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G20 Summit: Activists Plan to 'Welcome' Trump, Putin to Germany


G20 Summit: Activists Plan to 'Welcome' Trump, Putin to Germany

- Common Dreams staff

Thousands of anti-globalization activists took to the streets and waterways of Hamburg, Germany Sunday ahead of this week's G20 summit.

Police said at least 10,000 demonstrators marched peacefully in the rain in a prelude to the July 7-8 meeting, where 21,000 police with dogs, horses and helicopters from across Germany will attempt to protect the leaders of the world's 20 largest economies. Trump, Erdogan, Putin, Merkel, the Saudis, and over 100,000 protesters are also expected.


Germany seems to be the new world leader. They are out in front on many issues. I wish the protesters well. The way things are going here, we may need their help in the future to bail-out our Democratic Republic from fascism.




History is 'funny' like that. What better lead nation to fight against fascism than a nation that once saw firsthand it take over their nation.


I think it will be up us to stop fascism here. I would not count on the Germans. They have their own problems with right wing fascists and a strong backlash against all the new immigrants from the Middle East.


I can see it all now, DJT and Vlad fighting over who is going to get to ride the Lippizan stallion down The Mönckebergstraße. The result will be Putin riding the steed and DJT riding in a cart behind....


What you refer to as right wing fascists, I assume you are referring to AfD (Alternative für Deutschland). They are certainly "right wing", but you are certainly going overboard by referring to them as "fascist". They would be called the equivalent of "Right Wing Republicans" here in the US.

As far as a "backlash" against new immigrants from the Middle East is concerned, there are hundreds of thousands of them here and, other than the crazy "Weihnachtsmarkt" Tunisian and a misshaped bomber in Ansbach who succeeded in blowing himself up, I haven't seen or read of anything much like a backlash . The Government has seen to it they all get their documents in line, as well as food, clothing, and a reasonable place to live. And I would definitely count on most Germans' acceptance of them, and especially count on Frau Merkel.