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Gallup Finds Record Divisions in Trump's America


Gallup Finds Record Divisions in Trump's America

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

The election of Donald Trump has left the United States more divided than any time in the past 20 years, Gallup confirmed on Monday.

The poll's finding reflected the general mood of the country, evidenced through ongoing protests, political turmoil, and unprecedented unfavorability for the incoming commander-in-chief.


The Jewish news magazine The Tablet has printed an op-ed hailing Donald Trump as "America's first Jewish president" and another Jewish source characterizes Trump as a philo-Semitic Adolf Hitler. Interesting to watch how this all plays out. I think race politics will, as usual, be used to obscure the ever-more pressing class conflict.


I'll make this simple. I'm united with anyone who believes that Trump and his radicals are going to be an absolute disaster for most of the people of this country and millions around the world. Don't be so sure that Trump and this fledgling and odious regime can be negotiated with. The Rethugs have control of the Congress and the White House and we are seeing the likely appointments from the Orange Anus as evidence that we can expect the very worst from Trump and "co-president" Pence. The really scary prospect is 2018 when many senate seats are up for grabs. If the Rethugs sucker the people once more with shameless bullshit and paranoia and acquire most of them they will have a filibuster proof Congress and the Worst President in US history in the Oval. Then they, with at least one Scalia-like Supreme Court justice will be able to implement anything they want.
I'm really tempted to echo the great George Carlin who said back in 2006 - "This country is finished." What these right-wing assholes want to replace it with absolutely sickens me. Just remember what Michael Moore (who predicted Trump's election despite lots of criticism from Dems) said - "If Trump is the next president he might be the last president."
"All bow down to your Corporate Overlords!"


I'm guessing that the republicans will really push the huge tax credits for infrastructure building. This would increase employment and give the economy a nice boost. I would think they would push this for at least 4 years. After a couple years the deficit would begin to grow, but if people are working that would keep most people happy. At some point down the road folks would realize that much public land and infrastructure is now privately owned and things would turn much worse, but anyway, a lot of wealthy people would be sitting pretty in their fortress homes. I have a difficult time not hating my fellow white males out here in rural America. And how do I not hate a lot of Christians?


Yes, and it certainly didn't just happen recently. By today, even those who aren't on the right wing are deeply split apart, middle class vs. poor, black vs. white, pitted against each other. Years of work went into setting the stage for what might be America's final act, and there's really nothing we can do about it. This isn't happy talk, but not all stories have happy endings.


Ah yes, good old trickle down economics. Transfer more public wealth to corporations who will then create jobs for middle class men, and all will be swell.


What is a "philo-Semitic"? I have checked several resources and none of them define it. Thank you.


Philo is of Greek origin. In this context, Trump is being described as a Hitler-type who is loving toward or fond of Jews.


If we were keeping with a theme that's has been pushed on us, then we should be celebrating! This is what true diversity looks like. How does it feel? This is not a functional society. We need to asymolate and strengthen society by reducing immigration and let society stabilize.


WTF? Again, just what the heck are you saying, really???