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Gearing Up for Possibility of Another Trump Shutdown, Airport Workers Ready Mass Protests in 80 Major Cities


If I make it to 70, around Dylan’s birthday, Gemini, I will have survived at my count about a dozen close calls with the Reaper. Ones that could have gone either way. A cat would be jealous.


We already know what will happen another shutdown


While I agree with you absolutely- it is not the kids’ fault- at the same time why is anyone having kids in this overpopulated world? Also, if these people are already living in poverty then why are they having kids? Who suffers here- the kids!


Perhaps people like Dump and Ahnold have their own private nurses and doctors and do not care about others.


Have you ever stopped to think that that might be the plan? Impoverish the brown skin people by paying them low wages and charging high housing rents. Then, shame them for having kids that they can’t afford. Its a form of genocide. They should go on and have their families even if the masters of society try to make it economically impossible for them to do so. Its very courageous for them to go ahead and have their families- its not stupid for them to do so.


This applies to all people not just "brown people " as you call them. Have you ever heard of overpopulation? You are clueless and ignorant! Also, having kids when you cannot take care of yourself is ignorant as well.


Excuse me- not all “brown people” make low wages. That in itself is a real insult. How about Obama or Dr. Henry Gates or many more? You sound like you group all people of a certain “race” in a group- not smart at all.


Obviously, you haven’t given it much thought.


That is just your opinion. Please go away.


the Repubs want to deny birth control


Well, if people are that stupid to make sure a politician rules their bodies this is what they get.


They already did. If you want to be controlled be my guest, no thanks from me.


Sure, why don’t I go find some republicans to hang out with.
Perhaps they will be nicer and more understanding.
I see a lot of your posts being filled with vitriol towards fellow posters here- people who you should be seeking common ground with. Otherwise, you really are not doing anything progressive.