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General David Petraeus: Too Big To Jail


General David Petraeus: Too Big To Jail

Ray McGovern

The leniency shown former CIA Director (and retired General) David Petraeus by the Justice Department in sparing him prison time for the serious crimes that he has committed puts him in the same preferential, immune-from-incarceration category as those running the financial institutions of Wall Street, where, incidentally, Petraeus now makes millions. By contrast, “lesser” folks – and particularly the brave men and women who disclose government crimes – get to serve time, even decades, in jail.


Throughout human history there have been many absolutely corrupt and evil empires. But the United States of America has established a new watermark of absolute and thorough corruption that it may be forever impossible to surpass. Kiriakou was jailed because he has a moral and ethical conscious, and Petraeus walks free after committing high crimes for personal gain.


Inequality under the law is just as bad as inequality of gender, culture, economics, taxing etc. and we got them all.


Rank has its privileges.


David Betrayus wasnt whislteblowing or otherwise criticizing the actions of the powers that be. He was doing as the other elites do and so was essentially exhonerated. As long as your “crimes” don’t challenge the status-quo you can be as Satan himself. As long as your transgressions aren’t politically unpopular among the elites, “its all good.” That needs to stop! There is no jail too small for these fat cats imo.


Like Oliver North, Petraeus will become a tv star on FOX and nothing else will be said about his high crimes.

If a tree falls in a forest and no one hears it fall, does it make a sound?

Now go out and buy more stuff.


The left was correct, he really was “General Betrayus” (just not in the way we first thought).


"Sen. John McCain was quick to call the whole matter “closed.” A strong supporter of Petraeus, McCain added this fulsome praise: “At a time of grave security challenges around the world, I hope that General Petraeus will continue to provide his outstanding service and leadership to our nation, as he has throughout his distinguished career.”

"And Michael O’Hanlon, Brookings’ neocon military specialist who rarely gets anything right, spoke true to form to the New York Times: “The broader nation needs his advice, and I think it’s been evident that people still want to hear from him. … People are forgiving and I know he made a mistake. But he’s also a national hero and a national treasure.”

Mars rules is held in place through idolizing warriors. Cue gag reflex now.


Your point is well-taken; however, the word is exonerated (not exhonerated).


My take is that it probably keeps us from finding out that it involves a much broader involvement with foreign spies… likely allied. Kelly was quite a gad-about and paid by foreign governments. Imagine the information highway at those cocktail parties and how compromised we likely truly were when these egos met sexy. These guys are traitors. Maybe they have been paid too- why else deliver?


Oh, we can’t be too sure of that… we were betrayed all right. We know he gave privileged information. Now, who does that knowingly and why? Yeah, he could be a spy… for sure he could have betrayed us and we are made to worry about his vanity in this dumb-down. I am so much more suspicious that he was compromised for a reason… and that is what we should be concerned about. The privileged information. Two women. And another high-ranking military man. Curious.


What about Paula Broadwell? She is the one that received the classified material. Is she off the hook? They were both equally guilty. Somthin’ jus’ ain’t right!


Community Chest: You’re a CIA Director. Get out of Jail free. Card may be used at any time, unlimited times.


“Suffered enough” is the standard formula used by psychopaths when taking care of their own. It was exactly the same formula used to absolve crooked Congresscreatures back in the '50s and '70s, and by Straw and Albright when absolving Pinochet.

That they don’t even bother to vary it reveals the contempt they feel for us.


“But the United States of America has established a new watermark of absolute and thorough corruption that it may be forever impossible to surpass”

While I agree that what’s being described and demonstrated is horribly corrupt hypocrisy and cronyism, I think this statement is a bit of hyperbole.

And I think other countries have been just as corrupt proportionally, wherever there’s power and all that, however the US only seems exceptional because of the scale of its power and reach being so great.


Is Paula Boobwell trading her Community Chest and assorted deeds to Betray America just to further her token around the board? Is Betrayus selling CIA secrets to a private wall-street Intelligence company so he can have more cash, houses and hotels?
I think we should restart the whole game and start everyone back to the same amount of cash.

Sorry, I never did understand metaphors. :wink:
Withdrawn (is how the lawyers say it; pretend I never said this).


Picky, picky.


Metaphor? We don’t need no stinking metaphor.

Same for similes!