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Game On? Trump, Sanders Seem to Agree to Pre-California Debate


Game On? Trump, Sanders Seem to Agree to Pre-California Debate

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders have seemingly agreed to a one-on-one debate ahead of California's primary on June 7—or, as Politico puts it, "the debate the world has been waiting for."

Appearing on ABC's "Jimmy Kimmel Live" on Wednesday night, Trump said he would debate Sanders if the proceeds from the event went to charity.

"If I debated him it would have such high ratings," the presumptive Republican nominee said.


A brilliant tactical move on Sanders part should this occur.


Clinton must be unhinged! What a turn of events! For voters to see Sanders and Trump on the same stage in a debate before the California Primary, is a picture worth a thousand words (make that a million words). Hillary must be seething that the first debate people see with the two parties’ possible presidential nominees doesn’t include her.

Betcha Wasserman-Schultz didn’t see that coming. I sure hope it materializes.


Is this a sign that we have gotten over the Hill? Debbie must go? Indictment blues? Hillary left out of the debate? Busy week!

Oligarch vs the Populist.

Now that would be one heck of an election!


Bernie never ceases to amaze me with his political creativity and commitment to the average American. What can one say, its a brilliant move that once again highlights how slow and conventional HRC approaches her run for the presidency. She had better replace that dimwitted crew of advisors as they always seem a step behind. I thought I was done watching the primary debates but I’m definitely going to make time for this one. What a treat (or better yet a service to the public). Well done Bernie.


This could be yuuuge… although I think it’s a mistake for Drumpf, nothing to gain for him, imo, except potentially aggravating Clinton.


Finally, the people who don’t know Sen. Sanders, who couldn’t afford cable to see his other debates, who have been lied to by the mainstream, will see what thousands of Americans have seen and heard at his rallies-- authenticity and truth, not political bullshit.


Yet another of near countless examples of the political and moral courage and integrity of Bernie Sanders! He doesn’t hide or run from the needs and issues of our time, he embraces them and leads where other do not. Hillary made a commitment to debate Bernie in California at this time in the campaign and has reneged - a telling comment on her political and moral courage - and integrity!!
What the people would get with a second Clinton as prez is what has come before - past is prologue to a possible future under Hillary Clinton - corruption, sellout to the 1%, continued military domination over civilian priorities/funding, more war and destruction of cultures/nations - and central to Hillary’s MO is banker/Wall Street/corporate service while screwing the 99%!
You don’t think those million dollar speeches were without strings, before and after, do you?
Bernie or Bust it all up!


I agree, Bernie is amazing. Go Bernie!!!

It won’t matter who HRC’s advisors are, she is always moving many steps in the wrong direction.


Looks like the democratic “presumptive nominee”, as been out maneuvered on this one.
If Bernie comes out strong in this debate, and with the damning state department report, it could very well turn the tables on Hillary for good.
The Red Queen is on her head.


I wish Sanders would ask Trump to donate the debate proceeds to hire back the laid off public schools teachers or other causes which would help reduce poverty. Giving to charity seems to do nothing to enable folks to help themselves instead it’s a tax loophole that helps the rich avoid paying their share.


What about that rule concocted by little Debbie that candidates running as Democrats can only participate in authorized debates?

“DNC rules stipulate that any candidate who participates in an unsanctioned debate forfeits the opportunity to attend contests sanctioned by the party. A DNC aide told The Hill that the party is not considering lifting that policy.”

In this case there is nothing to forfeit. I wouldn’t put it past Debbie to manufacture some penalty against the Sanders’ Campaign vis a vis the Convention


The DNC and Clinton’s highest priority is to sustain or better yet enhance the flow of corporate dough into her campaign. The California Sanders-Trump debate will probably help that cause as her corporate paymasters will want to put more spotlight on Clinton and less spotlight on Sanders and Trump.


Never going to happen. Trump has nothing to gain and everything to lose. Same reason Clinton backed out. The next debates will be the presidential debates. The last time Trump did something for charity, a veterans charity, nobody seems to know what happened to the money that was raised. Trump said he donated $1 million but of course he lied and didn’t. Only recently four months later when he called out on this scam did he finally donate the money. How can anyone think of voting for this scoundrel?


The funny thing is that Debbie and the red queen can’t do a single thing about it without making themselves look petty, biased and small minded. They were the ones that painted themselves into a corner. LOL, you just have to chuckle at how clever that little Jewish man from Vermont can be. Bravo.


Indeed, Bernie continues to surprise and impress me. He’ll demolish Trump.


Awesome post MarkJ, thanks a billion :-}


Forget his Faith, he is a true American and an honorable human being who’s not beholden to the whim of the Zionists of AIPAC or the neoconservative subhuman species as are both Killery and the Drump.


It looks to me like that idea was proposed by Trump and Sanders tweeted “game on” so no trapping? Nevertheless I hope it does happen and if it does Sanders ratings will go sky high.


Well, to be honest about it, it was Kimmel’s idea, and Trump was the first to agree to do it, so the “creativity” may not be Sanders’, but it still might be fun to watch. It will give Cali voters some needed exposure to Sanders, but I doubt it will change any minds. All Trump has to bring to a debate is bluster and playground bullying, which is exactly what his supporters want from him. The U.S. electorate as a whole is not terribly discriminating…

I missed the part earlier where it said the question came from Sanders himself, so I guess the credit goes to Bernie after all. Good job.