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Gallup Survey Shows Just One-Third of Americans 'Proud' of US Political System and Safety Net

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/02/gallup-survey-shows-just-one-third-americans-proud-us-political-system-and-safety

Just in the past week I have heard of such horrible human rights abuses in the United States. It is so disturbing. It really does seem like the people with power in the U.S. do not care about people who have less or are struggling. In this past week I have heard of unbelievable abuses of immigrants; horrible treatment of citizens by police in Phoenix, abusive civil asset forfeitures carried out by police; citizens murdered by police after obtaining a warrant based on lies; a methodist hospital in Memphis abusing poor people with their collection policies. The elite neo-liberals have no care or compassion for those who are not rich and powerful. They have stacked the courts and much of the rest of the government. This really accelerated under Reagan and for almost 40 years the country has been on a full speed backwards mode. It may be coming to that time when those people that care finally decide to take action…or leave.


Author sez:
“Though Gallup’s survey found that nearly 90 percent of Americans remain proud of the military …”

Jeebuz wept.

This actually explains a lot.


Sounds to me like the best time to send a message to both corporate parties.

"Abandon Ship!"

Re-register as and Independent, a Socialist, even Heaven Forbid, a Green.

Make the corporate world take notice, that you can’t be bought with lies anymore.

"Just Do It."

I’m on my second decade of division with the Democrats and I’ve never had a single regret.


I second your post. Right on. peace.

Just to clarify registrations. Only 31 states have registration by party.
There may never be a third party majority in America. Even Ross Perot’s millions couldn’t buy him enough votes.
People are not pissed off enough to go radical, and that is likely what it will take. Some level of revolution. Peace
And like I heard someone yesterday echo my thought on third party’s. Instead of two corrupt party’s, there would be three.

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Without asking why two thirds of USAns are not proud of the political system and social safety net, this poll is useless.

Because, before anyone on the left gets excited about this poll, my educated guess is that, for a majority of those polled, the things in the political system that they are not proud of are "the “socialistic cultural Marxist globalist liberal” Democratic Party.

And regarding the “social safety net”, they are upset that that the government taxes them and give the money to the “illegals” and the lazy n—ers."

And those “few big interests” that government works for are not, alas, not big corporations and the wealthy, but the “cultural Marxists”, lovers of “illegals” and “perpetrators of the UN’s warmist hoax” that “infect US campuses and especially the cities.”

At least that is the view I have from the Trump-loving Rust Belt…

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What’s that?

Pretzel Logic?

Why do politicians invite corruption in?

Money and power right?

Near as I can see, the corporations already have bought these two parties.

Sure, they have enough money to pay for a third, but right now, they’re using the two they’ve bought to insure a legitimate, incorruptible third doesn’t rise.

Take you for example. You’re a lifelong member of the liberal party. That’s how you self-identify and most likely will for life.

You haven’t got to the point where you are pissed off enough to abandon ship.

You still are clinging to hope that the few progressive voices that exist in the party, will reform the majority of the party, and take over control of the party.

It’s a really great dream and I believed in that dream for over 3 decades myself.

The way I see it, not that it matters to anyone but myself, is, if you are “content” to keep in power any party who’s main priorities are War and Aggression, the spread of Weaponry to other Warring nations, the continued rise in income inequality, the taking away of basic human rights to health care, clean air and water, then, you’ve made a choice to mediocrity for future generations.

I absolutely refuse to be a party to that in my remaining years.

I have no children but my wife does, and even though they too have bought into the lies of the Democratic leadership, I will not, for their sake and mine.

Forgive my being an opinionated asshole.

I’m afraid I’m stuck this way till my expiration date comes.

You’re a good man with a good heart.

There’s a time to use your heart, and a time to use your head.

You already know what I was going to say next.


I am only one who would rather see my tax dollars be given to those in need, not to those who already have a lot.

I guess I took that class, Compassion 101.

I’m guilty. I still hold out, with hope dangling on the end of a string.
There are conundrums to fight through alright.
Yup guilty again. I have been, and will always be a die hard liberal with progressive wants and hopes.
You either support the world, or you support money and it’s many stepchildren.
I think I would be more comfortable reversing one of you lines.
I think it should read, “There’s a time to use your head, and a time to use your heart.”
Reminds me of the Dylan line, “Everybody has to serve Someone, be it the devil or be it the lord.”

The data don’t support your assumption. It is the Democrats, the young, and the most liberal respondents in Gallup’s survey that express the least pride in America, it’s health and welfare system, and its political system (but express a good deal of pride in scientific achievements, in American culture and arts, and in our diversity).


Thanks. The article failed to mention that it asked the respondents their political affiliation or ideology. I’ll look at the actual source.

But just the same, there are large geographic areas of the US, outside of cities, where my characterization would be valid. We live in a weird time where the extreme neofascist right has taken up and turned on their heads, things that used to be “left.”.

For example: “Anti-globalization” no longer refers to a leftist, internationalist, global south oriented movement that resisted the power of trans national corporations to subvert a nation’s ability to protest their worker’s rights and the environment.

But now, “anti-globalization” has become almost entirely come to be used by neofascists to refer to hatred of cosmopolitanism and internationalism, and also, a lunatic anti-Semitic conspiracy theory that George Soros, other Jews and other “elites” are plotting to preplace white nations and white culture with darker immigrants - i.e. the “Jews will not replace us” of the Charlottesville marchers.

But definitely not the Duopoly.

Serve it, that is.

A lot of people forget, they’re there to serve us.

Funny how that has seemed to work out.


I recommend the more extensive poll by Pew Research done last year that is also mentioned in the article (https://www.people-press.org/2018/04/26/the-public-the-political-system-and-american-democracy/) … it’s the one to look at if you want a more in depth and interesting take on how Americans feel about our “Democracy.”

You make a good point about the change in emphasis in foreign affairs on the left.

Hi PonyBoy:
YOU have no sell by date—so don’t worry! : )

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"What, me worry?"
~Alfred E. Neuman~

Sorry who can have the same pride in America when you have a manically insecure President that was elected by a minority of Americans, cowardly dodged the draft when asked to man-up, is the documented, dated, what and where proven world record Presidential serial liar of all time, a proven porn star and Playmate philander, that feels he can grab a woman by their privates, was forced to close his student cheating Trump U and donor cheating Trump Charity for being frauds, who’s campaign contacted Russian operatives over 100 times, received praise and help from Putin, a person cited and fined for racial housing discrimination, a lifelong cited and fined conman and flimflam artist, on and on. Backed by an impotent Republican Party so paralyzed by his 30%-35% base of the nations mostly naive, gullible, and/or intolerant voters, which is a majority of Republican voters, that all they can do is ignore, excuse, or accept his outrageous behavior and incompetence. A man who’s actions no responsible parent, spouse, friend, boss, or employer would tolerate for one second. A man so insecure he needs a giant signature, giant gold letters, giant over inflated self puffery and now even a vanity 4th of July parade like all the 2nd tier and totalitarian country’s. Will he wear a splashy Captain Obvious uniform or an understated XXX husky black Kim Jong Un outfit to view his insecurity revelation to the world vanity Parade Thursday?