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General Mills to Label GMOs


General Mills to Label GMOs

Kate Fried

On Friday, General Mills announced it will label all of its products sold in the United States that contain genetically engineered ingredients (GMOs).


If the labeling goes into effect and large food suppliers notice that the public is not purchasing the GMO products, will they cease and desist from using them?

And given the countless millennia that Nature has used her abundant resources to send seeds far and wide (on air, wind, and water currents), how can the genuine be protected from its gen-tech counterparts?

Also, if TIPP and TPP go into effect, these trade “laws” will override domestic protections like this one.

Corporations with no respect for life or the natural world have the financial resources to send their propositions back to court over and over again; and that’s when they can’t purchase the judges or lawmakers that make THEIR wishes the LEGALLY imposed WILL of the land.


Will they just label the entire product “Contains GMO”, or will they list individual ingredients that contain GMOs? Hopefully the latter.

Also, if all these food corporations get the impression that they aren’t going to be able to stop this desire of the people to have labeling, they might all start following in footsteps of Campbell’s and General Mills. This could be bad in the following way: If all these corporations start doing this voluntarily, then the rest of the states will see no need to enact a law like they did in Vermont. But if they don’t, and it is just voluntary, the states (or would this be FDA?) will have no right to check to make sure these corporations are really correctly labeling their foods.