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'Genocidal Negligence': New Democratic Climate Action Plan Criticized as Woefully Inadequate

since the Dems have ignored science for over 50 years and counting–now delivering an industry supporting bill with the MOST DANGEROUS of the fake alternatives–the one that leaves thousands of tons of highly radioactive waste(still with no safe place to store the radioactive waste for the THOUSANDS of years needed to keep it out of our living space)–that has a high CO2 footprint(think mining-manufacturing the fuel-building the plant-the extra electricity needed to keep the reactors cool) -then proposing an industry friendly bill that does not address the crisis in the time period necessary to slow the advance of climate collapse(by about 20 years to slow–the science says we need to do this task by 2030 if we want our ecosystems to survive–see current -unprecedented heat wave in the arctic and Siberia–watch as methane( a much more potent green house gas) --frozen for millennium is released to the ecospear by the heating planet) and they do this so they can continue to rake in the fossil fuel campaign dollars while gas lighting us with programs that are too little -too late to be of any use —this is not only a betrayal of the people of this country --it is a betrayal of the people of the world–they do this for the money–as pathetic as it is tragic–and certainly NOT worth voting for


The Dems lost me here:

Despite longstanding cost and safety concerns related to nuclear power, Rep. Kathy Castor (D-Fla.), the committee’s chair, [told] the Post that “where we landed is: if we’re going to get to our net-zero goal as soon as possible, then nuclear needs to remain part of the equation.”

Nuclear is exorbitantly expensive and has no prospect of becoming economically viable. And that doesn’t even get to the threat to the environment and public health, and the risk of proliferation.

We should be pouring our resources into solar and wind power and energy storage, all of which are on a steeply declining cost curve with far less environmental and health risks and no risk of nuclear proliferation.

My guess is Castor and the rest of her cronies that produced this abomination are on the nuclear teat.


If only the masses had the stones to do so.

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My life has been one of optimism, never seeing a reason to be pessimistic. Until these last few years, watching what passes as government robbing us all blind, turning our police into warriors for the corporate state instead of protectors of our freedom, lying endlessly about how Medicare-For-All and Free Public College is too expensive to consider, but a $Trillion+/year is absolutely necessary for the Military to maintain 800+ military bases all over the world.

Am I cynical?

How can anyone who witnesses this farce not be?

Lord willing, I may see 69 later this year.

As a mainly optimistic person, I don’t see the end being near even though with the virus 2nd and 3rd waves coming, we’ll see.

Until then, let’s all try a little happiness.


The lead article in the June 2020 “The Atlantic” is about the ‘religious’/conspiracy/evangelical movement Quanon:

I have attached it to a “New Scientist” article, also the lead, 29-October- 2011, titled:

"Unscientific America - A dangerous retreat from reason"

The title speaks for itself, and six years after its publication, ‘Q’ begins posting, and the madman Donald Trump has been elected President by an equally mad populist electorate.


Which brings us to “Planet of the Humans”, and the documentary on Paul Kingsnorth, lead writer of the “Dark Mountain Project” and its manifesto, who now lives in Galway, on a small farm, with his wife and two young children.

It’s not just the climate, and climate denial - is it ?

In “Planet of the Humans”, there is a particularly riveting interview, when Jeff Gibbs visits a psychologist, Sheldon Solomon (see “Planet of the Humans”, minute ~ 48.00 to ~52:30:

Jon Krakauer, perhaps best known for his Everest book “Into Thin Air”, also wrote, in 2004, a book about the Mormons, “Under the Banner of Heaven”, an eye-popper.

The article referred to above in “The Atlantic” specifically mentions the "Seventh Day Adventists and the Church of Latter Day Saints, two American religions of recent vintage, and suggests that Quanon may be the third.

I am, among other things, an agnostic and a geologist, but I worked framing residential homes for some six years with a evangelical man. And I have experience with other members of the ‘religious right’, even to the point of talking with some Mormon Elders in Salt Lake City on a ski trip down there many many years ago.

Most of these people are unreachable thru fact and logic - their faith is literally unshakeable. That is my experience.

Which brings us to now.

It’s not like there is no reason to question authority these days. Obviously we have been led down the garden path so to speak, in ways too numerous too recount.

