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'Genocidal Negligence': New Democratic Climate Action Plan Criticized as Woefully Inadequate

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/30/genocidal-negligence-new-democratic-climate-action-plan-criticized-woefully


Kick the can down the road once again!
Oh, but it’s so comfortable and cozy in this Too Big To Fail back pocket.
Here today, here tomorrow.

“I see in the near future a crisis approaching that unnerves me and causes me to tremble for the safety of my country. . . . Corporations have been enthroned, an era of corruption in high places will follow, and the money-power of the country will endeavor to prolong its reign by working upon the prejudices of the people until the wealth is aggregated in a few hands and the Republic is destroyed.”



The O Paris Climate thing was a sellout. What do you expect from a corporate lobby party?


(D)estroy with the R’s.


Instead of the Green New Deal (GND) we get the Genocidal Negligence Democrats.


The plain truth is that the Democratic Party, the leadership and individual members, are climate deniers. They profess to respect and understand science but they do neither. They are so blinded by their corporate donors that they are incapable of doing anything except talk in platitudes. Btw, Obama on his first day in office could have signed an executive order that any vehicle purchased by the federal government must be electric or hybrid and every building built on federal land or by the federal government must be 100% solar powered. I guess Congress just wouldn’t let him do it.


Are McKibben and J Fox still mad at Michael Moore’s movie!!! G. D. (not for Go Dems ,but god Damn even though an athiest/agnostic).

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Negligent Establishment Democrats have proven their lack of worth to the wellness of the Planet and the People who keep them in office.

Can’t we all just agree to remove them at the earliest possible convenience?


I have volunteered with Citizens’ Climate Lobby for 5 plus years.

CCL’s climate fee and dividend proposal–had it been adopted 8-10 years ago— would be showing true reduction and civic support by now. Four years ago CCL had a modicum of congressional Republican support. In the last two years, Republican officeholders, have backed off, presenting instead their own versions, the results of which are to indemnify fossil fuel producers and weaken emission reduction rates.

Following the IPCC report mentioned in this article, coupled with the aforementioned Republican recalcitrance, moderately paced, half-measures should be discarded.

We should be considering only emergency measures, pissing on corporate “needs.” And as far as that goes, the labor “needs” mentioned in the Dem proposal–may be no more than patronizing fluff, considering that the survival of human civilization is at stake.

Face it. We aren’t likely to get a Dem/Rep throughplan by 2030. The best worldwide results certainly might come via a unified US science-led, policy leadership. But then you look at the inter-party squabbling over US pandemic response and wonder how in hell are this country’s leaders going to make the major political turnaround needed before 2030. Sure, I’m interested in Biden’s climate plan, but until he talks pandemic response, I’m not going to buy his climate response.

I’m not hopeful. Earth will survive, of course, once she discards a few billion humans.


Dem House’s climate road map to extinction.

Have to stop using these “by 2050” goals. To far out. Need drastic change (e.g., reduction in FF use) NOW!

Climatologist, Kevin Anderson, has been pointing the way to use GHG budgets and not end date goals as metrics for slowing/stopping/reversing global warming.


Any climate mitigation plan that does not first and foremost call for the abolishing of all fossil fuel extraction and use cannot be taken seriously.
Typical Nancy, arrives late to the party, only brings an already open bag of Doritos, and then leaves early after clogging the toilet.


True, but they are very good at being fake climate deniers!


Thank you for your service Royce.


Yeah, it’s a bitch when your organization, and almost all environmental groups are exposed as frauds and sell-outs to the capitalists. Old mother earth is about to extract it’s revenge for mans short sightedness, and we are left with no plan to get through it.


We don’t have five years to do anything but have a plan to deal with the Climate Catastrophe that is unfolding right NOW. Like COCID 19 which was a known threat all along, there was no preperation for this inevitable pandemic. Same goes now for the Climate Choes.

The time is long gone where we could actually slow down or stop the inevitable feedback loops. The Arctic is on fire. A massive dust storm in the Sahara has now reached the US. Hurricanes and cyclones will be intense this year. Sea level rising is a foregone conclusion for the future. All other signs indicate that we no longer have any time left for a Green New Deal to get anything meaningful accomplished.

The only thing that we can do now, in my humble opinion, is to get Congress to come up with a response plan to mitigate the the peoples’ suffering before our inevitable extinction. And yes the “Earth will survive” and evolve anew.

