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Gazans March for Dignity as UN Funds Dwindle and Schools Shutter


Gazans March for Dignity as UN Funds Dwindle and Schools Shutter

Jon Queally, staff writer

Alongside Palestinian children and their family members on Monday, several hundred employees of the UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) in the Gaza Strip rallied against announced cuts to the agency's budget and services, especially regarding education which have resulted in the delay of the school term for many students.


To use the excuse that you don’t have something that isn’t real so you can’t meet real needs is totally insane. How can we accept this vicious nonsense? How do they get away with saying such BS?


An Israeli journalist admits Israeli policy toward Palestinians (even black Jews) is apartheid. It’s more than apartheid, it’s a crime against humanity - ethnic cleansing, attacks targeting civilians and civilian infrastructure - water, electric and sewer lines, schools and hospitals, apartment blocks - journalists, international peace activists, first responders/EMS workers, men, women and children, all intentionally targeted without compassion or empathy, treated like human garbage by the chosen people…



This is vastly overstated for dramatic effect. There was a concern in June, but SIX DAYS BEFORE this article was published, this was announced: [SAUDI ARABIA DONATES US$ 35 MILLION TO UNRWA - 12 August 2015][1]
This donation alone cut the deficit 35%.

[1]: ()( link removed - new users can’t post links, but you can google to find the article I refer to.)