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Gaza Unsilenced: On Small Bodies Being Piled In Ice Cream Trucks


Gaza Unsilenced: On Small Bodies Being Piled In Ice Cream Trucks

Today marks the anniversary of the Israeli assault on Gaza known for its horrific numbers - over 2,250 killed, most civilians and perhaps a third children - and how little accountability has come of it. The grim milestone has been marked with U.K. protests shutting down arms factories, calls to stop arming Israel, and the launch of an anthology of Gazan voices seeking to tell "the story of what happens when, despite an ability to do so, powerful nations choose to remain silent."


It’s not just holding our leaders accountable…it’s refusing to participate in their morally corrupt decisions.


That is the key…
These things I will no longer do…


Our leaders will only be held accountable if we prosecute them instead of voting for them. I am not sure whom to vote for in the Democratic Primary. It will definitely not be Clinton. In the final election, I’ll vote for Jill Stein.


Speak out. Let your elected ‘representatives’ know how you feel. Support Jewish Voice for Peace and BDS.

The tide is turning. MSM no longer has a stranglehold on information about Israel’s brutality and land theft. And even though they continue to pump out the same pro-Israel propaganda, the young aren’t listening.

But AIPAC is still busy buying off Congress and the White House so it isn’t enough to remain silent.

Speak out now. Speak out against oppression.

This injustice, supported by over $3 billion U.S. tax dollars a year, has gone on for far too long.

Don’t wait for Israel’s next atrocitiy. Stop them before they kill again.