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Gazans on Brink of Further Humanitarian Disaster as Blockade's Battering Goes On


Gazans on Brink of Further Humanitarian Disaster as Blockade's Battering Goes On

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

As the blockade of Gaza—widely denounced as "collective punishment"—marks its ninth anniversary this month, Oxfam is urging the global community to apply pressure on Israel to allow the territory's residents to exercise their most fundamental human rights.

Israel imposed the blockade in 2007 when Hamas gained control of the territory, and is, according to a panel of experts reporting to the UN Human Rights Council, in "flagrant contravention of international human rights and humanitarian law."


The US is smack in the middle of "humanitarian disasters", crimes against humanity and endless war as a policy apparently. US "allies" are some of the most depraved killers on the planet, making death and destruction of civilian societies an occupation and covering-up the atrocities and crimes with lies of "justification", media manipulation and BS propaganda.
In the ME/NA, the US has led in the destruction and destabilization of societies in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya and let our ally accomplices take the point in Palestine, Lebanon and Yemen - Syria has become so convoluted its hard to lay blame on any one criminal, but Turkey is right there aiding the unspeakable Daesh killers.......
Gaza and the Palestinians have suffered two major attacks by the terrorist Israelis using banned and indiscriminate weapons - war crimes by our "great ally", and the Occupied Territories continue to be ethnically cleansed and colonized by right-wing settler Israel - its clear to me at least Israel has had a destructive influence on the ME the US and the world - their pathological racist mindset a threat to all.
The world community has allowed Israel and the US to make war the norm, death a constant, and millions just nameless victims - the UN a virtual lap-dog.
"We have met the enemy and he is us"


THIS PICTURE is the picture of America's future if the Hillary-Trump Ticket wins.


Israel fears the boycott which is like a vountary blockade. It is a great shame that Israel is allowed to do these things to so many innocent people. When does the world say that Palestinians are also people just like anybody else and should be treated like anybody else? Why is it permissible to treat Palestinians as not having the same rights as other people in this world? There is no justification for treating innocent people as if they were criminals. Innocent people should not be punished just for being Palestinian. That isn't an automatic crime!

End the blockade and that will end the boycott.



First of all, Scarlett Johansen should be made to live in Gaza for a few years.

Once, when he was about eight, my son asked, "Who all are we boycotting now?" So I went down the list and the reasons. The main reason being that I will not give my business to those whose goods are produced by oppression, theft, and murder. That would include anything coming out of Israel.

The US is probably a natural ally for Israel, given our sickeningly effective genocide of Native Americans. God said we could have this land, so get out, or we'll kill you.

Having long ago been a Christian, I once tried to explain to a Zionist who stopped to argue with us as we bridge-blogged for Palestine that I'd been under the impression that you could not attain God's promises by breaking his commandments. He said that the Jews are God's chosen people and that as far as He was concerned, they could do these things and be forgiven pretty much automatically for anything.

I then asked about the Palestinians, and their humanity and human rights. "The Palestinians", he replied, "are Arabs." Which is as far as that conversation went.

My country's past sins of slavery and genocide, and its current support of the same, among other things, sickens and disgusts me, to the point that I have not stood for the Pledge of Allegiance for years, nor will I sing the National Anthem, even though I'm somewhat vain about being able to hit all the notes. Patriotism, as well as faith, are not virtues. They are cons to convince us of our country's righteousness, and to keep the support of us small folk.


These are times that I wish I believed in Hell.


The Rothschilds have EVERYTHING to do with it. They are a family of Jewish bankers who control the monetary system of the whole world. They create money out of nothing, and lend it to us at interest. This has been going on for centuries. They are very tightly connected by blood lines. They are the people who want a 'New World Order"---that is one government ruling over all the nations on earth ALL UNDER THEIR CONTROL.

With this endless supply of money they have purchased our government and all of our federal elected officials have signed a pledge to ALWAYS vote in support of what ever Israel wants.

The Rothshields are in control of the Federal Reserve---which most Americans think is a federal agency. It is not. It is a private bank. This is against our Constitution. In our constitution it is stated that the monetary system of the United State shall be under the treasury dept. with the oversight of Congress. There is evidence that this was never legally passed. When you pay your income taxes the money does not go to our government. It goes to the Internal revenue service. The money is put in the Federal Reserve. When our government wants to use that money they BORROW it from the Federal Reserve---of course, AT INTEREST.


Look. God gave Israel to Moses, and thus it came about that God gave the Hebrews the Right ot Exterminate all those who worshipped God's competitors, whom God called False Gods.

And verily I say unto you; so it has always been. From the Hebrews' murder of the Egyptian first-born to this very day. Would you deny the alleged descendents of the Hebrews their deep and meaningful God-given cultural tradtion?


Wrong. There are living hman beings in that picture.


BDS works! It is a peaceful, non-violent weapon.
* You can tell it works because Israel is squealing like a stuck pig and trying to get its bought governments to pass laws making it illegal to boycott Israel or to express negative opinions about it.
* BDS should be used by We the People of the World against all of the Fascist governments and powers that are trashing the world today, but especially the instigator and supporter of it all, the US Fourth Reich!


There is far more to BDS than the blockade of the Gaza Ghetto. The outlaw state of Israel should be forced to become a law-abiding member of the world community or vanish.


While I agree that Israel must be forced to comply with International laws, I don't think that vanishing should be a choice/option for them. One doesn't have to approve of Israel's occupation of West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem and their settlement policies in those territories to realize that Israel, too, is a sovereign country, and also has the right to exist.