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GateHouse’s Takeover of Gannett: Bad News for Journalism and the Planet

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/24/gatehouses-takeover-gannett-bad-news-journalism-and-planet

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Witness now, the destructive force of what money is capable of doing.


There really needs to be legislation as to how many news sources one entity can own. Otherwise we get the same news everywhere and there is no free speech.nor any free thought----if agendas drive the news business then we are certainly not any kind of republic----just a 21st century made of Feudal Lords. : (


This is horrific news. I remember, oh, 70 years or so ago, when every town or village had at least a weekly newspaper, covering local news. It represented the comity of the place, that we all had a place there. It covered births, deaths, marriages, school and church events, local politics…everything that linked us together. It was a Big Deal to get your name in the paper!
The Lakota have a term, tiospaye, which means “the people we live with”. It also means the people we depend on and who depend on us. We have a place there, a security of who we are, not what I(the uber-individualism that infests our culture)am. Without comity there is no polity. That vacuum brings in other forces-the RIch, corporations, foreign interests, to govern us, since our elected officials have no ties to the comity, the people who elected them. Just an aside-the new edition of the DSM is now removing the concept of narcissism as a mental illness or condition, because our entire culture is made up of narcissists!


Forget Big Brother’s heavy handed fascism. This is yet another example of ‘Smile in your face - how about a nice hug’ style of fascism (and censorship). No storm troopers banging on the door but if they did, your neighbors probably wouldn’t even know about it since it likely wouldn’t even be reported as news. Smile in your face fascism tries to not be overtly noticeable. Who knows who owns the newspaper or the fact that one entity owns most of them?

When you have only one choice then you really don’t have any choice… do you?


Once upon a time there were just such laws, but the predatory rich bought enough “representatives” to rewrite them. “Mainstream” media: oxymoron. “Plutocrat” media: diagnosis.


I’m pretty slow on this topic, in that I have not as yet dealt with Gannett’s previous mergers let alone this one.

The NYT’s reported that GateHouse is owned by Soft bank ----Soft back is owned by the Japanese -------These papers are being decimated and the big question is why are they NOT making money as they go digital??? You would think this would be a new stream of revenue allowing them to cover things like city hall??? Also in Calif a big issue is encryption by the police—in effect locking the media out of what the police are doing. We live in a CORPORATE MILITARY POLICE STATE and the screws are only getting tighter. SUPPORT INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM—SUPPORT THE COMMONS.

Hi Hazmat70;
The news people can’t be doing that well, especially since so many writers are losing their jobs, Sometimes I check google news and look around at all kinds of sites, and the major media is advertising x amount of news for 99 cents, And, as so many agencies are laying off journalists----it doesn’t look good. It doesn’t help either that many of the news writers don’t seem all that interested in being journalists. : (