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'Genocidal' Trump Blasted for Threatening to "Totally Destroy North Korea"


'Genocidal' Trump Blasted for Threatening to "Totally Destroy North Korea"

Jon Queally, staff writer

For what he said—and also for what he refused to mention—President Donald Trump was lampooned by progressive critics as he delivered his first ever speech to the United Nations General Assembly in New York City on Tuesday morning.

While castigating Iran and Venezuela as failed and destabilizing regimes and threatening to "totally destroy North Korea" if he thinks necessary, Trump acknowledged nothing about the misery sowed by U.S. foreign policy around the world.


Trump is a dick, every time we give him the mike he shoves it up his ass and farts loudly


The bigger outrage will be if the worlds national leaders, one after another, are not as I type this denouncing this vile man’s speech, and the planetary threat of his dangerous military state, from that serpentine dais…

I know, fat chance; prepare to be outraged some more. Has Trudeau given his speech yet?


Trump says the US needs to bring freedom, democracy and regime change to North Korea, even if it means genocide for millions of innocent people in North and South Korea?

The US now has a madman with his trigger finger on nukes. If this bellicose insanity of Trump, does not scare the hell out of you, it means you are totally naive; totally brainwashed; and have not been paying attention.


What an “ugly” man!


Wow. Unsurprising, but good lord. Just when I think this man can’t be a bigger douche, he proves me wrong. If the rest of the world’s nations had a pair of balls between them, they would join together and issue a joint statement condemning the U.S. and it’s rogue “president,” and then proceed to immediately sell all US assets and cease buying more. An added bonus would be to stop using US Dollars to purchase anything - no more reserve currency status. The U.S. needs the world far more than it needs us, and it’s about damn time everyone started acting like it.

To you Trump worshippers - I realize you are too unevolved to realize it, but your Fuhrer is embarrassing the U.S. and himself and, by association, you. Instead of being proud of your Neanderthal’s speech, you should be ashamed. The fact that you aren’t says all that needs to be said about you.


My God! Trump seems to be aiming to be dictator of the world! He “advises” world leaders what to do, scolds them, and treats America as though we are behind him 100%. I cannot bear to hear him speak with his tiny hands gesturing and his sissy thumb and forefinger circled, like he’s a little girl trying to lecture her dolls. He does NOT morally belong at the UN, nor in the White House. I will be glad when he is gone, no matter how, and we have a president whom we can be proud of.


" The world simply takes out Trump."

The fact that the members of the UN gave Trump accolades instead of walking out or turning their backs on him, tells me that is not going to happen even though if any country in the world needs regime change and freedom from it’s military,terrorism…it is definitely the U.S.A.


Just look at that face in the photo above! It’s not N. Korea with a lunatic for a leader, it’s us! To be a thinking American now means being embarrassed and ashamed.


Maybe we should bring those things to the USA first, just to see if they work!


What an excellent post - excellent observations. And just when I was about to plunge into another day of depression, your points gave me a jolt of hope :slight_smile: Thanks for finding a silver lining in the black, putrid cloud that is Trump.



Support from Trump’s base solidifies.
Pelosi and Schumer cut deals that anger Latinos and the youth vote in general.


34 speakers were scheduled through the end of the day. Found the list on The Telegraph website. While Israel and Turkey are scheduled, Iran and Venezuela are not, nor is N Korea (what is their UN status?).

If there was any one thing Trump could have done to ensure the DPRK’s resolve to drop a missile on LA, SD, or SF, this was it. The rest of our elected government needs to wake up from their stupor and censure or remove this man. He is openly and carelessly endangering the US. I know, fat chance there too.


With few exceptions, Trump and our entire government of both parties needs to be replaced with real humane human beings. Our government has gone way too far in its aim to be the Imperial World Empire. As our government, against the public’s wishes, continues to destroy the governments and peoples of other countries, it can only, in the end, destroy itself and us with it.


I completely agree. If Hillary were President, we’d probably already be at war with Russia by proxy in Syria right now. I tire of the endless “oh but you didn’t want Hillary! This is what you get for not voting for her!” response to any Trump criticisms. The concept of not having EITHER ONE of those two soulless ghouls in the oval office apparently doesn’t register. LOTE, indeed.


Trump has already applied most of Goebbels’ playbook…why not include the genocide chapter ?


The Chinese and Russians are working on replacing the dollar with the renbi as the world’s reserve currency.


" Maybe we should bring those things ( freedom and democracy) to the U.S.A. first just to see if they work"! So true!


Ugly, evil, diabolical, demented, vile, vicious, vengeful, vituperative MONSTER!


You are so very wrong about HC and I suggest you bone up on your knowledge of history…contemporary, past or ancient… Get over the Hillary bashing, stop beating a dead horse and focus on the disastrous administration in the WH and Congress, why dontcha.