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'Game-Changer': Sanders Unveils Green New Plan Detailing 10-Year Mobilization to Avert Climate Catastrophe, Create 20 Millions Jobs

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/22/game-changer-sanders-unveils-green-new-plan-detailing-10-year-mobilization-avert


Bernie’s plan will derided as too bold, and thus unrealistic.

Which is the equivalent of saying that “treating an emergency like an emergency” is unrealistic.

I ask the Liz Warren supporters out there: Is incremental good enough, right now? Is that leadership, or just another d-party flail at having it both ways as temperatures rise?


Last night I was sketching out an energy storage device – 1000 horsepower times a steady 72 hours of power. It should be inexpensive enough to give the natural gas industry gas, the natural kind. Yes we can do this.


Is Inslee dropping out the same time this plan is unveiled a coincidence? Is this the beginning of a Progressive shift to Bernie as the leader for the nomination? Will other progressive candidates drop out soon and will most of their supporters get behind Bernie? When will we see Progressive D’s in Congress come out with an endorsement for Bernie. We must do all that we can to ensure the best candidate wins and that is no one other than Bernie.


Great to see Bernie unveiling this plan, especially with Jay Inslee (unfortunately) dropping out of the presidential campaign. I was thinking Bernie would be the one to step up as now the only candidate who grasps the size of the challenge that the climate crisis creates.

Compare with Tulsi Gabbard’s OFF Fossil Fuels Act introduced in Congress a couple of years ago.


In my adult lifetime, no one in politics has come close to demonstrating the consistent vision backed up by honest answers as to from where the effort is to be derived. He inspires true loyalty to the causes that he champions, rather than offering parasitic mooches a free ride in the name of cynicism, which we have all too frequently seen. Bernie is truly a phenomenon of great proportion.
Defeat the Dark; Bernie 2020!


It has taken years but was ever any real doubt? Not in my soul! I am renewed.


Thank you, Jay Inslee. Stay in the game as a leader in government that recognizes the climate crisis and thinks deeply about and proposes solutions.


Interesting questions, under the new DNC guidelines for superdelegate “voting.” Other candidates who hold elected leadership positions at the federal and state levels are among these superdelegates (as are, say, AOC and ‘The Squad’). Would a public endorsement by any of them be viewed as superceding their restriction on voting until a prospective second ballot at next year’s convention? Would that not recreate a potential “Hillary has a massive lead before the 2016 primaries have even begun” scenario?
Mike Gravel did throw his support to Sanders upon dropping out, but he has not held elective office for some years. Inquiring minds wonder …


All the other candidates call for incremental change. It’s like there’s a head-on collision on the interstate, but we won’t send an ambulance. The survivors can walk to the hospital. If there are survivors.


Any true leader worth his or her salt will surround themselves with and form an administration of people of great experience integrity, dedication to the Common Good, a sustainable future, with zero corruption tolerated from the corporate revolving door and lobbyist scum. People like Jay Inslee!
Any administration such as the one Bernie will build, will be composed of other leaders such as jay Inslee of experience, integrity, wisdom and morality, not the criminal odious trump way, not the corrupt DINO wing third-way sellouts like the clintons and obama, but genuine people of true grit!

Camelot? maybe not, but as close to an administration that represents and works for the people and justice and environmental sanity with strong irreversible protections for the Natural World and The Wild!

One person in the Oval Office cannot do it all, they lead by example and teaching communication, much like FDR’s “fireside chats”. They set the stage for those they hire and trust to fulfill the vision and mission! Many progressives not running for other much-needed offices to wrest control of Congress from the Dark Side will be in Bernies Cabinet and other positions to assure success!.

BERNIE, the real deal, not a phony copy or DINO corporate tool!

Work like our lives depended on it!!


I Thank god for the Gentleman from Vermont. In my mind he is America’s last hope before we go into the abyss. Bernie 2020 !


Bernie is really putting it all out there. I LOVE IT. However, and I’m sorry to have to be the one to say this, but one of the first things that occurred to me is that Bernie is taking the steps necessary to ensure that the public is ready to accept true progressive ideas in our daily dialogue, in the event that the elite are able to stop him from winning the nomination. He is ensuring that the changes necessary to avert disaster and truly transform the country are out there front and center, in the media, and on the minds of the electorate. He knows what he is up against and I only hope that they aren’t allowed to rig the nomination again.

I truly respect and honor Bernie Sanders for looking out for all of us no matter the outcome of the election.


I’m looking for an AOC endorsement and the announcement of Tulsi for Bernie’s running mate. Keep the momentum going ! We cannot allow the DNC to screw this up as our lives depend on it/ Bernie 2020 !


