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Geoengineering Has No Place Among Serious Climate Solutions, Declare Experts


Geoengineering Has No Place Among Serious Climate Solutions, Declare Experts

Jon Queally, staff writer

Following a pair of reports published by the National Academy of Sciences on Tuesday which explor the possible future role and scientific efficacy of geoengineering schemes to combat the runaway climate catastrophe driven by human emissions, experts and environmental groups are making it clear that efforts to employ "---wacky techno fixes---" would be a misguided, unjust, profoundly arrogant and endlessly dangerous approach.


I get more and more worried every day… that the world my two girls will live in will be some scifi, cramped, dirty hellish living cess pool… yeah, that’s what I think… I used to take them for walks, we didn’t have a lot of money to do Money stuff… so, walking by the creek was great… my youngest named that area the “Leprechaun” place… because the moss formed on the trees that had fallen… we would jump the rocks in the creek and follow it for a while. It wasn’t very deep… except the year after the 2006 flood in the Southern Tier of ny… then, there was a pool formed around a few big boulders… and they got a glimpse of what it was like for me growing up…swimming every summer day in the creek, sometimes twice a day… afternoons and after my dad got done milking the cows…
Now that they are older, 15 and 18 … they are more attuned to their cell/i phones and friends …
sometimes, I get them to divert their attention briefly…
I’m sorry if I am going on about all this… but, I really am disgusted with this civilization we have created… don’t get me wrong… I hang on to what ever positives I can … on purpose, I have to try to find some things that are good… and that could help… but, that doesn’t mean I am … “believing” in our getting out of this… we will/are paying a very high price and we have seen nothing yet…


I find it very disturbing that that the temporal locus of reports on weather modification are situated in future rather than the present. Weather modification is going on NOW and has been for years.
I do not know if this is because of sets of technical terminologies and marginalization of coherent documentation or shifts back and forth throughout the history of ongoing experimentation that corporate media adheres to the parastatal organizations that provide the information feeds for daily tracking of the ‘weather man’.
One aspect deals with intentionality in planned weather modification and then there is the quotidian influence of industrial aspects (massive water vapor generation by plants in various parts of the country for example) as well as unintentional aggregate combinations of industrial pollution, season, solar, lunar and planetary influences.
One thing is certain. The military has confirmed research that shows that 2.5 GHz when emitted by nexrad radar can apparently induce production of [stratospheric] plasma which in turn can induce changes in weather patterns. The technologies whether intentionally or not, seem to be active and having impacts.
Darpa 2013-2014 Budget: DARPA_FY14PB


Geoengimagicalism is nothing more than an attempt to further delay doing anything real, by people so full of rage they want the Earth dead. There’s a better way to handle the crisis.


Um, excuse me, they’ve been doing it for years and we’re all breathing toxic chemicals all the time, and it’s destroying the planet. Everybody needs to wake up and start paying attention.
Here’s a good place to start: go to the website geoengineeringwatch.org and start looking up instead of at your phones.


I just want include my testimony that geoengineering is happening NOW! I have done extensive traveling for the last five years and everywhere I go I have seen beautiful sunny cloud free mornings attacked by numerous chemtrail spewing jets and turned into overcast afternoons. New York, Vermont, Florida anyplace I go it seems this activity is happening now! Sometimes it is jet spewed in the morning and clear by noon. Other times, as I have said, beautiful mornings become overcast days. I wonder if it will rain tomorrow? Where did this snowstorm come from? It is happening NOW! So what is it with Common Dreams purporting that geoengineering would be a bad idea fraught with dangers IF implemented? It is happening. What are they spraying? Who knows? No one is taking any resposnsibility but plenty of deniability. Propaganda runs deep, into your life it will creep, starts when you’re always afraid, mention chemtrails the man comes to lock you away. . .


My kids are younger but this post could have come from me. I’m always trying to keep the technology out of the house and keep us in touch with the natural world. It’s a noble fight. I still go to the creek that I grew up next to, and bring the kids to swim or fish. I am amazed how society is now head stooped forward squinting at a tiny screen instead of soaking in their surroundings. We are indeed in a pickle aren’t we?


As the article and the study says no “wacky techno fixes” can work. For many reasons including the fact that they’d only serve as an excuse for not doing the hard work necessary to hide the underlying reality that the global over-consumption of needless crap must stop.

Geo-engineering - mitigating climate change - can be done while conserving biodiversity and increasing food security through organic farming and perennial grass restoration. But first we must stop using the atmosphere as a dumping ground for the externalized costs of consumer capitalism.

There are many links to support this point of view, unfortunately, this forum doesn’t allow liks to be posted.


Capturing and storing some of the CO2 we have been emitting would merely be a matter of trying to undo some of what we have done lately. It would cost less to buy coal reserves at $100/short ton of carbon content than to capture and store CO2. At best, even after achieving economy of scale, it is likely to cost about $50/metric ton of CO2 to both capture it from ambient air and compress it enough to use it as fracking fluid in enhanced geothermal systems. That $50/metric ton to capture and store a metric ton of CO2 is equal to paying $166.67/short ton of carbon content. There is something to be said for trying some of both approaches at the same time. $100/short ton of carbon content for coal reserves is fairly generous for coal. The best thing about using CO2 as fracking fluid in enhanced geothermal systems is that it would replace water-based fracking fluid, leaving the water available for irrigation for farmers. And geothermal is both renewable energy and dispatchable. Gas and oil firms say they want to drill and frack for geothermal heat to sell to electric utilities especially since the world price of oil and also gas is so low now. This should help hold down the price of geothermal–since it competes with oil and gas for the services of drilling and fracking rigs and crews. I do NOT like the idea of sulfur clouds to try to cool the earth by shading it. It is too likely to aggravate ocean acidification.


