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Gearing Up for the Third Gulf War


Gearing Up for the Third Gulf War

Michael T. Klare

With Donald Trump’s decision to shred the Iran nuclear agreement, announced last Tuesday, it’s time for the rest of us to start thinking about what a Third Gulf War would mean. The answer, based on the last 16 years of American experience in the Greater Middle East, is that it won’t be pretty.


Brzezinski’s The Grand Chessboard (1997) clearly states that the US should not allow for any non-allied (read non-Israeli) state to serve as a regional hegemon in the Middle East. Destabilization is the objective, not an unforeseen consequence as is so often presented. This is premeditated lunacy writ large.

(Read that book and the more difficult to find Project for a New American Century’s mission statement (1998) for the shortest path to understanding a lot of what has been and is going on in the Middle East.)


The U.S., as the world’s largest sponsor of terrorism, continues to stoke the flames of racism and xenophobia. From 'rebels’in Syria to right wing paramilitary groups throughout Latin America, the U.S. continues to destabilize the world in search of corporate profits and the eventual return to slavery.
Iran, a peaceful country that hasn’t invaded anybody in over three hundred years, has had democracy ripped out from under them, as the ruthless CIA decided that democracy was not in the best interests of corporate America back in the 1950’s. As the U.S. undermined every democratic leader in the Middle East in favour of brutal dictators, most people on the planet began to recognize that the U.S. was not a beacon of light or hope for the oppressed and down trodden, but rather the reason for the oppressed and downtrodden.
The key for the 99% of Americans to survive the perpetual assault to crush the poor, is to rid the government of corporate influence such as Republicans and Democrats. However, too many Americans have fallen under the spell of corporate propaganda and have reinforced the corporate beast in their quest to wage endless wars and deny Americans basic modern democratic reforms (like universal healthcare, dismantling the military, free college tuition and introducing political reforms for the 99%) in the pursuit of profits at all costs.
Iran will do what they can to stop unfair sanctions and embargoes from returning as the U.S. bullies its allies in subjugating Iranians to the corporate will of a handful of powerful interests in the U.S. Iran has too much oil for corporate America to ignore as successive U.S. administrations have felt that it was simply bad luck that most of America’s oil was stuck underneath Iranian land.
As war looms, corporate America’s control of mass media has ensured that many poor Americans, unable to get decent jobs, will continue to join the military to fight corporate America’s wars abroad. With the insane gun culture that exists in the U.S., too many Americans are willing to kill innocent strangers abroad in return for three square meals a days and a sub-par paycheque. The MSM continues to frame everything in the corporate narrative producing a string of bold face lies to convince America that they must sacrifice their wages, their future and even their lives to keep the world safe from the enemies of big business.
The world wonders why Americans continue to elect people that are unable or unwilling to roll back the regressive policies of a corpocracy gone wild, but the American electorate continues to disappoint everyone as the government in D.C. continues to staff the White House and Congress with corporate sycophants destined to throw 99% of all Americans under the bus in the belief that the corporate narrative is the solution to all of America’s problems.
Like the Roman Empire, America will have to collapse, despite the support of so many poor Americans who still cling to the mainstream corporate narrative, until most Americans finally wake up to the realization that their government is NOT a government for the people but rather an instrument of enslavement of the people. Until the bankers and CEO’s are strung up on a tree on every corner of Wall Street and Americans clean house of the enemies of the people, the world will continue to suffer form the sociopathic policies of corporate rule.


I have a few problems with Klare’s writing.

  1. Cloying advancement of the ‘stop/start’ version of what is and has been decades and centuries of waves of intensification of an ongoing war footing - which is making the MIC the most corrupt, demonic force in human history.

  2. Addendum to #1: skewing of the temporal reality. This war has never ‘stopped’. BE VERY AFRAID is the sub-text until it is fully “normalized” (‘started’ again). Time needs to be addressed as the human / western construct that underlies the flipping of shared ‘reality’ like burgers. Ever wonder why fast foods are so readily accepted? It is the pavlovian reward for ignoring the variations of intense media ‘flipping’ of the demos. Never think about the destruction caused by the CAFOs behind the slime. Look at the flipping done by Trump - it’s rhythm that counts, according to established media clocks and calendars - that ‘counts’.

  3. Like the proverbial mythical monster, the Trump minions and cronies, including the Arab prince and Netanyahu, concoct and use what could literally be called potions, curses and media ‘magic’ - for the sheer vomiting of vile projections mixed with the slime of obsequious ‘love me’ presence and presentation. In the mean time millions of people suffer and die so that these monsters and their minions can take land and resources to squander in their destructive, sick bacchanalia.

