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'Genocidal': Trump—Who Claims He Doesn't Want War—Threatens 'Official End of Iran' on Twitter

'Genocidal': Trump—Who Claims He Doesn't Want War—Threatens 'Official End of Iran' on Twitter

Jake Johnson, staff writer

As military tensions between the U.S.

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“As most people know, and for those who would like to know, I am strongly Pro-Life, with the three exceptions — Rape, Incest and protecting the Life of the mother — the same position taken by Ronald Reagan,” - President Trump

President Trump does support abortion if it involves blowing a pregnant woman to shreds In a bombing offensive or burning a pregnant woman to death by bombing, and setting on fire, the building she is in.

In general, Trumps 4th exception to his pro-life stance is: He supports the abortion of the life of any man, woman, and born or unborn child who is not White.


…and. the hokum keeps coming in the climate change dicussion about human extinctikn…when only considering the negatives of climate change…we may seek out a couple more decades…however …when ALL the factors are comsidered… we haven’t got a chance of a nice cube in hell…of not going extinct…in the not too distant future…

Is it iran sending their navy to u.s. waters?


Stable genius diplomacy in action. Nixon’s “madman” schtick was at least purposefully crafted. IQ45’s schtick seems to come from a slot machine in one of his dysfunctional casinos–a mango, a hairball, and a turd.


First of all, Trump the hypocrite criticized Obama for not pulling out of Afghanistan and Iraq and ending those wars. He posed as an antiwar person. And here he is doing something far worse than continuing a war started by his predecessor. Actually starting a war based on false pretexts.
Secondly, Mr. Bone Spurs has NO CLUE about diplomacy and conflict resolution. He is a narcissistic, belligerent, petty, vindictive, ego maniac. So if war stokes his vain ego he will send the troops into harms way (while he took a pass on false pretenses when it was his turn).
Thirdly, he threatens official end to Iran. In his dreams. The US was unable to tame a weak, war-torn country like Afghanistan. They are still mired there and are losing money and life every day. Bush W. said Iraq would be a cakewalk. Like hell. We are getting our asses kicked there by rag tag armies and losing lives needlessly. Many terrorist groups like ISIS did not exist until we moved into Iraq. This idiot has NO IDEA what he’s talking about. Iran is a much more powerful opponent than either Afghanistan’s Taliban or Iraq. It would be a BIG MISTAKE for us to send troops there. The elders (if there are any left in the Republican Party) should prevail upon this imbecile to shut his mouth and let the grown ups do the negotiating.
This war that he’s threatening is PURELY meant to deflect from his current Congressional investigations and try to win at all costs in 2020 so he doesn’t go to jail.


Iran is also a beautiful country in pictures with an ancient culture. I doubt Trump’s supporters even know where it is on a map.


All this is nothing new. A foreign policy adviser by the name of Michael Ledeen was quoted as saying that: “…Every 20 years or so, we need to slam a small crappy country against the wall, just to show the rest of the World that we mean business” With my eye to history, it looks to me as though both Trump and Ledeen are talking in the language of the Austrian Empire in July 1914. Today, just as then, the consequences of such non-thinking are likely to be dire.


Iran has stopped playing victim and become more aggressive with actions and words. I suspect that means they have garnered the support of Russia and perhaps China and some European countries.
Trump, as I said in another post, is just playing the get-more-votes game, allowing cruel sanctions in a series of countries, talking war to appease the warmongers, and backing down from war against his staff to play the hero for the peaceniks.

I do believe his heart, if he has one, is not in war. He is a businessman, and a lot of businesses like hotels for instance, do poorly during wartime. It is the MIC and not the consumer goods industries who want war.

This time it is different. Our competition has some big guns. They play Warcraft, too.
War, such a waste of energy, of talent, of the environment.


What a great fucking country!! Having Fox “news” running both foreign & domestic policy. Four more years!!!


I remember when Micahel Ledeen first appeared on my radar: as a frequent guest on PBS’s MacNeil-Lehrer News Hour in the late 1970s-early 1980s, when he was branding himself as a “counterterrorism expert.” More often than not he did a tag-team act with none other than future Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu, with the two always expressing regret that Palestinians kept forcing Israel to “retaliate.”

That was the beginning of my disenchantment with PBS, having long before given up hope of hearing unbiased reporting of facts on network news, especially where foreign policy was concerned.


Mango is too good an allusion for his delusional coiffing - the noble mango - IMHO - should not be tainted by such tints. Perhaps kinda tough on snakes, but how about ‘copperhead’?


Agreed up until your last sentence. Iran still has oil, and it still represents a potential check on Israel’s ambition—with the whole-hearted support of the US—to be the regional hegemon. That war might be of benefit to Twump is certainly a consideration, but not the only one, or even the major one.


Just one of the billions of things they don’t know, and don’t much care that they don’t know.


The best and wisest man to ever grace PBS was the late Fred M.Rogers.
Their “news” department ingested the Neoliberal Kool-Ade decades ago. Better than Fox news, though that’s a pretty low bar.

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I belive you are right helen. Let’s hope there is not another unecessary war.

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I find it helps to view current events as a response to Climate Catastrophe. Whatever Trump says, he has been briefed by the CIA about what is coming. So the gloves are off and it’s all about looting as fast as possible before the breakdown. Is it really just for Oil? I guess a lot of energy will be needed to move US infrastructure back from the coasts and out of the central drought and burn zones. Maybe I’m naive to think that there are far-seeing and ruthless strategists behind these events. Maybe it’s just a stupid grifter trying to pretend he’s a hard man.