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Gearing Up for Possibility of Another Trump Shutdown, Airport Workers Ready Mass Protests in 80 Major Cities


Mass walkouts and general strikes called everywhere all over the country not just of federal workers but all workers–I have long contended that general strikes called in all cities and regions where Trump travels as president would be an effective resistance device–Government shutdowns illuminate the usefulness of this idea.


Or maybe not. Trump can cave …just like the Caveman he is.


Why should the word Homeless ever come into play in a Country that has so much wealth? As AOC said in her blazing speech, There are No Regulations or Laws that apply to Congress Members, Corporations or Wall Street. I had no idea how free these people are to steal from us so blatantly. She shook these Rich old Dogs All Night Long… and I never heard anyone do that before. Pelosi, Schumer, Trump and the rest of the bunch thieves did not like it one bit! Great that She is shaking them up. We shall see how far she gets with her agenda. Damn… at least someone is trying!


I hope so! Shut it all down!!! No way, Jose’ that Trump should get one penny for his Wall. Only Pink Floyd should have a Wall…,.


That the unions are getting together is very heartening. IWW’s motto was an injury to one is an injury to all. When Reagan fired the air traffic controllers the rest of the unions mostly sat on their hands. If they had walked out in protest we would not be in this situation. Most union workers were living comfortably in Reagan’s time. No longer so they are more aware.
The .001% are aware of the power of the 99% if they refuse to cooprerate and that thought makes them so nervous they might even shank a tee shot. The .00001% have so carefully altered the education of the 99% that they have to find out workers’ history outside of schools. Most vaguely know about the New Deal but how many know about the West Coast General Strike of 1934?
As a result, I think that Trump will be heavily influenced to give up The Wall and the Shutdown. The .0001% do not want to arouse the workers more. If there is a shutdown the workers should walk off and not come back until the Federal Minimum wage is $30/hr. That would make the wall unnecessary because that would also raise wages in Mexico and Canada. If minimum wage was $30/hr all those jobs that “Americans won’t do” will find plenty of American applicants. Sound outlandish? In 1965 an hours work at minimum wage would buy 10 subway rides or 30 Hershey Bars or 7 gls of gasoline or about the equivalent of $30/hr today.


Right !!!

If the Secret Service, the SS, shuts down, then the strikers can occupy the White House.


Please give up the word “moderate.”
They are CORPORATE Democrats.


Got your weight under control G?

The wife and I had Tofu Scramble, roasted potatoes, whole wheat toast and coffee. Yum.


I’m 76, but if there’s a general strike I’ll be out there.

And, at least in the Bay Area, it won’t be a picket line. It will be a huge mass.


“WHat if all Air Traffic Controllers just walked off? Just don’t wait a month before you do it! Do it on Day 1”

That IS their plan.

Association of Flight Attendants (AFA) president Sara Nelson:
“We’re going to continue running as fast as we can right up to February 15, so that we can take action immediately on February 16 if necessary,” Nelson said.


The majority of Dems oppose the Wall, and are for the Green New Deal and Medicare for All.

If there is a sellout, it will accelerate the movement to primary out most corporate Dems, as AOC has been hinting at.


I would like to see a shutdown occur just to cause more political damage to Donnie John and his Republican posse. But, then, there are the people, and we can’t take much more of this narcissistic shutdown bullshit.


Don Juan has caused himself more than enough political damage.

He needs no help from us.


There are conflicting reports, but many observers say that more Yellow Vests in France will be voting for Le Pen than for the Left.

I would go for the red shirts that striking teachers have been wearing.
About time we take back that color anyway.


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Good! I hope they do


During Stop the Draft Week 10/67 a longshoreman engaged me in conversation and advised us on some strategies. My grandmother, a participant in the 1934 strike advised me to carry marbles in my pocket. If there are mounted police a few marbles strategically dropped at the feet of horses can cause a lot of problems for the mounted police. During a Occupy protest in downtown SF I gave a little advice to the younger cadres. So yes get out there to add your wisdom. I am currently living in Ecuador so I won’t be there. But the same neoliberal strategies are at work here, so I have plenty to do.


I like the idea of all legislators, congress and senate, executives, such as the president, and courts to have to forfeit their pay without ever being reimbursed like the other workers. Also permanently quadruple their advertising costs for all public media access, and increase their income and property taxes by 400%. Also make them ineligible for any deductions.


Thank Trump for uniting the American workers


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