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Gaza: We Simply Want To Live

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2019/08/29/gaza-we-simply-want-live

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This film should be made mandatory screening on tv’s all over the western world.
My heart goes out to the people of Gaza.


In military and economic terms, Israel has clearly “won.”

But their victory has come with the costs of living in fear, becoming an apartheid state, and creating the kind of open air concentration camp they said should “never again” happen.

Here’s a crazy idea: Trade the pyrrhic victory for a peace process that turns the promised land into something other than a perpetual target.

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I don’t blame Gazans for wanting better lives, but maybe they’d have a better chance for that if they didn’t vote for and support leaders who openly proclaim their goal of eliminating the Jewish Israelis and who use their limited resources not for improving lives but for acquiring weapons and rockets, digging tunnels intended to murder as many Israelis as possible, setting off firebombs… Can Gazans expect Israelis to just let them achieve that goal? And Gazans might try to make peace with Egypt too with which they share a border not under Israeli control.
What is sad is that if the people could agree to share the region which has a desirable climate and Mediterranean coastline, a wealth of historic and cultural resources, and most of plenty of talented and energetic people amongst both Israelis and Palestinians, they could indeed all prosper. But they both have let religion and a narrative of hate get in the way. People of good will should try to stop the mutual hatred and try to bring about compromise and reconciliation. There is no other way to help Gazans.

What is sad is people who buy the official Israeli hasbara propaganda to defend cultural genocide of Palestinians by the supremacist Israeli regime. “Share the region”? Not with the narrative and official policy of racism and ethnic cleansing to empty the land to be for Jews only.- there is no "compromise in that Zionist mindset that has worked for domination ever since 1848 and before to expell the indigenous Palestinian population from their homeland, defending that racism by a mythological false narrative of “living there” for 4 thousand years to justify their agenda. Theft by force of arms is just that, expressly illegal under International Law, as is colonization of The Occupied Territories by the occupying power!




Abby Martin from Empire Files has just released a great documentary on Gaza: https://gazafightsforfreedom.com

I can just envision Trump, Bolton and Pompeo strapped to chairs with their eyes clamped open like Alex in “A Clockwork Orange” and being forced to watch it.

G, that’s a nice fantasy, but it wouldn’t “work.” The miscreants you name are too sick with their power from greed and hatred. They’d justify the Israeli torture (yes, torture) and apartheid of the Palestinians and tune out the misery because as miscreants, they’re devoid of compassion.

The only thing I can think of that could possibly have any impact on them would be to make them live in the homes for an indeterminate amount of time…without being able to see or communicate with each other. And truth be told, they’re all probably too monstrous for even that experience to pierce their cruel-inhumanity membrane.

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Here’s another 45-minute video produced in Australia on israhells treatment of Palestinian kids. Little boys and girls abused and beaten. And these are the same assholes that train Amerikan police.

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