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Gaza Rebuild Effort Could Take 100 Years: Oxfam


Gaza Rebuild Effort Could Take 100 Years: Oxfam

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Despair and destruction continue to envelop the blockaded Gaza strip, where the rebuilding of vital structures could take up to a century, Oxfam International has warned.


I wonder …

Who’s supplying the building materials? Someone’s making a TON of money.

You don’t suppose there are “interests” in the State of Israel that are participants, do you? If so, what a racket: Periodically you seize on some insult or another, pummel the paste out of the place,

… then supply the building materials to fix it.




Aid agencies have to buy the building materials in Israel. So we know who where the money is being spent.


If you look at the record, people of Gaza have had their homes and businesses destroyed many times. They put their lives and savings plus whatever they can borrow to repair their bombed out home. When they finally finish, Israel bombs or shells it again and they are back to living in rubble. This has gone on for many people four or five times, with many losing parts of their families in every attack. Also, they are in a ghetto they cannot leave. In the Warsaw ghetto, SS troops used to go into the ghetto in armed groups, with dogs, to go “Jew hunting.” The IDF manages essentially the same “sport” in the Gaza ghetto hunting Palestinians.

  • Meanwhile, the U.S. Fourth Reich pays its annual $3 billion tribute to Israel and blocks all attempts to criticize Israel while backing their apartheid policies.
  • Israel reminds me of the little chihuahua that sits between the front feet of its big pit bull buddy and yaps and bites everyone that comes by, secure in the thought that, should anybody attempt to swat the little pest, they will be mauled by the pit bull.
  • Frankly, I think both should either be penned up, or “put to sleep.”


“The rebuilding of vital structures could take up to a century”

Ouch! I really hope that rebuilding the Gaza Strip infrastructure doesn’t take that long! Israel must be forced to evacuate their troops and right-wing Israeli Jewish settlers from Gaza Strip, West Bank, and East Jerusalem…now, and, with the help of the West, begin rebuilding Gaza Strip’s infrastructure, and to allow an independent, sovereign Palestinian nation-state to emerge in Israel’s now-occupied territories (i. e. West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem.)