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G20 Is Desperately Trying to Save a Failed World Order


G20 Is Desperately Trying to Save a Failed World Order

Nick Dearden

The Hamburg G20 might go down in history as the moment the international elite just couldn't hold it together any longer. For years, leaders of the most powerful countries have come together to cooperate on how to run the world: the G6, G7, G8, G20. Their watchword was stability.


“Partnership for Africa” is code for corporatizing Africa. A decade of the Gates Foundation and US military expansion on the continent has set the stage for full corporate takeover.


Excellent article. Thought provoking.


Excellent. Says it all and is spot on about the magnitude of the situation. But so long as the elites control the media and own the police nothing will change.


I fear a coming worldwide Civil War and WWIII based on a collapse of the global economy. The more dependent we become on globalization, the more vulnerable every nation, states and cities within nations become to any disruption orchestrated by oil, energy, transport and travel-related corporations.

In other words, the global economy is like the automobile which in excess presents a severe impediment to other modes of urban/suburban travel - walking, mass transit and bicycling. So too the global economy (conducted via air travel, trucking and shipping as well as urban modes of travel) disempowers the lesser though no less fundamental national, state, regional and local economies which require less energy and distances of travel and transport to conduct.


“Regulating” globalization would just be an attempt to reform the corrupt capitalist system.
Reforming the system is not the answer.
Besides, this would require as the first order of business, getting everyone on the same page.
That’s a recipe for disaster if there ever was one.

To rally the masses, a new values clarity, a new vision is absolutely essential.
Around what shall we rally?
Otherwise, small groups will have to back away from participation in the global capitalist system, creating their own self-sufficient pastoral communities. Should this movement gain traction, these might develop a loosely-affiliated network…


thank you so much, nick dearden, for such a spot on analysis! what’s wrong with this picture? as you see this conference cares more about protecting hierarchical market values than meaningful life-style changes as necessary to a healthy planet. when money is prioritized as the #1 concern there is no #2! the g-20 (minus one) issued a statement outlining their goal$. i copied this from the beginning.

Fiscal policy will be used flexibly and be growth-friendly while ensuring debt as a share of GDP is on a sustainable path.
the idea of as “debt” as a viable positive GDP indication is but a banker’s wet dream. this is what capitalism does–creates debt after debt and passes it to future generations. while the few live deliriously in luxury, we the little people of earth get to cover the debt by living in austerity.