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'Galling': US Lifts Human Rights Restrictions on Arms Sales to Bahrain


'Galling': US Lifts Human Rights Restrictions on Arms Sales to Bahrain

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson on Wednesday lifted the government's human rights restrictions on arms sales to Bahrain, in a move that Amnesty International called "galling" and "a dangerous signal."


The sales are possibly going to be classified as commercial, like weaponry sold to the Saudis for use in Yemen. This allows less restrictions on their uses in military operations. Not good at all!


I'm sure there is much more of this sort of thing coming. Prepared to be continuously and infinitely "galled."


"These deals place the U.S. at risk of being complicit in war crimes, and discourage other countries, like Saudi Arabia, from addressing their own human rights records.""

As if 50 years of military aid to a much larger and longer list of human rights abusers and war criminals didn't exist and so it's just this one arms sale that would tip the US over in to 'risk' of complicity. With opposition such as this, no wonder the human rights front has remained abysmal on all continents, all these years.


I wonder how years down the road this weaponry will be used against the US of A and European Union?

No surprise with DT and republicans, they have no moral compass. They do not value human beings except for themselves the the ultra rich and the slaves they employ at a good salary i.e. newscasters et al. that they used to in order to reach their agendas. Everyone else is not worthy.


Not really surprising coming from T-Rex. Rex is a great Secretary of State for Amerika's military, industrial, dictatorship.


Actually, I don't believe for one minute that you actually have a problem with this.

Looking at your brief history of comments, what is clear is that you are an apologist for this fascist right wing Administration, this neoliberal economics from hell Administration, using the meme "so now the left cares about these things, where were they when…"

It's a familiar meme round these parts.

Gotta defend your Trump at every chance.

And as for your swipe against Common Dreams here. You have no clucking idea what you are talking about.

Your assertion that no criticisms of Clinton and Obama have been published in regard to arms sales, arming children soldiers, etc, is completely without basis whatsoever.


Nothing like a dishonest insinuation against human rights groups that have been fighting such actions of Empire, so you can provide cover to the fascist Trump Administration.

I mean how low the alt-left will go to defend Trump is amazing.


This is not exactly on topic, but what has happened to CD's international reporting? Case in point...Venezuela. CD used to have weekly articles on Venezuela but I cant find one from 2017. Meanwhile, the country appears to be in the midst of a historic meltdown, and the Supreme Court just suspended the legislature and has taken over their powers. . Surely CD can spare a little ink for some things they once covered on a continual basis. This is just one international topic that comes to mind. :confused:


I'm not sure which human rights groups you are referring to specifically, but it has been at times impossible to tell the difference between them and the State Department when it comes to Libya, Syria and Ukraine. I would go as far as to say that they helped sell those conflicts to a gullible Western audience.

And don't confuse calling out hypocrisy with supporting Trump.


Thanx - you saved me the trouble ... (smile)

Wonder if Congress will "raise any objections" - I rather doubt it. especially coming from those fans of the F-35, and i know of at least one ..... (smile)


Oh I'm not confused in the least of the tactics of the alt-left on this forum who at every opportunity divert attention from what ACTIONS THE TRUMP ADMINISTRATION IS TAKING.

Also, I'm not confused in the least when the alt-left accuses Common Dreams for not covering the crimes of Clinton and the Obama Administration.

Please document for me, the instances where the above mentioned human rights groups have advocated those wars.


And gross hypocrite in chief, Nikki Haley, thinks the US is the conscience of the World? Sick!


I will admit that Common Dreams (and Truthout) has done surprisingly well in being balanced and not falling for the Trump and Putin mania. Many other alternative, supposedly leftish, sites have gone to shit i.e. Alternet and Mother Jones.

Look, we are not stupid. There are many things that are seriously wrong with Trump that don't even get mentioned. For example, why isn't anybody talking about his alleged mob ties? Or how he stacked his administration with pure evil Goldman Sachs? My guess is Clinton's speeches on the latter.

Speaking for myself, when I see all these Liberal morons (users like bwilliamson and lrx) getting up at arms about something Trump is doing that has been going on for the last eight years... well, I lash out. Where were they during the Obama administration?

And I think it's obvious that people don't like to be insulted without reason and being labeled a Trump supporter or Putin troll. As a Green Party Independent, I don't care much for partisanship or bullshit. If Trump does something good, I will say it. The killing of the TPP is such a thing. I'm also extremely discouraged that he is expanding the illegal war of aggression in Syria and is doing more damage in the global warming sphere than the Democrats ever did.

As far as the human rights groups:

Amnesty International Stokes Syrian War

The West’s vast propaganda machine has pulled in many formerly respectable groups, such as Amnesty International, which just released a dubious “human rights” report aimed at stoking the war in Syria, reports Rick Sterling.

The Revolving Door at Human Rights Watch

HRW’s official abstention from endorsing or opposing wars also appeared to be broken by Tom Malinowski’s [Director of Human Rights Watch] March 27, 2011 article in The New Republic on NATO’s Libya intervention. The piece was originally titled “Why Isn’t Obama Getting Credit For Stopping An Atrocity?” and contended that “NATO acted more quickly [than in Bosnia] to stop atrocities in Kosovo.” In the case of Kosovo, “we could see and feel the difference Clinton and NATO had made.” Malinowski then celebrated NATO’s intervention in Libya as “the most rapid multinational military response to an impending human rights crisis in history” for which “we should be grateful.”

