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G20 Summit: World Leaders Fail to Act, But an Energy Revolution Remains Possible


G20 Summit: World Leaders Fail to Act, But an Energy Revolution Remains Possible

Friends of the Earth International

At the G20 leaders summit held over the weekend in China, climate change and tax avoidance were centre stage. The United States and China ratified the Paris Climate agreement. However, as the treaty lacks concrete demands for action, more concrete measures are needed.

Climate change and tax evasion are symptoms of our broken system. The energy transformation involves not just switching from fossil fuels to renewable energy, but also challenging the corporate power and greed that has led to these twin crises.


It's been made quite clear that there will be no energy revolution in time to matter unless there's an actual revolution--a taking of power that's worldwide but concentrated in the US. The revolution needs to be peaceful on our part, but it won't be on theirs. This week's police-supported corporate violence to push a pipeline through sacred and pristine lands is just one early example; it will get much worse.

Since simultaneous revolutions in forestry and agriculture are also going to be required, and since they utterly depend on a far more equal society than we have, it's also quite clear that the revolution needs to massively reverse the political-economic direction we've been taking for a century.

The center of denying delayalism is US multinational fossil fuel corporations and the governments they own, from local through state to federal level. That relationship has to be the first target for change.