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General Motors, Sears and Toys R Us: Layoffs Across America Highlight Our Shredding Financial Safety Net


General Motors, Sears and Toys R Us: Layoffs Across America Highlight Our Shredding Financial Safety Net

Ross Barkan

Today’s aging workforce faces an uncertain future. The announcement this week that General Motors will lay off 15 percent of its salaried workforce and shutter multiple plants in North America was a sobering reminder of how far the American worker has fallen.


GM had pretty much no choice to shutter those plants. The cars made there weren’t selling. They’re smart to retool while they’re making big profits on trucks, the vehicle Americans can’t seem to get enough of.

As for brick and mortar retail, online shopping with Amazon put them out of business. JCPenney will go down next, can Macy’s be far behind?


It is a testament to corporate capture.


If health care is a right to be realized through universal access, then shouldn’t retirement security likewise be?

The quality of your elder life shouldn’t depend on the circumstances that preceded it, but on society’s commitment to ensuring its dignity.


HI unlikelysource-----

I agree completely with you. Sadly your wonderful idea could only happen if we had elected officials --other than sociopaths---- running the country. : (


If the exploitocrats are planning to piss off to another planet,
leaving us to suffer their consequences

We can be certain they’re not headed to Vulcan.


Hopefully they are headed to Venus.


With an atmosphere almost wholly consisting of carbon dioxide, and a mean surface temperature of 863 degrees Fahrenheit

You could call it “poetic justice”.


The whole paradigm is wrong.

I heard about the New Deal firsthand, so I know pretty much what it was like. The Green New Deal will start with conditions that are bad. Industrial consumerism is wrong from the get go. Consumer items blow my mind. The prices are in accordance with a zeitgeist which accepts we “model” given celebrities (my version of the late Rene Girard’s ideas). The worst part, though, is that in our thinking we “model” newscasters and opiners on Sinclair stations (also my version…WAY more than via the stuff we buy to imitate celebrities).

Trucks on the road [with their halogens] and how they’re driven are hands down the most overt testimony to our current insanity. If fracking stops and we push back on MbS, gas goes up.


A hedge funder took control of Sears and led the company into a bankruptcy that would benefit his hedge fund.

So, that’s what happened. After Sears had screwed me on my attempts to return broken items, I refused to shop anymore at Sears. It was a hard decision for me to make but now I know why it happened.