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Gearing Up for Possibility of Another Trump Shutdown, Airport Workers Ready Mass Protests in 80 Major Cities


I understand the passion. When we make a big positive change, we tend to want the rest of the world in on our good fortune. We all have to experience our own changes in our own time. Eat in peace, but remember those teeth you have weren’t designed for only chewing lettuce.


If you are a Professional Engineer, you have a DUTY under the law to report unsafe situations and take appropriate actions including shutting down or blocking elevators, etc.

This should be no different for Air Traffic Controllers. If they see an unsafe situation (understaffed or tired operators) they have a moral and legal obligation to shut down the airport and all traffic leaving it. They have the power to stop all take offs and should do so if it is an unsafe situation. Likewise, they could allow landings since refusing to allow a landing could be unsafe, but once that plane is on the ground, it should not be allowed to leave until it is safe to do so (i.e. operators are well rested and paid).


Cattle Farming is the number one generator of Methane in our environment. Add to that, how the human consumption of the products which come from the Cow are also one of the main causes of heart disease and, well, yeah meat is not the best thing for humans to consume. Quite the opposite, meat is one of the worst things for humans to consume.

Frankly speaking, fruits, and vegetables, and whole grains are responsible for keeping me happy.

I have not heard about Zombie Deer, but it sounds like I’m going to be Google-ing it later.


Funny, G.


Hello Antisandman,

In '69, I think, I walked off a ship in SF loading tanks for Vietnam. I got fired by the union that was an adjunct to the ILWU.

We don’t walk off, the other workers told me. We open the compartments and pull the wires. So there are a lot of tricks from the old days.


The 99% in general do not realize it would take a very few organized groups to shut this country down. The airline pilots or mechanics or air traffic controllers and there goes the airlines. The ILWU and there goes shipping. The Teamsters and there goes trucking. And of course there are many ways to shut down rail. Just pull the wires. The electric grid is also very vulnerable. The .00001% have nightmares of the ghost of Harry Bridges rising from the grave. We live in interesting times.


Trump should be awarded the Arnie Schwarzengroper prize for labor organizer of the year. Remember what happened when Schwarzengroper said he was going to kick the nurses union’s butt?


Trump will win again if they crown another corporatist. Which they’re probably going to do.

What’s going to be a laugh a minute is when Trump goes from “sure to be impeached any day now” to a two term disaster.

And it will be entirely the result of the Democratic party.


All of which, including its herd of voters, will spend the next two years blaming everyone but themselves.


Hello Jake Johnson and Everyone,
Herr Orangeaide Dump most likely wishes that the government would stop forever or at least until Hell Freezes over! Nothing for he to do except be the pretender which is all the BLOWHOLE has ever been!!! If it don’t affect him and his then it never happened!!!


Hello BigB, No amount of prayers directed towards the upstairs area will work. You need to pray to the downstairs. The whole stable of phonies claiming to be democrats need to shoved out a door with the promise if they ever show their twofaces then they will be declared personna non gratta throughout the multiverse and sent away forever!!!


Let’s see. Estimate maybe a 100 million taxpayers (may be more or less) and divide $5.7 billion by 100 million and that comes to 57 dollars per taxpayer, not 12 cents. In general I would say that most people get upset when they have to shell out an extra 10 dollars.
Phony numbers and phony ideas.


No I do not recall that one, please elaborate further


They’ve gone off the deep end. No ability to self-critique. Their media’s as bad as anything the Right has to wallow in. I have yet to read the loyalists in here ever examine their own culpability in what’s happened the last 40 years.

Always someone else’s fault. And even when you tell them in the simplest language what it would take to win your vote and get you on the team, all they do is yell and scream about your “purity” (since when is being “impure” something to brag about?). Who wants to help a degenerate rank and file like that? No one.


Love AOC!


Hi mightyike: Yes Marie, along with her husband and son did badly too. The daughter escaped though, I think-----the one time that making women , “less than,” turned into a positive for a royal. I have read that when she came from her country to marry Louis, that the French made her support group leave so that she entered alone and with nothing of her past with her.
She even had to remove her clothing ( but I’M not sure if this was gossip or actual history, so that she had NO connection to her past. I also read that when she gave birth a gaggle of court and government people had to be there to make sure no one made a switchero. YOU’d think with all this creepy history, that Disney wouldn’t be so hell bent to make all little girls want to be princesses. : )


The nurses union was lobbying for a bill that would mandate better nurse to patient ratios in CA hospitals. Schwarzengroper publicly stated that if the bill passed he would veto it. When he was reminded that the nurses union was powerful and would cause him problems he said; “I will kick their butts.” At least that is how I remember it. The nurses responded by appearing at every public appearance by Arnold and harrassing him if only by their presence. I thought it was very funny and quieted the arrogant Arnold.
Remember he ran for governor as someone who was so rich he could not be corrupted amid accusations of sexual harrassment. A less than Shakespearean drama that was replayed by Trump.


As long as I exercise and control my external stressors my BP is awesome ( 110/68 ) but I will pass along the dietary info to some friends with issues. Thanks!


Many of the clients who come into my clinic ask if the WIC program will be around. I tell those people to write their representatives and senators. Its totally unethical for rump to hold the nation’s babies hostage just because rump wants a wall. When low income parents have a premature, low birth weight infant, their income CAN NOT afford the hospital and doctor’s expenses. They can’t afford to rent a hospital grade breast pump. They also can not afford the special formulas that premature infants need. So, their babies are supposed to die because rump wants a wall? What’s a wall going to do for America’s babies?


“The majority of Dems oppose the Wall…”

The majority of Americans oppose the wall.