And so many retreat into fantasy.

How many - what percentage - that is the question which may determine our future.


(Science is a process, and science really does not “tell us” a specific deadline by which specific benchmarks must be reached. i know that some scientists and others use certain projections of certain climate-related data trends to try to gain public attention in an effective way to start to address the causes of the crisis. i really can’t blame them for that! But it frames “science” in a way that detracts from understanding the process of science, and of the scientific discovery of nature.) All that said, and in that context:

The “deadline” for effective action to reverse the human industrial assault on the ecology was a long time ago. That doesn’t mean we should not act! We need to act now, on multiple fronts, to greatly slow and redirect economic activity while taking care of every one of us. i sincerely believe that IF humanity could get more or less on the same page today, and begin tomorrow to implement an instant transition to an economy based on ecology and agroecology (i’m writing in extreme shorthand here, but: end war; end industrial agriculture; end the investor-owned, limited-liability corporation; redistribute land and wealth equitably; invest in local and regional food economies, not global industrial food commodities; get a couple billion of us directly engaged primarily in the practice of ecology and the practice of agroecology; and work as best we can from where we’re at, to begin to withdraw and shrink the human industrial footprint on Earth’s ecology), we’d have a reasonable chance (no guarantee!) to allow the ecology to re-stabilize before the collapse of human civilization and most ecosystems and species. But given the realities of political power, economic interests, and public consciousness, on a practical level, we’re far, FAR too late. i really just don’t see such a swift shift in consciousness and political power happening. Lots of other way more likely scenarios.

Not to be a downer, and we will of course see. Sudden changes always bring other unforeseen changes, so i don’t absolutely write off the possibility of relatively rapid development of popular movements.

The publication of Silent Spring in 1962 was a clarion wake-up call to change the industrial approach to nature. At a moment when “leaders” of powerful industrial states and corporations should have rallied the public to act to avert catastrophe, Rachel Carson and her book were instead viciously attacked by industrial interests. Nonetheless, the subsequent rise of the “environmental movement” in the 1960s, with the launch of Earth Day in 1970 and the publication of Limits to Growth in 1972, could have grown (in sync with other major movements of that time for civil rights, women’s rights, gay rights and against war) to exercise power and shift the economy. These movements did not coalesce and grow, but were instead thoroughly divided and conquered, co-opted and propagandized into decades of powerless siloed sideline activity, while the looting class imposed neoliberalism and actively and gleefully accelerated the global industrial assault to frenzied new heights.

It sure seems to me that: Any objective observer of human industrial activity from the 1950s into the 1980s – noting the acceleration of key negative ecological impacts and their industrial drivers, and noting also the ascendancy of Thatcher and Reagan and the “new” economic orthodoxy of neoliberalism under the rubric of “The Washington Consensus” (even before the Democratic and Labour parties also adopted neoliberalism) – any objective observer would plainly see the accelerating trajectory toward ecological catastrophe already unfolding, and the extremely short time-frame to change direction.

The 1970s was the deadline, to me.

The institutional power in place that is dedicated to continuing to accelerate the human industrial assault on nature, can’t be turned aside by small non-coordinated groups, even if lots of individuals can see there is an extremely serious problem. It takes movements, organizing and seeking to build to the point where they can exercise power. Working through the duopoly is a dead end, without powerful organized movements taking action outside of electoral politics to impose costs on the “interested parties” who carry out the looting class agendas.

Sorry for the essay, it’s not really a direct reply to you.


But we had these incredible great artists: Beethoven, Mahler, and writers, all kinds of creators who tapped into the beauty of the spiritual, agnostic or not. In the balance of things, don’t they outweigh the capitalists and greed-mongers? In my book they do, but it’s not enough to save us. It’s enough to feel completely devastated that their good work may be lost to the humans left to pick up the pieces, if there are any.


Thank you for that. Hope we can all celebrate with you. Hearts!


I have come to accept that too, though writing from such does not bring me joy.

since I have been in this fight since 1969–I hear you-and yes you are probably right–I just never learned give up


That’s debatable because without humans to control such things as nuclear reactors etc the planet will suffer “fall-out” from radiation. The book “the world without us” by alan weisman explains this and other consequences.

