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General Motors: Homicidal Fugitive from Justice


General Motors: Homicidal Fugitive from Justice

Yes, it’s official. General Motors engaged in criminal wrongdoing for long knowing about the lethal defect in its ignition switch that took at least 174 lives and counting, plus serious injuries.


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I’ll never buy another American Car as long as I live. After dozens of GM and Ford vehicle fall-a-parts, the last one was a GM 1999 Slverado in which my engine exploded just out of warranty. I got a card including me in a class-action suit where the plaintiffs got a hold of GM emails that showed they knew the computer timing software was buggy and would cause detonations. They tried to cover it up. The original lawsuit filers got a new engine. I got a coupon for a free tune-up.

Wall Street CEO’s are all scumbags. This kind of thing is rare in Japanese cars, which is all I buy anymore.


Too big to fail, too big to jail is the hallmark of a fascist government. Welcome to the United Fascist States of America.


As long as the amerikan people let the Slick Oily administration and his department of injustice go it’s merry way of aiding and abetting these giant corporations in their criminal endeavors, there will never be real justice. Preet Bharara, the U.S. Attorney from New York, and Attorney General Loretta Lynch should be dragged kicking and screaming from their posh offices, and hung from the nearest light pole or tree by the families of the dead GM victims and beaten with baseball bats just like a couple of pinata’s. Perhaps then the DoJ will start doing their jobs!


Recall that when US taxpayers bailed out GM after the 2008 meltdown GM used the money to close down more of their US manufacturing plants and expand their overseas operations, primarily in China. Fascism at its finest.


I don’t know where the DOJ is going to find a better case to bring prosecutions against the individuals who are responsible as well as penalizing the GM corporation much more heavily.


The Corporation was formed so as to excuse its shareholders from the liabilies that might occur in the Corporate structure itself. This is being extended to its employees.

It also is a person according to the Courts.

Apparently people can be strangled to death for selling cigarettes on a street corner or shot in the back for running away or shot in the head for having a tailight burned out but when it comes to a Corporation a fine that is a fraction of its profits is “justice enough” if it has killed 174 people.

The system is corrupt to the core. The privilege of money has rarely been higher.


Funny how you point fingers at this administration, but don’t mention the previous groups of crooks whose collusion with the auto industry was every bit as sleazy. Just sit down with Ralph Nader’s works starting with his 1965 “Unsafe at any speed” and keep going.


Let’s put the faces of these crooked CEOs and government officials on Wanted posters, and list their crimes for everyone to see.


Before that, GM and Big Oil spent millions in ripping up all the rail lines, destroying and burning electric trains and trolleys and paying politicians to fund highways for their cars instead. See:



I want that book! Thanks natureboy, it is about time this story hit the streets-It is about time the people hit the streets…


Its been around for a few years, but relegated to obscurity by the money-power, it seems.


Yes, much like so much of the ugly part of our History-
Howard Zinn had to hear A Woody Guthrie folk song to know about the Ludlow Massacre- I guess the Rockefellers kept it out of the Carnegie Libraries for our own good- Unwittingly, Woodly spilled the beans…
God, how I would love to be A fly on the wall or have exclusive rights to ALL files in the National Archives, where they keep all of the secrets hidden generation upon generation, of course “for our own good”-



How bout A deck of cards, complete with photo ID and A brief explanation about crimes against humanity- Much like our military or State Dept. did in Iraq- 52 cards wouldn’t even come close- you would need several decks, hell, you could even make an educational game out of it- Seems like many of the youth of today are only into playing games anyhow…


Disturbing to hear; I’ve had the same concern . . . .

As someone always reading transcripts rather than watching videos, I’m grateful when perceptive viewers like you care to share.


Thanks Ralph. What would we do without you?


Foreign car makers are not all angels either.

Volkswagen/Audi is now on the carpet for a pollution violation and massive recall.

They are accused of programming their diesel car’s computers to spew illegal emissions (up to 40 times legal) when driven normally, but to cut emissions to legal levels only when emission testing is being done.

If this is true, it is hard to imagine a stupider and more arrogant trick ever employed by an automaker to improve performance.


By using the mentality of anti terrorist advocates you are aiding and abetting the deaths of
Americans. You’re either with us or with the guilty, the criminals, the terrorists. Convict!!


Ralph Nader’s 50 year jihad against General Motors continues. I’m not a GM apologist, but Nader’s obsession with them is bizarre.