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G7's Unrelenting Burning of Fossil Fuels Called 'Weapon of Mass Destruction'


G7's Unrelenting Burning of Fossil Fuels Called 'Weapon of Mass Destruction'

Jon Queally, staff writer

As G7 leaders gather in Germany this weekend, Oxfam International was among the scores of groups and tens of thousands of people in the street in protest as they slammed the world's top industrialized nations for continuing to push energy and financial policies that are dooming the planet to climate misery while leading millions of people towards deeper hunger and food insecurity.


Street protest is good, and there are lots of good things being done, all kinds of local resistance to specific projects, etc. Some actual interference with the operations of the extractive economy is happening.

At some point we need to be able to generate total interference with business as usual, and organize to implement an economy for people and the Earth.


As the climate impacts of this “weapon of mass destruction” are “falling disproportionately on the most vulnerable and least food-secure people” in order to serve the financial interests of the elites by calling those unpaid externalized costs of their pollution ‘profits’, just as all of capitalism does, it seems more accurate to to rename the G7 the Genocide 7 IMO.


Indeed. Given that TIME is of essence and the environmental crisis is a planetary emergency we need to both plan a massive, rolling total non cooperation while we organize politically to wrest power from the hands of corporate criminals across our home planet.


Umm…the total G7 consumption of coal is less than half as much as China…shouldn’t someone say something about China?


If people in China can organize and protest, fine. That doesn’t seem likely.

I think getting people in countries that can effectively, or at least possibly, protest with civil disobedience is the path.


In the United States, we have been protesting over trade agreements like TPP, TTIP and TSiP and it amazes me how our Congress is willing to cede power to debate and form trade agreements to the president. These agreements are full of chapters that make corporations superior to democratic institutions, the fossil fuel industry included.

Climate change is, of course, the top concern for us, but all global corporations are in the process of becoming the final say in any law that protects citizens through these agreements.

It’s going to take civil disobedience on a global scale to scare politicians enough that they won’t get paid off by the corporate hand behind WTO, the World Bank. G7 and all the rest.


“WE THE PEOPLE [their emphasis], in order to form a more perfect union…”

Apparently we the people claim the inalienable right to form a more perfect union. Moreover, we the people have a moral obligation to form a more perfect union if the elections are corrupt. You’re one of “we the people”. Yes, your nation’s election system is inherently corrupt. Your nation’s elections precipitate football-sized monkey doots.

So, you should go hop on your search engine and unearth some inherently less corrupt forms of electing our public officials. Then when you’ve found some, you (we!) need to start using them. Use them in your student councils. Use them in various neighborhood or condo associations. Use them any possible place where they won’t be illegal, and if the new systems are illegal, form a compact that we the people will do the right thing and then use the shell of the legally mandated electoral system. Don’t let any crook tell you that you can’t change your country.


This article is preaching to the choir, which of course is fine, the choir needs to be preached to. But it will get us nowhere toward doing anything about the problem. Since when have people in the developed world, especially the US, cared about what happens to poor people in poor countries?

Talk about the effects on poor people, fine. But mostly we have to talk about what people care about. We have to talk about the effects of climate change on women’s skin and men’s beer. At the same time we have to talk about solutions–the jobs provided, what a small percentage of the global economy it will take to solve it, and how corporations can control renewable energy just like they control fossil fuels.


Yes, Yes, Yes!!! Rolling non cooperation!!! That’s it, that’s the way to go… I have been trying to say this for a long time… and the best way for that to happen is if everyone that understands the coming CATOSTROPHIC CLIMATE EVENT… that is around the corner… goes out and explains this to others… even those who say, "oh, yeah, I “belief” in climate change… sure… and that it is human caused… but, that is as far as their understanding goes… they do not get that we are facing this “time constraint”… (understatement)… they really do not… understand that their are two different happenings… yes, the climate change we have now… .which, well, if we stop Ind society now… will slow and save the planet …at this point, maybe… maybe… but, if we do not do something to get emissions down drastically in what… 10 years?.. 15 …??? we cause a RUNAWAY FREIGHT TRAIN EFFECT AND … well, we can not only kiss our butts good bye, but the planet to…


Well, webwalk, when you suggest “generate total interference with business as usual”, what do you have in mind?

You are correct, of course: disrupt the entire business model(s) and you will definitely cause havoc.

What fundamental, therefore, would you disrupt first?


The main reason China is burning all that coal is to make cheap stuff for the G7. So, how do we get the G7 to change its consumer habits?