"Doctors" Behind Syrian Chemical Weapons Claims are Aiding Terrorists

The "evidence" upon which the West is propping up its narrative of the Syrian government using chemical weapons against large numbers of civilians hinges so far entirely on claims made by "Doctors Without Borders."

“Human Rights” front groups (“Humanitarian Interventionalists”) Warring on Syria


To the extent that any number of individuals in these groups ally themselves intentionally to spread propaganda to feed the wars of Empire, then I'm completely opposed to that.

That said, I'm also completely opposed to people on the left, writers at Counterpunch, and in fact Consortium News, that have turned a blind eye to a months long campaign that was Exhibit A to the fact that Trump could be expected to govern like a fascist.

And that any claims that he was CLEARLY the lesser evil was complete and utter bullshit.

THAT is the hypocrisy I resent the most, and it has been dealt in spades.

How can you claim to be merely "disappointed" that he is escalating the wars in the ME and that he is amplifying corporate governance to the nth degree e.g., what is happening in regard to environmental regulation.

I mean, he ran on it.

A great example of someone on the left who held his tongue, and was the epitome of hypocrisy, is John Pilger. Not a single word would the man utter in regard to Trump's campaigning on more torture, worse torture, and to make it legal.

I wrote John Pilger twice about this, respectfully so, and didn't receive a response.

I imagine he is still defending Trump. I can't stomach listening to the man anymore.

And that really pissed me off during the months long campaign. All of these Greens, and others who could clearly and rightly so, see the crimes of Clinton, but would make defenses of Trump in line with the meme that he hadn't yet killed anyone.

But never one word, not one word would come from these alt-left writers about torture. Not one word.

(note....the day after Trump was elected I defended Greens who voted their conscience, just like I defended Nader voters back in the days after Bush was elected. I also have defended those who voted for Clinton, just as a strategy to try to keep Trump out of office. I never once argued in the months long campaign that anyone should vote for Clinton to keep Trump out of office, because I could not bear to do so. But I made damn sure that I would call out Trump from the same point of principle that I have called out Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama, and Hillary Clinton. And for the record, I had a somewhat easier vote than so many did considering the choice from hell. In California, which went by a large margin against Trump, I voted for Stein, as I had in the previous election. So the self professed Greens I'm singling out in my comment are only those who at EVERY chance diminished EVERY criticism of Trump, and who respond to every comment critical of Trump, as being in support of Clinton.)


I think you are being too generous with your characterization of the human rights groups. It's not just the individuals (and high level at that), but the organizations themselves that have engaged in this behavior... shameful really.

Counterpunch and Consortium News happen to be two of my favorite sites. I don't read them religiously, but I definitely wouldn't say that they turned a blind eye. Trump governing like a fascist wouldn't be anything new. This country has fit many of the defining characteristics of fascism well before Trump.

Personally, I would rather fight fascism over neoliberalism. Neoliberalism is death.

I think this is where we are going to bump heads... in my opinion Trump was the lesser evil. She was a war criminal, endorsed by war criminals (Albright, Negroponte, and Kissinger), and even vacationed with a war criminal (Kissinger).

She threatened to "obliterate" Iran, referenced Putin as "Hitler", was part of the pivot to Asia, was involved in the Honduran coup (look at that country now), pushed for the destruction of Libya (look at the country now), and reacted to Gaddafi being killed by sodomy with a bayonet by saying "We came, we saw, he died" followed by laughter. That is a bad woman.

Furthermore, she was pushing for a no fly zone in Syria... a war crime within a war crime. This would most likely have brought us to war with Russia, which would have been WWWIII. Any of these things should have disqualified her.

And just as bad, she would have passed the TPP. Most people don't seem to grasp its repercussions. If it would have passed, that would have been it for the environment and our planet... goodbye, sayonara, kaput, hasta la vista. Not even Trump and his assault on environmental regulations could accomplish what the TPP was capable of.

I get your point on torture. I am appalled at how normalized it has become. We have had the School of the Americas (Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation now), rendition programs, Abu Grhaib, Guantanamo Bay, and a myriad of other operations. People don't grasp what it is. Maybe if they saw a child raped in front of his parents as was the common case in Iraq they might realize how horrible, savage, and inhumane it is.

But it was Obama's administration that decided to grant immunity to the Bush cabal, didn't close Guantanamo, and decided to kill people instead with his drone assassination program. From what I have seen and read from Pilger, he astutely pointed out that as bad as Trump is, most of the media characterizations of him were already in place i.e. he's the the symptom of a sick society.

What are the odds of there being an article bringing Counterpunch, Consortium News, and John Pilger in "defense" of Trump :slight_smile:

Trump as the ‘Relative Peace Candidate’

P.S. Thanks for defending us Nader voters way back then. I can't believe all the shit I had to put up with... AGAIN.