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G7 False Commitments Won't Help Us Tackle 7-Million Air Pollution Deaths


G7 False Commitments Won't Help Us Tackle 7-Million Air Pollution Deaths

Nick Fillmore

During the hour that it took the world’s elite G7 politicians discussing climate change to wander through an enchanting meadow of flowers in Germany’s Bavarian Alps earlier this week, at least 800 people died prematurely from the impact of air pollution, most of it caused by the burning of non-renewable fossil fuels.


Movement of Climate Refugees to Canada at the expense of everything they have is expected to double in the next five years.

Once there, the monetary system puts these folks in Decades of debt, and though they live, their quality of life is severely impacted by their lack of resources. The debt services the top global 1%

Harper is no idiot.


“world’s elite G7 politicians”

Huh? What elite???


None of them qualify as technical idiots. But all of them are afflicted with the delusion that poisoned air and water and radically altered weather can’t affect them because they have high and mighty titles and positions of power and influence. Similarly, the rich cannot imagine a currency collapse that might any time render their wealth worthless.

Yet all of these things are happening before their and our very eyes and can’t be stopped with speeches and position papers.


Environmental Defense Fund claims that between air and water pollution our US coal industry costs US economy at least $345billion/year, possibly over $500billion/year, for extra health care. If US can raise $200billion/year between diverting $100billion/year from military pork and some combination of a nice regressive tax on all energy products and deficit spending for equipment to fight a war against catastrophic climate change by buying from too big to fail military industrial complex firms (preferably those losing contracts for military pork) equipment to harness renewable energy (mostly wind and solar (since those can be manufactured in factories by MIC firms)) and energy storage equipment (mostly hydrogen fuel cells–they really do the job and in a pinch the same fuel cell can burn either hydrogen or natural gas or any mixture of the two) and any other equipment needed to upgrade the grid (electronics to permit real time pricing, HV-DC transmission lines, Faraday cages to protect against electro-magnetic pulse, circuit breakers to island micro-grids within the grid to limit damage if anything does go wrong). Then place this stuff with electric utilities to manage with 20% of generation charge for electricity either generated or saved by the equipment and sold to customers to be kept by utility for maintenance and operation and 80% to be paid to fossil fuel firm supplying utility for loss of sales.
Once savings on health care from reduced pollution kick in, the half saved by federal government should be used to first reduce deficit spending for this then pay it back to treasury. Once deficit spending for this program is paid back, whatever health care savings federal government can capture should be divided between helping rest of world replace fossil fuel with renewable energy and paying too big to fail fossil fuel firms for loss of sales to renewable energy. I hope this will be enough help soon enough to save our farms from catastrophic climate change and avoid widespread famine.