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'Game Over' for Climate? Report Warns Warming Is Still Underestimated


'Game Over' for Climate? Report Warns Warming Is Still Underestimated

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Greenhouse gases are rising so fast that it could soon be "game over" for the climate, a leading scientist warned in response to a new study published Wednesday that finds the planet could be heading for more than 7°C warming within a lifetime.

The study, published in the journal Science Advances, reported that the United Nations' most accurate estimates on the "business as usual" rate of global warming may actually be vastly underestimated.


President-elect Donald Trump, who has denied that climate change exists, has vowed to withdraw from the Paris agreement, and his transition team is rife with fellow deniers and fossil fuel industry lobbyists.

Looks like the whole "Money Equals Speech" thing might burn us (yep) far beyond the political realm.

Philosophical question: If the atmosphere gets so cooked that human persons can no longer survive here, will the "corporate persons" still be around?


This article still gives "support for the notion that a Donald Trump presidency could be game over for the climate." When it would not have been any different under a Clinton presidency. She lost for a reason, many reasons actually. The United States is the biggest single global barrier to progress fighting global warming, this includes the entire political class. Obama gave lip service to protecting the environment. Clinton couldn't even bring herself to do that, despite pledging (to her constituents at Goldman Sachs) to say one thing in public and do another behind closed doors.

It's already "game over". The battle against climate change was over before it started. There is zero chance that humanity will be able to overcome the entrenched interests. They are prepared for mass murder and won't shed a tear. All we have left is our dignity. Is there any way to prepare for the war that is coming?


Well gee...just as the world begins to get serious about climate change, just about the most autocratic denialist gets himself installed as president! Guess we'd say that this is more than just a coincidence but just maybe Trump was right about it was a rigged game after all.


Just what we need, more bad news.



In many ways, we could probably debate the 'rigged game' theories many of us hold dear. In truth it is kinda a hoot 'the Donald' gets elected President just as finally after years and years of contentious bickering, the World is making actual progress( way less than necessary however) toward collective solutions on Global Warming. You could almost think the 'bigger picture' game was rigged all along. The big question is; by whom was it rigged?



Those of us in the reality-and fact based community can clearly see the difference between a candidate who:

  1. Proposed substantial government-subsidized measures that build on existing measures (The Clean Power Plan being the most important among many other measures already in place) which while arguably not satisfactory, can be built on moving forward because administration recognizes the existence and seriousness of AGW.

  2. And-

2, An administration which will dismantle every program aiding in CO2 emission reduction that exists, deny the problem even exists, and do absolutely everything possible to drive humans to extinction at the quickest possible rate.

Please get back to reality. Your search engine is your friend, but only if you use non-loaded, unbiased search terms.


By my reckoning it was "game over" when Reagan was elected. That was our last chance to get population growth and industrial output under control.

Reagan made it mandatory that the US contributions to the UN and to every other global initiative come with one string attached - no funding for or mention of birth control or family planning.

Reagan tore down Carter's solar panels and told Americans to consume like it was our birthright.

It had just been discovered the previous decade that the rise in CO2 in the armosphere was exponential, not linear as it had previously been believed. And many prescient scientists were sounding the warning.

Already one out of eight human deaths globally is attributed to pollution, which is going to cause the death of us all, as it clogs our lungs, poisons our food and water, heats the atmosphere and unleashes droughts and floods unlike anything we've ever seen.

It's time to make our peace with it.


Someone else failed high school math.


"When it would not have been any different under a Clinton presidency." This is just completely wrong. Trump is purportedly considering Sarah Palin for Secretary of the Interior. Do you think Clinton would have done the same? Trump wants to dismantle as many environmental regulations as possible. The closest Trump ever gets to communing with nature is when he is on his golf course. I recommend reviewing Trumps comments and first 100 day plan for the White House.


I always felt that if Trump were to be elected that he would be our "last" president. He will most likely set us years behind any progress we have made in moving to cleaner energies and social rights. So, yes.. I believe it is "game over" for all of us and within our lifetimes. We're just circling the drain right now....


Had Clinton been elected this type of reporting would have been given lip service but, like Obama, nothing substantial would have ever been done. The progressive opposition would have complained but actually have done very little if anything as under Clinton they would have been largely emasculated. However, with Trump the opposition will very likely mobilize and unify in a determined manner as he presents a clear and present danger to all of us. If that happens, it is a positive.


Save the planet from us and us from the planet!
Al Gore makes the best KOOL-AID gullible mindlessness ever tasted.


Rather than saying that it "could soon be "game over" for the climate," it would make more sense to say GAME OVER FOR OUR SPECIES! After all, we are living in the period of "the sixth extinction," with perhaps 150 - 200 species going extinct EACH DAY! Why, then, should we assume that WE will be an exception?


So frustrating to read the baseless counter arguments to the one sane post on this article. The denial of the Obamabots and Hillbots is exactly part of the problem. To cite the "new" platform of the party in the face of Clinton's actual documented history and patterns is reckless and dangerously ignorant. A Clinton presidency might have looked different that the craptastic we're facing now, but the end result is exactly the same. No amount of denial changes it. That so many on the "Left" can ignore facts and choose beliefs... so American. Goddammit. We live in a country of fundamentalists Left AND Right. Reap what you sow.


It's irritating as hell that some very relevant and vital info is left out of the article.

+2˚C is tipping point. +4˚C is runaway. +6˚C is global mass extinction event. +7.6˚C? Literally no one cares. Our species won't be here by then.

To omit this info is irresponsible on the part of the author.

In the past 8 years we've accelerated the process. Another 4 years of doing even more damage than Obama and Republikaaner Congress managed to in 8.. yeah. Buh-bye, homo sapiens.

Americans on Left and Right so enmeshed with the corporate state will just shove their heads in the sand and pick red herrings to rail against. And it's of zero consequence; nothing but noise.


:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (Chagrined grin about that taxonomical label...)


Yes, that sounds about right - six degrees C, give or take.

Nine is possible, according to a new study just out.

But these are details.

And the problem isn't Trump - it's us.

Half don't even vote - half think the world is 6000 years old -

But no one can hide the truth forever.


It's interesting that these numbers are quoted, but left misinterpreted. A 3.5 degree increase in temperature will essentially make the human species extinct. Oops! Forgot to tell you that. And that climate change doesn't happen linearly, but exponentially. Meaning that it accelerates, and in the process trips a series of positive feedback loops that are irreversible as well. Climate change is the greatest issue facing this planet and humanity by a wide, wide margin, but because its cumulative effects are not yet at our doorstep, it is ignored, and isn't profitable for any corporation in the short run. Invariably, though, we shall reap what we have sown.