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G7's Focus on Inequality Met With Suspicion as France's Massive Police Force Prompts Concern Over Protesters' Rights

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/23/g7s-focus-inequality-met-suspicion-frances-massive-police-force-prompts-concern-over

Just below this story of the Greedy 7 meeting to discuss inequality is a story of Trump wanting to massively cut Medicare and Social Security in his second term. Good to see that they fear “we the people” so much that they have to hide behind the Gestapo.


The French better get on with another revolution. Capitalists have declared war on the common working people and the poor in earnest since 1980.


Its great that inequality is finally in the news, but it is more difficult to talk about overpopulation and its intimate ties to inequality. The more people in the world, the harder it is to achieve equality.


Instead of watching the kabuki of Macron in his $6000 suits vs. the Bellowing American Orangutan vs. Boris the Slob, folks would be much better off reading the terrific new issue of Monthly Review analyzing the continuing relevance of the concept of imperialism and the work of the great Harry Magdoff and Paul Sweezy.


I imagine that many of them will congratulate themselves on a job well done. Champagne and caviar, anyone?


Nowhere in the article is it stated that these French and Spanish towns are actually part of Euskadi - the Basque Country - that has suffered horribly since Fascist attacks on it.



Do not allow London England to replace the dollar as the international standard for trade. Now used for 50% of all worldwide invoicing and payments.

Those Britz jerks caused the 2008 mortgage bubble burst that caused world economic collapse that brought Americans into great depression #2, which is still ongoing.

I know darn well that they would manipulate.

They did the international lending rate, libra.

They will control the value of every nations currency, including the euro – after Brexit.

Mark Carney is more dangerous to american’s future prosperity than china – or anyone else, trump included.

It is time to get England out of north America, financially, business ownerships, and bring freedom to Canada.

Aren’t you darn happy that I ain’t prez??

Inequality is not due to overpopulation.


“The truth is that these leaders represent the countries most responsible for driving global inequality, arms sales, and climate change. Unless they’re prepared to break with corporate interests and big-business-first policies,” said Dearden, “they will continue pushing the world into the abyss.”

That says it all Slave. What is most important is the Machine not the lowly human. You are a human, you are a Slave and will forevermore be a Slave. Try not being a Slave and we will crush you, try it, come on, try it.

I am absolutely neutral about those two varieties of imperialist scum. At least the Brits speak proper English. Subjection to the Yanks is NOT freedom for Canadians, and they would crush us francophones in Québec and Acadie, as they did in Louisiana.


Not sure why you believe the UK was responsible for the 2008 mortgage bubble, but you have to look no further than NY, NY for the culprits. WS banks even bought off the rating companies. there’s a wonderful documentary film on the subject called Inside Job made by director Charles Ferguson, I found it at my public library, or it can be rented on youtube. I tried to link the trailer with no luck, but go to YT and search, and many clips will come up.


First of all, I have a French grandmother. Second, I listen to Louisiana cajun music. My grand daughter can play acordian and her great grandfathers squeeze box with buttons. The Britz are your oppressor - not me, Heck, I grew up on Lake Erie and greatly appreciate the towns on the north shore in Ontario. Great food, many baseball diamonds, grapes and tobacco grown there also.

Again, French navy blocked supplies going from New York to Cornwallis a couple years ago. At the surrender, I am in the first row, third guy from the right. However can I thank the French??

I refuse to speak or write proper English. Andy Jackson told me that everybody knows there are 6 ways to spel evrything.

Imperialist - hah
I will wager that you will sell me Ontario. You must also take South Carolina.

Thank you.
I will acquire at local library.
The London bond salesmen were peddling the USA mortgage bonds in the middle east and skimming off 2% fee. They demanded more supply. The americanos provided by inflating real estate appraisals in addition to rating agencies lying about their evaluation of the specific bonds. Employees admitted so, on camera.

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I did forget to send you our condolences for the casualties suffered by Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan. Much higher percentage lost than the Americans who were there at that time.

More like G1 + 6 Toe Sucking Morons, make it 5. The Italians seem to be working up some backbone.

I found this review of " Inside Job ".

Might take a look myself - it interests me. @oldie - have you seen The Big Short ?

“The Big Short” (review) is another look at this same scene, a very powerful look in my estimation.

As I was saying on another thread, we are in the grip of criminal enterprises masquerading as ‘businesses’. It is an important distinction.


Born and raised in Park Extension - where are you ?

No thanks for the caviar. Bring on the champagne!!!

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They are afraid. Very afraid!!! Because the worms are turning.