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Gathering Up the Generals, Clinton and Trump Compete for Best Imperialist


Gathering Up the Generals, Clinton and Trump Compete for Best Imperialist

Jon Queally, staff writer

Exactly how many retired generals will it take to win the U.S. presidency in 2016?

On Wednesday, Hillary Clinton's campaign announced how 95 former generals and admirals have given the Democratic candidate their support.


Please. Trump as the best imperialist warmonger? Give me a break.

Trump talks a good game but how many dead foreigners can he really claim died due to his actions?

Did some Muslim choke to death on a Taco salad at the Trump Tower?


If you want real experience invading, bombing and killing Muslims you've got to go with someone with credibility, someone with a verified record of killing.

Want dead foreigners? Vote Clinton - She gets killing done.

Trump would just talk them to death.


If all these endorsements by generals were occurring in another country not to US liking, there would be screams of military dictatorship. But here, nary a word.


"Cry 'Havoc,' and let slip the dogs of war..." ~ William Shakespeare, 1601


And Obama was any better??


He hasn't had the opportunity to kill. Yet.




Clinton's a clean, mean, killing machine. Trump's gabby and flabby.

You want mass destruction, ya gotta go with the one with the track record, not some war criminal wanna-be.

Want the candidate who'll schmooze with Putin or the one who's gonna kick his ass?

Clinton: When you really, really, really want war.


“she was "deeply involved with, and substantially responsible for, the hollowing out of our military”

If it wasn’t such a serious subject it would be laughable.. What was the military budget up front last year, something in the neighborhood of $650 billion, half the discretionary budget and with Black ops and other off the books operations over a Trillion.
We have public schools closing, infrastructure badly in need of repair, kids not getting enough daily nutrition an economy that barely breathing and they are crying they don’t have enough bombs?
Why don’t they just sell another $100 billion dollars worth of arms to the Saudi’s if they need money!
Or maybe they could go to an old trick and sell weapons to Iran through Israel. Oh, sorry that was the CIA.

Putin as got to be loving this joke of a so-called democratic process of ours.


Pentagon has been exempted from mandatory audits since 1996, and exactly ZERO Democrats proposed withdrawing our troops from ANY of our wars.

The concept of peace was been banished from national discourse, down the memory hole. Thanks Obama, thanks Bernie, & thank you Hillary.


Why do you insist on pounding the drum for Trump?
Seriously, what's your game?


Why do you insist that a criticism, deserved yet, of Clinton is "pounding the drum for Trump?"
Can you reason?


In London today the Syrian peace conference sponsored by Saudi Arabia held its first meeting.
The only attendees were all anti-Assad and mostly Syrian opposition forces.
They agreed that:
1) Assad must resign within 6 months. That's not going to happen,
2) Russia and Iran must stop supporting Assad. That's not going to happen.
The Saudi defense minister said after the meeting that the war will go on if Assad, Russia and Iran don't "give in to our demands." So the war will go on.

ISIS is beaten, but the defeat may be a pyric victory because most of the ISIS fighters live very close to where they were fighting. They can conduct a protracted guerrilla war that could last for decades.

Neither Hillary nor Trump have a clue about what to do about any of this.


Because this is a binary selection so you either condemn them both equally or you telegraph favoritism for one over the other.
Trump is as big a warmonger as Hillary is. Now that would work.


This is a slanted and incorrect article. Clinton is far worse in this arena. Keep Clean, Vote Green.


Calling the tail a leg does not make it one.
There are more than two choices on the ballot; this is inarguable.
A deserved criticism does not magically become undeserved based upon the number of people involved; this too is inarguable.


There may be multiple choices, but there are only two candidates who have a snowballs chance in hell of winning.
That would be Trump and Hillary and the oligarchy has already chosen Hillary to be the next president.
So I'm not calling a tail a leg. I am calling both Trump and Hillary clowns however.


Speaking of legs...

Choosing between Clinton and Trump is tantamount to my doctor asking me if I want my left leg cut off or my right leg cut off. The end result is the same in both cases.

The only candidate who has a leg to stand on with respect to issues affecting the 99% is Jill Stein.

Speaking of tails...if I want to spend 8 years looking under the tail of a donkey I will vote Clinton. If I want to spend 8 years looking under the tail of an elephant I will vote Trump.


Anyone with any common sense will vote for Stein, period, full stop.
That said we will have a four year Hillary term because the oligarchy has decided that that's what's going to happen.
But, by voting for Stein in large numbers, and keeping Hillary at less then 47% of the total vote, we can prevent her from having any success in governing.


We are all fucked.