It would be a really good idea for the last humans to leave a time capsules to document our demise for future intelligent life forms to learn from our mistakes.


Don’t you lefties know? These are the pragmatists. See, it is pragmatic to pretend that we have more time than we do, and to ignore if the policies don’t match the scale of the problem. You all read Marx or whatever, and so you are too ideological, too class reductionist, to get the pragmatism of Mother Nature and Pelosi. Pelosi has a meeting with her planned, and they are going to reach a common sense compromise. Call off the environmental crisis, and we’ll throw .02% less pollutants into ecosystems over the next 260 years. Voluntarily of course. I hear Mother Nature, being a pragmatist, is considering this offer. Word is, she also has a gig waiting for her at CAP if she plays ball. Now we can move on to wine and painting with our friends in the HOA, like all good, worthless liberal types.

The leadership in this party is horrific, and our society is falling apart just as much because of them as their rich, out of touch right wing friends and donors. They, after all, are the party that the left operates in, they make it next to impossible for the left to win primaries in that party, the people with actual power in that party are corrupt, rich, and have class and ideological biases that make it so that they will always oppose a left program. The Democrats are the ones that beat back the left, far more than the Republicans because the Republicans rarely have to go against leftist candidates. And since people like Pelosi and Schumer don’t have any solutions to any of our problems, this is effectively collective suicide. They will not part with capitalism, and capitalism and markets are the key drivers in the environmental crisis and are the fundamental reasons why our society is getting progressively worse.


At some point people who are obstructing any change worth a damn will perhaps see the critical nature of immediate (20 + years ago) need to act decisively and then they will act surprised and claim we didn’t see this coming - kinda like trump saying “no one could have foreseen this”.
.The time to act has come and gone and only immediate drastic actions may alleviate some of the dire consequences. DINO corporate shills like pelosi will not rock the boat or challenge their corporate power-base to either propose meaningful change, or do anything of much consequence as we can clearly see from this pathetic non-effort (and have for 3-4 decades).

About all we can say about their current fraudulent, timid, shallow, and corrupt proposal is “thanks for nothing”!


I’m not “hopeful” either----at least the kind of hope that is harmful . . . hope that promotes the false notion of democrats, technology or green growth saving us (as but 2 examples).

2050 . . . that is insane. 2050 will be potentially net zero life on earth.

“Earth” isn’t “discarding humans”. Humans are discarding billions of species, including humans.

Earth could go the way of Venus. I suppose one could say earth will “survive” if survival means a planet devoid of most life. I’m anthropomorphizing!

Perhaps there will be another reset of life starting with . . .microbes?

“Earth could turn into a hothouse planet like Venus, with boiling oceans and acid rain, if humans don’t curb irreversible climate change, physicist Stephen Hawking claimed in an interview.”
“We are close to the tipping point, where global warming becomes irreversible.”

The only thing I was unrealistically “hoping” for was a collective movement to bring to light the truth regarding capitalism, oligarchy, objectification, patriarchy.

A truth that would emphasize compassion and empathy as the main traits of importance for humans.

It looks as if we are going the way of ignorance, greed and cruelty.


Thanks for your regard, PonyBoy.

Despite ready patronizing from members of congress–or much more often their staffers–I will say this: they recognize we visit DC on our dime or more certainly–credit card expense and truly appreciate the citizen-based approached.

Truth is however, their regard for big money professional lobbyists bearing checks is greater. Venal bunch.


I agree with your point, but I would dispute the “we”. We haven’t agreed to anything. We are trapped in their system, and that system is actively making things worse across the board and has no solutions to our problems. We don’t control their system, their parties, we don’t own their companies, we don’t own the media, we don’t own and control their idiot think tanks, we aren’t the donors they listen to. It is their system, their economy, their society, and it increasingly only works for them. The only reason there hasn’t been an outright revolt is that half the country has given up on politics and doesn’t bother paying attention one way or another. Things are about to get much worse though, very quickly, which is why Biden is such an unmitigated disaster of a nominee. So, I think social unrest is a given, and given the amount of guns, history of violence and given how utterly destroyed public institutions are thanks to decades of neoliberalism, I think it is going to be really ugly. And these people, if they don’t leave the country, will not be able to hide. As Mark Blyth has joked, “the Hamptons are not a defensible position”.