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Generation Sanders


Generation Sanders

Robert Kuttner

For more than a year, my pragmatist friends and colleagues have under-estimated the appeal of Bernie Sanders. As a big Sanders win approaches in the New Hampshire primary, they insist that this will be Sanders' last hurrah and urge his supporters to get real and get with the program—which is to unite behind Hillary Clinton as the Democrat best positioned to be nominated and to win in November.

Many of my political friends are simply missing the import of the Sanders campaign. Much of his appeal is a blend of generational and economic.


This is typical Kuttner, he is using the form "my pragmatist friends" as a literary device for his own voice, in MHO. Kuttner's pieces have been posted on CD in the past, he is the kind of writer whose pieces leave the reader with a bitter taste, like that unpleasant aftertaste left by aspartame, at first it's sweet but its end is distasteful. Notice how he gets in all the old shibboleths through his pragmatic friends. He ends with "only a damned fool would dismiss." Bernie, after reciting a litany of reasons to do just that. Well, this piece seems to me to be another in a long line of established pundits damning with faint praise. Can Grieder be far behind?


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This was my feeling exactly in reading the article. In essence supporters of Sanders are not pragmatic and then he throws out too old, too expensive , too divisive.


Unless Sanders really mops up, the super-delegates will give the nomination to the Queen of the CIA anyway. Which is all the more reason to vote for him!


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Sanders has a movement going while Bill and Hill are running a business. They are selling themselves as the political front end of Corp. America. The pitch is basically we've already been paid to have the inside track folks so just hang with us and everything will be ok. It's an out and out con , the Clinton's are the biggest grifters on Earth. Donald is now trying to horn in on their turf by saying I am a Billionaire vote for me and I'll get you a better DEAL with my pals.


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Generational: quite a number of us septa- and octo-genarians enjoying working the streets with the youngsters.


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My original thought, before I read your comments alligator, was that Sanders needs to talk about the college graduates and dropouts debt. That surely dwarfs those currently in school...

Sanders is horrendous on foreign policy I'll give you that. He doesn't mention student debt just free tuition. Jill is head and shoulders above Bernie on these issues, but Bernie makes HRC look like a Mussolini. So that's why I'll vote for Bernie in the primaries and Jill in the election. Missy of us don't live in a swing state so we can vote for the best candidate instead of the lesser evil.


I am one of those! (I'm 38) I have floated from consultant, freelance, temp, and full-time; due to the nature of my work, there is more opportunity in that. I would be happy as well, IF I had: Single Payer, a sensible IRA and Sick Day arrangement that 'floated' with me, and would continue education if it were affordable (and why can't online education be free for all?)

I am also of a generation where I will not be left anything by my parents (except maybe debt). Very sad that through all their work, I am at a worse position when I 'was their age'.

Finally, my parents are finally letting go of their Democrat tribalism, and accepting that their issues, Bernie's issues, are valid.