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GAO Report: Federal Agencies Failing Bees


GAO Report: Federal Agencies Failing Bees

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Echoing charges made by conservation organizations, a new report from the Government Accountability Office finds that the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) need to step up their actions in order to protect bees.

The report, released to the public on Friday, was based on assessments from October 2014 to February 2016.


“GAO Report: Federal Agencies Failing Bees”

This is just one (heartbreaking) example of the “regulatory capture” that poisons government in the USA, in which agencies created to carry out regulation end up catering to the powerful entities they are supposed to regulate. This calls attention to an absolutely key part of the “political revolution” that we need:

Eliminate the elements of “corporate personhood” that lay false legal claim to human, civil, and Constitutional rights for corporations; and restore integrity and democracy to federal agencies, by kicking the predatory looting class to the curb.


Well Said!!! Thank you.


No Bees…No pollination…no pollination - no fruits/vegetables/grains, etc…no food for grazing animals (cattle, sheep, goats, wildlife)…no food, no life. Not rocket science. Everything in nature is connected and as long as humans perpetually abuse nature and its treasures (bees included) with an unquenched thirst/lust for profit with total disregard for the environment, climate, around the globe, then life on our planet is surely doomed. The same goes for the misuse and pollution of water and water resources on Earth (including the oceans). No amount of money/profits can protect the abusers from the disastrous results of their profligate behavior. Sands in the hour glass are running out at the speed of light.


Grains are wind pollinated, but your point stands. About 1/3 of ALL FOOD eaten by humans relies on pollinators.


Meanwhile, in Washington, the elite wear designer gowns and tux’s at state dinner to celebrate the fracking oil & gas administrations in the US and Canada…a WH filled with posers and charlatans while our natural world, Mother Earth, is being raped and poisoned!

The worst, most ignorant, most incompetent administration for environmental/habitat protection, wilderness area designations/preservation and animal protections including our irreplaceable pollinators ever!

A stupid city-boy environmental know-nothing in the WH whose concept of “wilderness” is a freakin golf course! I have never been so infuriated by any president in my memory as this utter failure - talking the talk but not walking the walk! Servant of the chemical/poison agriculture killers who doesn’t give a shite about environmental or animal rights/protections - or much else either!


You are right…grains have no nectar to attract pollinators. Thanks for the correction.


This is just more of the US government’s protecting of corporations – like Bayer, for instance.

And other companies that don’t want to give up the profits they make from these vile chemicals, pesticides.

Government knows very well what’s killing the bees – pretty much the same things that are killing all of Nature –

animal-life – and human beings. Corporate pollution and Corporate-fascism.

Capitalism is suicidal –

Today we have Vulture Capitalism –


We tend to forget that regulatory agencies exist to allow wrongdoing and exploitation by industry in the first place. They offer a layer of protection, sometimes so thin to be nearly non-existent, which would be unneeded if industry wasn’t doing something wrong to begin with. It would serve We the People well to acknowledge that regulatory agencies are about protecting industry and not the public, and always have been.


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If you were a real 'murcan you would have created more problems with your solution that could generate profit!


…and then there are others. Here is a moving performance on behalf of the planet, spreading the word effectively without catering to powerful interest:



I agree. This may be what is called in scientific parlance “a self-limiting problem”.