generations do not deserve the burden of our growing, ever growing debt! look at puerto rico! look at michigan! look at greece! while non-living corporations profit from debt look who gets to cover the debt and "enjoy" austerity.


These so called "adults in the room" are part of IMF and World Bank that has been screwing "we the people" of the world for the last 30 or 40 years especially the developing nations. They are just a bunch of banksters raping and pillaging the world.


Just where are we going to emigrate too? most of us don't have the considerable means to do so.


Trump is being treated exactly the way he needs to be, ignored. Bullies usually (?) back down if they are not getting the attention they crave. Trump is sulking. I worry what that will lead to.