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Gaza's Water Problems Continue to Compound


Gaza's Water Problems Continue to Compound

Kaamil Ahmed

GAZA CITY – Red-faced and with his hair still wet, Hani Abu Amirah’s grandson sobbed as he shuffled over to where she sat, looking out on the Mediterranean Sea from Gaza’s Shati refugee camp.


Perhaps the Palestinians in Gaza should invite the Russians to develop a second port facility in the Mediterranean. That would make life interesting.


A large part of the pre-meditated Israeli ethnic cleansing of Palestine and surrounding areas is to make life so difficult for Palestinians/residents they will die or move. Destroying water resources only part of that atrocity committed by terrorist Israel!

When Israeli forces bombed Beirut they targetted civilian infrastructure including the power plant oil tanks polluting the Med and refusing to allow any clean-up to begin until over 50 miles of coastline was polluted - the Israeli MO used time and time again is to punish and destroy as they did with south Lebanon, firing over a million cluster bombs into the area after the cease-fire was agreed to!

A terrorist state committing war crimes by any definition! Such is America’s “great ally” and trumps special friend!




We are witnessing a slow extermination of indigenous people. The Israeli govt. is disgusting, the UN is worthless.


The massive amounts of money the Gaza radicals who govern the place spend on building tunnels to invade Israel, on Iranian rockets, and most of all western aid to deposit in their own checking accounts is the reason life is so miserable in Gaza.