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'Genuinely Really Scared for Women and Girls': Busy Philipps Shares Personal Abortion Story In Viral Video

'Genuinely Really Scared for Women and Girls': Busy Philipps Shares Personal Abortion Story In Viral Video

Jenna McGuire, newsroom staff

Busy Philipps, actress and host of Busy Tonight, took time out of her Tuesday night show to defend reproductive rights in response to Georgia passing a six-week abortion ban earlier in the day, which ACLU

The corporate theocrats that pass these bills in Georgia and elsewhere know that their actions will be overturned in court, thereby enabling them to take their cases to the SCOTUS . Now that the GOP has stacked the SCOTUS and other federal courts with theocrats, this is the GOP strategy for having Roe v. Wade overturned by the SCOTUS.


We’ve got to restructure SCOTUS. Like shorter terms, or rotating judges (or both) … also,
taking appointments out of the hands of POTUS so the issue doesn’t bear so heavily on the presidential elections - and doesn’t take up so much of our time with these battles in Congress - and where the Democrats inevitable cave to the Republicans, regardless.

Six weeks is absurd. I think it’s a reasonable guess that many women, especially teenagers don’t even know they’re pregnant until they’re beyond six weeks. So sick and tired of these ignorant, chauvinistic and backward legislators practicing medicine without a license.

Ro Khanna has something in Congress about restructuring SCOTUS, but at a quick glance, I recall thinking that it was certainly an improvement but didn’t go nearly far enough. For example, 20 year terms? Well, compared to life terms - but I still think it’s too long. Bernie Sanders has suggested rotating judges.

In a world of over population, starvation, different childhood diseases in poor countries, do we want to flood America with unwanted pregnancies going to term?
Besides without a woman’s right to choose intact, the republicans lose a bitching point.