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Gaza, One Year On: The Body Is Tired, But Our Spirit is Strong


Gaza, One Year On: The Body Is Tired, But Our Spirit is Strong

Mohammed Omer

Often, I wake up thinking, this can’t be true – did we really survive it? How did we make it through the 51 days of bombs and missiles dropped by Israel on Gaza last year?

Then I think if only these thoughts were nightmares and not the reality of long hot summer days spent in Gaza, where F16s roar overhead, drones buzz above us and tank shells crash into buildings nearby.


Great admiration for those people. They live in the squalor of the Gaza Ghetto, oppressed, starved, brutalized, and murdered by an extremist nation that operates without consequence and yet, their spirit remains unbroken. I wonder if the Israelis act the way they do because of how meekly the Jews of Europe accepted their fates at the hands of the Nazis. One thing is undeniable, the Gaza Ghetto is proof positive that the Israelis not only learned well from their former tormentors, but completely embraced the philosophy and dish it out with complete enjoyment.


The Jews are great at whining. Their word for it is kvetching–and they do so love to kvetch!


We had a fake anti-Semitic bigot on CD before (HamBaconEggs) so I must ask if you’re a real anti-Semitic rectal orifice or just a rectal orifice pretending to be an anti-Semitic rectal orifice?


I’m his first cousin. Besides, Gazan have nothing to complain about cause Bibi has said there is no blockade.


Your comment was about Jews. Slapping on an afterthought about the blockade doesn’t make it less bigoted. We don’t need false flag morons trying to make it look like progressive opposition to Israel’s brutality is based on anti-Semitism.


Well that’s a new one. Zionist Troll (aka Ishmailav) doesn’t like anti-Semitism pointed out. My, my. Will wonders never cease?


I just wish this creep was really a false flag.


Well, after HamBaconEggs, that’s my first thought when I see a bigoted remark. The funny thing is I’ve realized there are two types of people who conflate Jews and Israel: Rabid Zionists who brand every criticism of Israel as anti-Semitic and anti-Semitic bigots.

Although sworn enemies they’ve got that core element of their beliefs in common - they see Jews and Israel as one and the same. The rest of us can see that Jews worldwide aren’t responsible for the actions of Israel.


Yes, I agree with you; the Jews in the Nazis’ Warsaw Ghetto were indeed as brave as are the Palestinians in Israel’s Gaza Ghetto.