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G7 Views Trump’s US as Rogue State, as France Threatens a “G6” Memo


G7 Views Trump’s US as Rogue State, as France Threatens a “G6” Memo

Juan Cole

Trump’s 17th century mercantilist trade policies are making the United States the skunk at the party at the G7 meet in Quebec on Friday. Trump will skip the session on climate change. Trump has been needling Justin Trudeau, the PM of Canada, and Emmanuel Macron, the French president. Macron is needling back:


Do it Macron. Just do it.


I’d love to see it happen. That would be great for rump’s legacy as president.


Oh, if only they would put their money where their mouths are and really do that!! It would be an incredible victory. Show the US it is not the global hegemon “indispensable nation” it thinks it is! Force it to finally engage as a global citizen instead of its ruler. The fact is, the US needs the rest of the world far less than the rest of the world needs the US.

Sadly, I doubt very much the other G6 will stand by this noble-sounding statement. However, perhaps this is at least a step in the right direction. Another decade or two and maybe they will finally be able to stand up against the US bully. This was, perhaps, the first flexing of their muscles.


“Sadly, I doubt very much the other G6 will stand by this noble-sounding statement.”

Perhaps. And yet, the eerie intensity of Macron’s wave - with its “accidental” miming of Spock’s Vulcan death grip - may yet embolden other nations.


I hope the rest of the world stands together and kicks our ass to the point most normal people wake up.


I hope you are right!


Oops. Just noticed - meant to type “the US needs the rest of the world far MORE”…


Not to worry, D2 — it was clear what you meant to say.

G7 Views Trump’s US as Rogue State, as France Threatens a “G6” Memo — Juan Cole

The U.S. has been a Rogue State since we stole Hawai’i from England (who stole it from Ireland *) and over­threw its native government on behalf of Dole Pineapple. (Was that before or after the Gadsden “Purchase”?)  And how many “Banana Republics” (actually United Fruit Company dictatorships) owe their very existence to the U.S. Marines?  Our invasion of Iraq in 2003 was merely an attempt to continue the tradition of conquering other nations to benefit U.S. corporations, in this case the treasure sought being oil rather than fruit.

*  Named “O’Waegh-hee” by the Irish whalers who landed there in the early 1700’s (the first westerners to see the lush green isles that reminded them of home), its capital city village was named “O’Wagh-Hoo” when they spotted grass-skirted natives dancing on the beach . . .


So we’re all hoping Macron grows a pair? Not buying it.


Agreed. He will fall like a cheap shirt!


Global trade should be minimized. Every nation should build the means to provide for their people their essential goods - food, water supply and treatment, building materials and housing, household goods, etc. Global trade requires the most use of fossil fuel for trans-oceanic shipping and trucking from ports within borders and to land locked bordering nations. Global trade as we know it is more like colonialism defined as states dependent upon middle-man marketers acting as overlords. We may “equalize” trade deficits between nations, but if we remain dependent upon long-distance trade, we serve these marketers who are next in line to profit after petroleum companies and transportation vehicle manufacturers including pipeline and air travel. Somewhere within DJTrump’s agenda is the intent to expand global trade despite the dangers inherent with global warming and our unjustly inequitable economy.