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I thought President Obama fixed climate change with that 100-year supply of miracle bridge fuel brought to us by super clean fracking…that didn’t work? No worries. Nothing a little more incrementalism can’t fix, just like it has fixed the rest of our pressing problems since the 70s. Anyway, The Guardian says that the Dems have made bold proposals. And I just know they are doing the best they can to save us.

Indeed Allamarcia. I am an “equal opportunity” celebrator.

They certainly KNOW, but have contractual obligations to stop any dissent; basically promote nightmarish scams like fracking 1.9 million methane (and ethane) wells; substitute “clean” coal, geo-engineering, carbon sequestration & credit scams; while bailing out 45-60 yr old nuclear plants, killing high speed rail (to compete with airlines), rail freight or hybrid trucks, to pull whatever it takes to prevent ubiquitous PV, geo-thermal, wind and promotion of or tax breaks for energy efficienct, homes, businesses, semi autonomous EV, plug-in hybrid or fuel cell vehicles, a resurgence of mass transit; regenerative agriculture. Exxon predicted our current atmospheric carbon, back in 1977 (published it in 1980). Both parties candidates ALL knew slick-water fracking was a pyramid scheme that’d poison aquifers, wells, water ways, air, crops & livestock, cause cancers, release catastrophic amounts of methane AND cost taxpayers trillions in a vain attempt to pretend to clean up. In my lovely home state of Pennsylvania, it was MSNBC’s ravening thug Ed Rendell that chose to simply water down radium flavored fracking brine and gavage it to 1/3rd the states’ citizens. Obama, Hillary, Biden, Abrams… were ALL forcing this “bridge fuel” quite literally down our throats. They’re ALL making money off of poisoning the most vulnerable, so if we just complain… we MUST be for Trump! If we talk about it or whistle-blow, we’re obviously Rooski Bots; SKDK/MWW/H+K troll, in 5… 4… 3…





Agreed about nuclear. The most expensive way to boil water to create steam to turn a turbine there is.

I understand they are trying to bury still highly radiating spent nuclear fuel rods in New Mexico (my old home), because they have no place to put them. A twin plant a few miles away in Texas sits over the Oglala Aquifer.

And beware of “net-zero” goals, especially ones attached to years like 2040 or 2050. Too many loopholes in net-zero goals that avoid dealing directly with the climate crisis.

I don’t think most in Congress have the capability to think creatively enough to deal with the problem. Nor are they willing to take responsibility for action. They are stuck in their small corporate capitalist boxes.

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Of course, its a sham. No single country competing globally is going to allow loss of its advantage; so, none are going to do anything. All, China, US, EU, etc. will ram full speed ahead. Who wants to be left behind trying to save the Earth on their own, while all the rest are ramming? All over the cliff together, racing each other over, in fact…It’s “homo sapiens,” right?

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Obama was just a diversion to help disguise the corruption taking place in DC. Our government is composed of ‘elected’ puppets, masquerading as leaders, which dance on the strings of their plutocratic masters (I in no way intend this to be in any way a racial statement; and, I am not a Republican or a Democrat. I am a totally disgusted with our government American) and are selling us off to the highest bidders, the fossil fuel industry. Here is a discussion and my plan: ‘"The climate roadmap features hundreds of policy proposals under 12 key pillars. Specifically, the 538-page plan calls for selling only zero-emissions vehicles by 2035, net-zero greenhouse gas emissions from the power sector by 2040, and net-zero U.S. emissions economy-wide by no later than 2050… As writer Neal Romanek put it in a Monday night tweet: “Net zero by 2050 means ‘we’ll let our kids figure it out’. It’s genocidal negligence.”’ As the article states, “Anything that does not seek to immediately curtail and then eliminate the production of fossil fuels is weak sauce.”

