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G20: You Can Smell Tear Gas in the Streets as the Oil Industry Squabbles

G20: You Can Smell Tear Gas in the Streets as the Oil Industry Squabbles

Vijay Prashad

Last week, two important meetings took place—one, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, of the Group of 20 (G20) nations, and two, in Vienna, Austria, of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) and other oil producers. The two meetings did not produce any resolution to the major economic challenges in the world. But they did soothe the nerves of financial markets. At the G20, the United States and China dialed down the temperature over trade but did not settle the long-term grievances each side has of the other.

We the People must begin stockpiling our own supplies of tear gas for the coming Revolution.

Be prepared folks.

Spats over how much oil to pour on the fire

You want them a little foggy so they don’t see the pitchfork coming eh?

No, I’d prefer they see it coming.

Gets to thinking about whether your National Guardsmen are the tame critters you remember.
Things have changed.

I apologize if I implied that the National Guardsmen I faced were tame; they were using tear gas, pepper gas, and rubber bullets against the students protesting.

This was immediately after the National Guard killed those 4 young people at Kent State.

Like you say Gandolf, things have changed, and the times have changed.

In 1970, we had a President that called us bums and wanted us silenced.

Today, we also have criminal for a President, however, now, 2/3 of this country desire him gone and a sane person to take his place.

There have been a number of very large non-violent protests that have not required anything but local law enforcement to provide security.

The Guard have changed big-time in the past 50 years.

And my head isn’t as hard as it used to be either. If I have to get rowdy I’ll have to get me a helmet. I kept my steel pot and liner since 71 and sold it at a rummage sale just last year.

Got a motorcycle?

I sold mine 10 years ago. Can’t tell you how many times car drivers nearly killed me.

First time was in 1965 while I was on the back of my brothers.

Yamaha 250. Waaaaaaaa. Still remember that sound.

Guess, I wasn’t born to be wild.

Turning in early tonight.

Oh yeah, I also saw,

Pacific Gas and Electric,
Aerosmith twice,
The Band,
David Bowie,
Elton John,
Edgar Winter with Rick Derriger,
and many more.

I’m done in too. Got up early to get car to towed to repair shop for ignition and starter.

In the real world of geopolitics:
“Green New Deal”? “Ha, ha, ha, ha…”

Sounds like you got a few miles on her. I’m at 173K on my 98 Accord. She’s showing her age but I still love her. We’ve been together since she was assembled in Marysville Ohio. I’ll miss her when the time comes.