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G20 Media, Did the Cat Get Its Tongue?


G20 Media, Did the Cat Get Its Tongue?

Lacy MacAuley

Doesn’t the internet have enough cat videos? News of the G20 summit in Antalya, Turkey, which concluded earlier this week, focused predominantly on discussions of the terrorist attacks in Paris, the response of the G20 on Syria, and yes, cats.


Interesting, informative article, Ms. MacAuley.

The following deserves to be repeated:

"Neoliberalism is a word that elicits fury for activists all over the world, including Latin American activists from Mexico to Chile who have had energetic street protests against “neoliberalismo.” In the United States, however, few could tell you what it means. It usually refers to a system of development policy based on trickle-down economics, lowering barriers to trade, eliminating government services, and reducing the role of government while strengthening corporations."

Since 5 broadcast corporations with heavy interests in all this "neoliberalism" own the U.S. media, what's being done by the G-20 to advance "A New World Order" is always painted in superlative tones and allusions.

"So neoliberalism equates to hyper-capitalist, free market economics. These are policies that have accompanied a global increase in inequality, environmental degradation, and climate change. As shown by the number of protests these policies have prompted, neoliberalism has not worked for many people."

Neo-liberalists are about to get their ultimate Santa Wish List answered through the TPP and TIPP.