"Here are some ideas I have re climate change and how we can start a plan to hopefully begin real action to save ‘ourselves’ from what is certainly going to be a bleak future for our children. Thanks, Skip

I would like to see a platform that includes closing at least half of all overseas military bases and out posts along with a credible reduction of the MIC budget and that money spent on repairing our long neglected infrastructure and, secondly, using any remaining funds on a public healthcare for all plan. Next, a significant tax on all incomes of over (you set the amount) of in the neighborhood of 70+%, money to be used for social programs. And, most importantly, the Nationalization of all fossil fuel and uranium resources, profits from the sale of which would go directly towards renewable energy R & D; and, an additional tax on the profits from all energy producing industries which would go towards subsidizing the installation of renewable engery distribution and installation on homes and businesses. In addition there would be a progressive tax placed on all end users of fossil fuel produced energy, including personal and commercial transportation. The resources I mention belong to the people of our country and should be used to try and overcome the fast approaching climate disaster which will affect the entire world instead of further enriching already rich people; rich beyond the imaginations of most. A part of “our” platform must also include a wholehearted message that we will do our very best to include all climate scientists in a coordinated effort and scientific program to work on yet to be discovered ways to produce non-polluting energy. Climate is the world’s number one problem and endless wars are stealing our ability to come together as one people in order to save ourselves and all other life on Earth!
I hope this can somehow make it’s way to those in positions of leadership to assist in using in their own ideas.

Skip Edwards
590 Chipeta Dr
Ridgway, CO 81432

End note: We must also put in that list a ‘progressive’ tax on all fossil fuel use by individuals, ie, heating homes, etc, transportation, ie, cars, boats, yachts, etc (fuel coupons rationed as in WWII and with below certain incomes receiving coupons similar to food stamps), etc. There are ways to do this where everyone will chip in and be a part of the effort. But this will require laws and a unified leadership. We don’t have time to try and vote in this type of change. We lost that time years ago when the warnings first started. We must force that change on the people in the government we have. Europeans are in the streets, kids are striking and walking out of schools; meanwhile, where are the adults in the room?

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Watched a new program last night on Mt Everest, teams of scientists are studying the losses in the Himalayas of ice and snow. I was SHOCKED to see so much dirt up on that mountain that I have read of and followed most of my life; always had much love for climbers and that region. Unbelievable how I missed seeing the massive bare spots and how this changes climbing there and living there. SICK stuff, taking down melting bodies.

Shame on the DNC, a neoliberal phony organization that claims to be Democratic. Thanks to the Clintons for creating the second neoliberal party masquerading as Democrats.

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There is only one agricultural resource that can do everything that needs to be done in the time we may have left to make a difference. #Cannabis is uniquely qualified to repair Earth’s atmosphere, as it provides complete nutrition, safe & effective herbal therapeutics and abundant, sustainable biofuels, all from the same harvest. A non-invasive pioneer crop, #hemp is mankind’s functional interface with the Natural Order. Increasing solar UV-B radiation is a fundamental threat to all life on Earth. Cannabis produces atmospheric aerosol terpenes that shield us from the Sun.

Time is the limiting factor in the equation of survival.

The longer it takes for people to wake up to the true value of Cannabis, the worse-off our children & grandchildren will be. This has to happen now. THC limits on organic, non-GMO, seeded industrial hemp must be eliminated to allow for infrastructure investment in cellulosic hydrogen made using hemp stalks as the bio feedstock.

Solutions are usually simple. It’s the problems that are complicated.

Cannabis is essential, not illegal. We were all born into the Great Lie of 1937, that Cannabis was “dangerous.” Our grandparents believed the lie, and we live with the harm from that horrible lie to this day. How many people do you know that died from diseases that might have been prevented by having access to fresh, fertile hemp seed?
Probably more than you can imagine, beginning with cancer, heart disease & diabetes.

Objective thinking is desperately needed right now. “Hemp” is identified in seven Presidential Executive Orders as a “strategic resource.” In order to end wars-for-oil, economic disparity, essential resource scarcity, racial, gender & income inequality, energy production must be tied to Gaiatherapeutic (Earth-healing) industry.

Cannabis agriculture practiced organically in rotation with other food crops provides enough cellulose from the stalks to eliminate fossil fuels and nuclear energy dependence. At the same time atmospheric carbon is sequestered, oxygen & aerosol terpenes produced.

Cannabis vs. Climate Change : How hot does Earth have to get before all solutions are considered? is the title of my book on Amazon & film on Vimeo. To understand further, please feel welcome to find my California Cannabis Ministry blog & BlogTalkRadio Program.

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