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'Game-Changer': Confirming Fears, Satellite Images Reveal Seas Rising at Increasing Rates

'Game-Changer': Confirming Fears, Satellite Images Reveal Seas Rising at Increasing Rates

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

As the Trump White House continues to advocate for the increased use of fossil fuels for energy—while every single other nation on Earth has committed to decreasing greenhouse gas emissions that are driving global warming—scientists have found that global sea level rise is accelerating each year.


We have to stop thinking on a linear scale and must realize that our unfolding climate catastrophe is nonlinear and exponential in timescale. Buckle up!


I think this is important because they actually detected an acceleration of sea level rise and not just an annual rise of 3 mm. That indicates sea level rise as not been steady at about 3 mm per year but has actually been increasing and will continue to do so. The ultimate level of sea level rise this century will depend on the rise in global warming which will depend on emissions and it will also depend on the physics of ice sheets melting which is not that well understood. This study seems to suggest that the minimum amount of sea level rise may be greater than was expected. In any case, there is a clear risk of a widespread disastrous situation evolving along coastlines in much of the world. We can do some basic things such a working within our local communities to reduce emissions, and push politicians at higher levels of government to take action. It should be obvious that we need a Democratic majority in Congress and a Democratic president for optimal effectiveness in fighting climate change because the Republican Party is dominated by climate deniers. As the Republicans move sharply to the right and many Democrats move left there might be a future for a third party in the center to emerge but right now it looks likes the two parties are it so the clear choice to fight climate change is the Democrats.


New meaning for the slogan “TIME’S UP!”


Yes, Dems would not be actively working to accelerate climate change as Trumpubs are doing. Would Dems take the drastic action necessary? That is highly debatable.

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“Resist & Build”: Discussing the Solidarity Economy

The Next System Project


Those satellites are lying, no…??

Fast rising seas and rapidly decreasing intelligence, truthful governance, and integrity…


The doubling time for sea-level rise (SLR) has gone from 40 to 20 years, and appears to be on its way to 10. You don’t need a peer-reviewed study to grok the implications of that. If SLR doubles every decade, we’ll have nearly a meter (3 feet) by 2050.

This is the no-duh context in which I hear of a study projecting more than a foot of SLR by 2100. The cryosphere (ice on Earth) is going bye-bye, folks, at a rate that looks like the arc of a roller-coaster thrill-plunge. Nobody really knows what precise arc the decline will describe as it crashes, okay? Timid scientific projections can seem annoying.

Not as annoying as banning the phrase “sea-level rise” from planning documents. From the hubris of imagining it can pretend SLR doesn’t exist, the US will eventually graduate to the next phase of hubris: imagining (like King Canute) that the sea can somehow be restrained, at least around the places really important people go, like New York. Not this time, buddy. Your 17 zillion dollar 10 foot sea-wall might buy your doomed metropolis another decade.


The most terrifying thing about this article is that projections out to 2100 based upon assumptions of constant rates of environmental change are still being taken seriously by anyone.


A great epidemiologist named Devra Davis wrote a book years ago (called Disconnect) about hazards of cell-phone use which has been totally borne out by ensuing studies and revelations. Ever since I read it, I’ve been wondering if holding a radiation source next to your head for years might contribute to the epidemic of stupidity we see.


“It is all right, those satellites can be turned off” (Juan Cole)


And that’s just what will happen unless there is a cultural change of dramatic design in the U S of A.

These new data are still very conservative, as alluded to in the article by the scientists themselves.

As for that dramatic cultural shift - the key to our survival - I would like to leave this topic and bridge to a new one - from the University of Wisconsin - their IceCube telescope beneath the geographic south pole in Antarctica.


To demonstrate the scope and quality of American ingenuity and talent and engineering and scientific enterprise which still exists, despite the machinations of present day politics.

When you are in a jam, a real jam, and we are in that place, it is always helpful in the extreme to examine and remember one’s strengths - it is an aid to survival.

As Joshua Slocum, first to sail around the world solo in 1895-98 said:

“When the sea is in its grandest mood, you must know the sea, and you must know that you know the sea.”

America is still the best in the world in science, and we will rid ourselves of Chris Hedge’s oligarchs, I do believe, out of necessity.

In short - some good news to counter the avalanche of bad news.

Here is Mark Bowen’s (Ph.D. author of “The Telescope in the Ice” - IceCube neutrino research project):

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“Yes, Dems would not be actively working to accelerate climate change as Trumpubs are doing. Would Dems take the drastic action necessary? That is highly debatable.”

I would respectfully suggest that your first point is highly debatable. Your second point is not.

See Holygeezer’s post above.

What are the odds on Manchin and Heitkamp being backed by the party against primary challengers?

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There are so many other sources of rampant ignorance, stupidity, and diversion from the world these days…like “social media”…devices today are mostly (I suppose) used in the hands looking & manipulating them at a distance…my seldom used “device” is an old flip-phone…don’t text, tweet,or freakin facebook!


I made a sea level rise video about 5 years ago. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F-DeI0ddD9U

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And 8 feet swamps DC. I can see a moat around the Capitol.

Nice feature! Then the gators dwelling therein can dip and sun themselves at their leisure.


Yep. No doubt about it, Glen Ford was correct when he called the dems." the more effective evil"!


Weston Price’s classic “Nutrition and Physical Degeneration” more than hints at the role of impoverished nutrition and its effects not only on the body but on the mind.

And yes - a radiation source held next your brain - all the while ‘looking cool & connected’ - frightening.

I posted on a seemingly unrelated topic - Mark Bowen’s “The Telescope in the Ice”, because in a tortuous sort of way it is related.

Mark wrote the also classic “Thin Ice”, featuring Lonnie Thompson (glaciologist), and Bruce Koci (ice-core engineer genius).

I thought a remark in Mark’s new book, from a physicist, truly insightful:

“Physicists are more interesting than physics”

The present political climate in the USA is almost unbelievable, and getting worse.

But things can change in a hurry - as the Berlin Wall and the Soviet Union both have aptly demonstrated.

I guess Trump will have to lie to us again and call these satellite images just more fake news.

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Something about a long run off a short pier ~