"How Ya Gonna PAY For It?"

(Sorry…Couldn’t resist.)


Tax the wealthy. Shit can the pentagon. Close all those bases.

Couldn’t resist either.


Step 1: https://www.cnn.com/2019/08/22/politics/2020-democratic-presidential-candidates-ranked/index.html

yep: Sanders ranked #4 by CNN:)


only if we get out there and make it so !


Just in time - this new plan. I sure hope you Americans can make it happen.

More bad news from the North, just out in the journal Nature on Wednesday, August 22, 2019:

"I think we’re right on the tipping point now," Turetsky said. "I think it’s happening in the western provinces already. I think it’s happening in Alaska."

That tipping point co-lead author Turetsky is talking about is turning the boreal forest from a carbon sink into a carbon source.

I’ll provide two links - one to a Canadian Broadcasting Corporation write up, and one to the Nature article itself, which I am printing off as we speak:

Hotter, larger fires turning boreal forest into carbon source: Guelph research (CBC article)

Increasing wildfires threaten historic carbon sink of boreal forest soils (Nature pdf)


  • The Arctic ice-cap has suffered massively, and there is little multi-year ice left. At some point in the near future, the Arctic Ocean may be ice free, first only in late summer, and afterwards, well, that depends on whether we act decisively now.

  • The West Antarctic Ice Sheet is officially in a state of ‘instability’, science speak for beyond the point of return, as I read it. This is the world’s only remaining Maritime Ice Sheet, with about five meters of sea level punch.

  • Greenland is suffering a form of heat stroke, but as far as I know has not reached its tipping point.

  • Permafrost is also under a hot Sun advisory, and is melting to deeper and deeper depth.

  • And now the boreal forest is apparently at or near its tipping point.

I could continue the list, but the point is made I would think.

I must say that remark by Greenpeace tips me in favor of Bernie, just as Greenpeace’s presence at Fukushima was the only source I believed in those days of that meltdown.

Jack Shapiro, senior climate campaigner with Greenpeace USA, said, “If fossil fuel executives and lobbyists reading Sanders’ plan are scared, they should be.”

"Sanders has talked the talk on climate change from day one of his campaign. This plan shows he’s ready to walk the walk, as well," Shapiro said in a statement. "At this point in the race, speeches and half-measures don’t cut it."

Meanwhile up north of the Line, we have our own problems. The Liberals and Conservatives are running neck and neck, there are scandals aplenty on both sides. The Greens have only a rump presence, the socialist NDP are led by a Jagmeet Singh.

Kinder Morgan Canada has just been sold to Pembina, and construction on the Trans Mountain Pipeline is set to begin within a month.

Conclusion - the situation is chaotic, as in America.

Meanwhile, people who should be in rubber rooms are in charge of entire countries.

It feels like I live in a nuthouse.

The family was out yesterday in a canoe, my son and I used a hatchet to cut thru a fallen tree blocking our entry to a favored narrow channel, and we watched a mother duck play the broken wing trick on us repeatedly to protect her sole chick, there should have been a brood of five or more. The city reservoir where this canoeing all took place, used to be the haunt of hundreds, nay thousands of birds, some passing thru, some making it their breeding ground, like the Canadas and others. Now, the place is all but deserted. Even the hardy seagulls are much reduced in number.

Nor Silent yet - but much quieter - the quiet before the storm I think.


From the article (my emphasis):

Sanders’ plan for an aggressive 10-year mobilization to combat the climate emergency comes amid warnings from the international scientific community that global greenhouse gas emissions must be slashed in half by 2030 to avert planetary catastrophe.

This is how it’s virtually always phrased. There’s the script read out by “the international scientific community,” and then there’s the script Earth is playing out. The gap between the two has cracked wide open like the Arctic Megacrack – which has set the icecap loose in 2019. There’s a problem here, for the credibility of anyone selling a “10-year mobilization to avert climate catastrophe.” The problem is the obvious delusion underlying the promise that Climate Catastrophe can be avoided.

We should let the other side, the climate denialists, trade in delusions. The fact that things always turn out “worse than expected,” now “much worse than expected,” tells us something about which script is authoritative: ours or Earth’s. From now on, we need to adjust to activism without the false promise of averting disaster, because the Climate Catastrophe has arrived in full fury. Any omnicidal experiments like Solar Radiation Management are guaranteed to exacerbate the disaster. There’s nothing we can do to stop it. We can only work to keep it from getting even worse.

This, and the shattered Arctic icecap, are pleas for honesty. Gilding the lily is no way to motivate.