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Gazans Are the Victims of Their Own and Israel's Leadership


Gazans Are the Victims of Their Own and Israel's Leadership

César Chelala

The curtailing of electricity to Gaza conducted by the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah in connivance with Israeli authorities seriously hurts the people of that region. They have become the victims of the political fighting between the Palestinian Authority ruled by Fatah, and the Palestinian leadership in Gaza ruled by Hamas. The PA pays Israel for the provision of electricity to Gaza. However, the PA has decided to reduce the electricity supply to Gaza from three hours a day to only two hours, thus worsening an already serious situation.


This is unbelievably inhumane.


Miko Peled has interesting things to say:


No. Gazans are NOT victuims of Hamas. They are victims of the Zionist ethnic cleansing and the corrupt and traitor regime of Abbas.

But what the hell - from the paucity of comments, it looks like the US left is telling the Palestinian people to go fck themselves.


The state of Israel is a terrorist state - a quasi religious entity (when it serves their purposes) using religion as diversion and cover for ordinary criminal theft by force in violation of International Humanitarian Law, UN resolutions, and International Court of Justice ICJ ruling.

Predictably the Israeli lap-dog US and most of our treasonous politicians/Congress roll-over for any filth or crime the Israeli state and "settler" extremists commit, even when they spy, attack or cover-up actions directly against the US - read the still covered-up USS Liberty premeditated attack killing or wounding over 200 US sailors!


http://www.ussliberty.org/moorerfindings.htm - Admiral Thomas Moorer commission found Israel guilty - US politicians predictably on their knees for the terrorist state!


Some serious reading of the American Imperium and to absorb:


A brilliant and comprehensive essay that touches all the bases - Thank You kajsa52 for the link! Ghali Hassan's article should be required reading for all people! It would be wasted on the ignorant, compliant, complicit, and treasonous politicians and Congressional/WH lap-dogs now in power, as well as the faux "opposition" DINO party at least as subservient to Israeli crimes and contempt for world opinion and International law!


Thank you, for this link. As Emphyrio says, this should be required reading for everyone, especially for Americans, because our memory of history is so very short.


The headline is wrong. It should read, "Gazans Are the Victims of Israeli and U.S. Human Rights Abuses and Violations of International Law."

The U.S. and Israel keep the corrupt Palestinian Authority in power as a collaborationist government that assists in the implementation of Israel's oppression of the Palestinians.

Gaza is the largest concentration camp in history, and the Palestinians trapped there are under brutal subjugation by Israel. Israel regularly "mows the grass" in Gaza, which means testing Israeli weapons technology on these defenseless human subjects. It's quite a plus for the booming Israeli arms manufacturers to be able to sell their products as having been successfully tested on actual human beings.


I totally agree--I posted it last Fri.but it got lost on an article that probably wasn't read by many people.

Even more reason to post it as often as possible when the topic of war, inequality and especially when Russian "meddling" comes up. Who should really be investigated for interference in our government?