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'Genocidal Negligence': New Democratic Climate Action Plan Criticized as Woefully Inadequate

There really is only one solution. We the People must remove them.

All of them. Like they did in Iceland.

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I agree with much of what you say, but this statement unfortunately leaves the impression that there is no longer any point to even attempting mitigation of the environmental destruction we are causing – only mitigating the suffering of the people affected by it. If people were the only ones affected by our own devastation, this might have some validity – but this ignores the suffering of all of the non-humans out there that we are taking down with us (and who had absolutely no hand in creating this cataclysm).

Pelosi is motivated only by Dem Party political power (that is, within the party). So her and her establishment leadership (Hoyer et al.) thinking does not extend beyond the next 2-year election cycle. They can see beyond their polls and focus groups to what is happening to the country and planet.


LOVE this quote! Would be great of a neon green tee shirt…

As to the rest, I think you are dead on…

I have no faith in our political system either. They will never get anything constructive done to help the People or the Planet.

This whole system is rigged. And it is working perfectly for those that rigged it in the first place.


I will always do what the voices in my head tell me to do! (Click, CLANK.)

Totally agree. There is absolutely no hope that this Congress or our bought and paid for mis-representatives will do anything for the people or the planet. I was just saying what they SHOULD do, but won’t.

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This ain’t Iceland…I see lamp posts and nooses…

I don’t want to make a habit of writing such pessimism. I would want to write more optimistic things but boy it is hard to be in such a mood these days.

I unfortunately am young enough that I will likely see the end of the world.


For who though

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“Net-zero” sounds too much like “not zero”. It sounds like they’re going to bulldoze a forest, plant a few seedlings and make it up with creative accounting. It sounds like they’re going to buy up some Texas Renewable Energy Credits where wind power is so cheap that the credits only cost 1/10 of 1 cent per kwh, then heat their hot tub in New England where the credits cost 2 cents per kwh.

“Genocidal” sounds like they’re going to murder our entire genus. Doesn’t take a genus to figger that one out.


My point is that it is too late in the game of tipping points and the extinction rates already happening right now. There is no time left to turn this ship around. Especially with an ongoing and raging pandemic that isn’t going to go away any time soon.

It’s like humanity is holding a couple of hand grenades and the pins have already been pulled. We either drop the grenades and run to safer ground or foolishly try to put the pins back in. Either way, there is going to be a lot of collateral damage to everything on Earth.

At that point, Mother Nature will just shrug, and do what she always does - start over with what She has and let the Earth re-evolve with everything connected and in balance again. It will be different than the last time around, which was a pretty sweet deal that humans screwed up royally.


I didn’t see any mention of reducing natural gas heating of houses. Heating buildings is 50% of natural gas use in New England.

For the past two winters my zero-fuel and off-grid solar greenhouse has been growing plants in West Greenwich, RI. Getting pretty close to zero fast really isn’t going to be that hard. Nor will retrofitting be that hard for almost all buildings.

I was responding to Pony’s post about removal of the politician miscreants. I was just trying to be helpful in consideration of methods for doing so :slight_smile:


"… the [538-page plan ]calls for selling only zero-emissions vehicles by 2035,…

I would humbly request a working test of an aggressively competitive 300 mpg (electric equivalent) transit system with excellent coronavirus protection by 2023.

“… net-zero greenhouse gas emissions from the power sector by 2040, …”

I have three different on-demand electric generating systems for different purposes. I’d be happy to see all three prototyped within three years.

  • Hydropumping is when you force water to a higher pond with PV or wind and then let it back down for on-demand power. I want to do the same thing with many satchels of rocks or other clean fill, except at lower cost, without the environmental issues and with less energy lost, maybe at a storage cost of 3 cents per kilowatt-hour. That and PV would undercut natural gas and deliver power at night.

  • I have patent #8823197 for improvements to a mountainslope solar chimney. Costs per kwh of nighttime electricity are rock bottom but I prefer to see a fairly tall mountain, 2000 meters in elevation would be good enough.

  • Solar power towers are getting in the range of 3 cents per kwh out west. I can do better, and I can completely eliminate their serious bird killing problems. Storing the solar heat is the key to nighttime generation.

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The reality is that those that claim to believe in AGW while doing nothing about it when in power, do more harm than those that outright deny it happens.


Yet another reason the Democrats are the “more effective evil”


We actually have a “political choice”, folks. We can either relatively quickly die or suffer under the incompetence of republicans regarding COVID19, or endure a long, slow death or suffering under the incompetence of democrats regarding the climate emergency.

Or, we can throw both out, and address these two crises along with many others with the urgency and competence necessary.

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Some say that pessimists are based more in reality. So keep on writing from reality.
At 65 years of age, I expect to see the end of the world.


Kind of a disastrous mindset when the country has been falling apart, we have a pandemic, an environmental crisis that will make this look like a walk in the park and the worst and most inefficient healthcare system in the developed world. Yeah, as a politician she has strategic concerns. She is also corrupt, rich, and has class and ideological biases. Her job though isn’t to win elections, it is to represent people and to create good policies. From what I can tell, she is good at raking in bribes, virtue signaling and stuttering incoherently on TV. She is horrible on the things that matter, same with Hoyer, Schumer, Clyburn and the rest. Worthless.