The tragic blindness of so obviously believing that they can engage at this level of debasement without commensurate consequences - IE: destruction of the fully integrated systems of the planet. This is indicative of how backward and anachronistic their methodologies are. This is the result of generations of power that have mushroomed from local to global abusers that kill off those that attempt to warn them.

The generations of feudal power lines morphing into monarchies, morphing into industrial titans, etc… in the brittle, constricted linear blindness that really needs to halt and /or be halted in its tracks.

The real story line here is that human beings and all creatures, whether they walk or not, are being sacrificed. Economically it is is to ‘externalize’ anything that is viewed as obstacle. Socially it is to stratify ‘class’. Educationally it is to channel human development into twisted versions to be ‘useful’. Medically it is to make the physical consequences of the system into a death industry for profit.

But most of all, it is to create an unspoken, unseen, unmoving ‘ghost dance’ at the end of the marionette strings stitched into every human being who allows the system to swallow their soul.


The ruling class is the first to raise the rabble with the call of “the sanctity of life”, an irony borne of nothing but avaricious cynicism.


Personally I am not sure it will not be pretty. What’s not to like when the big bully on the block gets a black eye and his home is destroyed. We do not have the military we think you do and facing Iran we will lose. If things get out of control there will be war within our boundaries. How sweet it is when the bully is beat down in their own front yard.


Ray McGovern is bruised but still has a sense of humor:




In the First Gulf War the US Congress pretty much agreed to go along with Geoge H.W. Bush and the war was declared because Iraq had Invade Kuwait and took over that country. Whether to give George W. Bush the authority to start a Second Gulf War was fairly contentious in Congress but in the end it went along. Congress now understands the difficulties in the Middle East far better than in 2003 which may be the only hope to stop an insane decision to start yet another gulf war. Any optimistic predictions by an administration wanting to go to war is going to be a tough sell with Congress and probably impossible to sell to the public. Such a war would have to be started without public approval although once a war starts much of the country will rally around the troops who are risking their lives.


No unfortunately you are incorrect. We will totally wipe out Iran in any form of direct military confrontation. But if we try any form of occupation we are fucked…just like in Iraq but worse.


The US, Israel and Saudi Arabia. Talk about an unholy alliance…


May God Bless the souls of any and all enlisted men and women that accept the order to kill and maim our innocent brothers and sisters in Iran.

Their choice to participate in senseless murder is not patriotic.

It’s just murder.


Even if there is not some type of war, we are going to have to face the fact that the United States as we knew it is over with. The 38 year old odyssey starting with Reagan is having it’s wrap up. It’s hard to admit, there is no place to go. I said to people during the 80’s “do you really have a sense of what’s going on, how you are being imprisoned?” and they rarely got it.
We ARE going to have an economic collapse unless enough Democrats get in to throw as much of the “tax act” out along with our collective feces. This is it.


Sorry Dan I am sure you are standing behind our troops and all but the truth of the matter is our military equipment based on for profit sales has given us the like of the F-35 which is a total failure. As is the Littoral ship program and patriot missile system. Taxpayers paid. Failing equipment is produced. 1% gets rich.

Notice we just shot 103 missiles at Syria. 71 were shot down. 1/4 billion on missiles. Iran has the same defensive system which can knock these missiles down and then go after the launcher of those missiles. The seas around Iran will be empty of US ships or they will be sinking.

Perhaps Dan you are thinking about our attacks on countries without army, navy or air force. Iran is armed and ready. 17 years and the supposed world’s strongest military have yet to beat the goat herders of Afghanistan.

While you are thinking you are the big power house in town you are not. F-16, F-22 and B-1B will drop all around Iran. Iran has missiles that can reach the military base in Qatar and Diego Garcia. How fast can American soldiers run to escape those missiles?

Understand it is very hard to not be the top dog but we are no longer the world’s biggest and best military. We will know this when we receive news that an air craft carrier with 5,000-7,500 Americans on board has sunk. However, It is foolish to argue about future events on one side or the other. I am waiting with my cooler of beer, a comfy folding chair for the bombs bursting in air and the death of a mean rogue nation. See ya there.


Conservatives are salivating at the thought of a Third Gulf War. More Wall Street profits and even fresh organs to replace their own.


The money-power is our problem. Banks and corporations, the tools of oligarchy, need to be made public with limited shares for each shareholder. In fact, that may not be sufficient to prevent oligarchy. A wealth cap for all needs to be instituted by periodic referendum.

If we don’t clean our house of oligarchs and theocrats globally, they will destroy us all, including themselves. Their never ending concentration of personal wealth and power is “contra natura”.


Correction: Us base nearest to Iran is in Bahrain not Qatar.