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Game of Trump: The Battle of Charlottesville


Game of Trump: The Battle of Charlottesville

Bob Burnett

We're more than half way through season 1 of "Game of Trump" and each week's episode brings new surprises. The aftermath of the battle of Charlottesville caused Emperor Trump to reveal his true character. Meanwhile, the resistance found new energy.


I don’t watch GOT, so I may not appreciate the parody in this article as much as others, but I appreciate the listed Democratic Principles for Anti-Democratic Times.

  1. Vision: “Build an attractive, alternative vision that reflects people’s needs.” This principle acknowledges that the resistance must build a vision that features safety for all Americans, real equity. A vision that includes racial justice but also addresses Americans’ economic concerns.That last one is the really hard one. We the People have been boxed in politically by what we’re told is not possible (pragmatic). This nation idolizes our founders but seems incapable of taking a page from their book: envisioning a much better future.

The resistance is necessary right now, but it is not providing an alternate vision of a democratic America–mainly because it can’t. Enough of us have not envisioned a truly democratic America (and how that will play out through our society) to be able to verbalize a vision, nevermind come to consensus on a vision, and then demand its fruition. I’m talking about really big picture stuff, not passing bills that make incremental changes which can later be legislated away, like establishing rights to education and healthcare; eliminating the MIC and PIC; equality and equity for all people regardless of sex, gender, skin color, religion; coming to terms with our genocidal, colonial past and present, and the elimination of corporate constitutional rights meant for human beings.

Somewhere along the line in building our real democracy, you will be asked what a democratic America should look like. Each of us should be prepared with an answer worthy of our struggle.

  1. Diversity of tactics: Please reconsider overly restrictive bourgeois notions of what constitutes so-called “violence” and respect those who choose different tactics, notably those youth (who have much more to lose if we lose this fight) who engage in more confrontational forms of direct action, often at great risk to themselves.