What you said, old goat…
I wonder how much of the drought here in CA is due to messing with the weather.
Granted, ocean warming has moved the jet stream, however I think that it has had some ‘help’.


These hare-brained geo-engineering schemes are never going to work. Keep in mind, that dozens of hare-brained schemes were said to have contained Fukushima radiation and all failed. Like the abandoned Ice Wall that was supposed to keep radioactive water from pouring into the ocean!

Leave it to arrogant engineers to fancy they can engineer a magic bullet for any problem. It’s the height of arrogance to think you can unscrew up the sky. It’s too late. You phuckers who run the world blew it. The only chance of not boiling like frogs, at this late juncture, is to go cold turkey and outlaw the private auto and emergency shut down all the coal plants and nuke plants before they do us in.

GM is planning to put another billion people in China and India behind the wheel. The private automobile and the nuke plant are going to be the end of us.


Hey nottheonly1,

Great post. You are probably right. Black soot rains out from China on us occasionally, but Hawaii, Alaska and the West Coast are directly downwind via the jet stream. Not to compare our latest disaster with your hometown in Hawaii, but we have been under assault by Charcoal makers from all angles, sooting up our house with every tree they can cut down. It’s been a nightmare. Now, the local pygmies moved in next to me and I had to sic the local officials on them, since they were turning the place into Hati. Hundreds of fires they set. A bunch of pyro-maniacs. Big Oil has priced everyone out of cooking LP gas, so the alternative is burrying whole smoldering trees in the dirt for four days of thick smoke.

Since I just cut off their only means of money; I am very unpopular here. Except with the homeowners whose children are all sick from the thick smoke. One neighbor, has two kids with pneumonia.

How’s life down under the equator?




I noticed the supreme court justices at the state of the Union all looked like zombies. They seem to all have skin diseases. Judge Ginsberg passed out. I blame Fukushima destroying everyone’s immune system. Then, diseases our immune systems would normally put in check, spread like wild fire.

That’s my theory, anyway, for what it’s worth.

And I am aware of patents filed for “Persistent Contrails” as a solution to global warming. So your observations of poofy contrails due to fuel formulation might be correct. They grow into huge clouds later on.




Great post nottheonly1. It sounds like our third worlds have so much in common despite the distance. Air pollution by locals is the number one problem out here, followed by constant theft and Monocrops killing off the local farmers. Just as in your case.

Believe it or not, the harbor police chief is also my gardner for free on Sundays, and has planted a number of delicious fruit trees and veggies in the garden behind my house. We share the bounty with him and he gets exercise out of the office. He’s been a family friend for decades, and was key in confronting the pyro-maniacs. They were getting drunk at night and firing into the air endangering us, so he calmly informed them that their firearms were illegal and they fled. But they always come back, and I’m so remote, there are at least 50 people at any one time raping the land. The pigmy’s are building houses completely unaware that the whole area will flood during the rainy season. Since they are so destructive, slashing and burning and destroying habitat for the animal species here, we’re not going to tell them what is in store.

I hate being that way, but if you have ever seen the movie “the Lorax” by Dr. Seus, that’s my life story. We have many endangered bird and animal species here, and they are not long for this world.

I would advise you to tough it out for a few years. After a while, you won’t even notice the garbage laying everywhere and the loaded guns everywhere. I don’t anymore. I’m so used to them, I don’t even see them anymore. Sawed-off shot guns pointed at my nuts at just a normal occurrence at every big store. The answer is to stop shopping. Easier said than done, I know. But I’m learning to do with less and less every day. I’m struggling to convince my family not to purchase anything sold in a plastic bag. On the iron bars thing, I’ve lost hundreds of thousands of dollars in theft over the years, and I’m to the point now, I just don’t care anymore. Land is the only thing that is really valuable and in a low-liability state like you and I are in, it is hard to steal from you. (provided, of course, that you are married into the culture; which I highly recommend)

If I recall, you are gay? and I wanted to impart an observation the other day, but got distracted. The predominant religion in both our worlds is Catholic which frowns on LGT lifestyles, but here is completely frustrated since the locals are so undisciplined in all matters of life that authoritarian rule is always a struggle for the Control Freaks who want to run everyone’s lives for them. Here gays and shemales are everywhere constantly, and featured constantly on local TV shows. They are seen as comedy by the locals, and don’t seem to mind the characterization. I have seen zero hate crimes since I have been here decades, with the one exception of a visiting 19 year old marine who couldn’t tell the difference between a tranny and the real thing, so he killed her.

Everyone here daily sees young men holding hands and arms around each other or women as they walk to the market. It’s ubiquitous. It shocks Americans visiting for the first time. They ask me in horror “Are they all gay???” I used to say no, when I lived in the matrix. Now, that I live with the locals, I know differently. The language Taglog, doesn’t even have a gender distinction, so the locals always say “She’s over there” when referring to a Male. Drives visiting rednecks crazy! So this is the most gay-friendly place I have ever been to. I doubt that’s the case with the Latino world, from my observations in Florida.

If you’re going to have massive personal freedom, such as we have here, you’re going to have smoke everywhere and a culture that solves problems the way they see fit. This means also that the rich have freedoms to start businesses and run them anyway they want to, which means guns pointed at your nuts on checkout. Trust me, you’ll get used to it. I try to minimize the time next to guards bearing shotguns. I avoid the entire area when an armored car pulls up and cut them a wide birth. But burp guns are prevalent in the US apparently also now with the Global War of Terror scam, so there is no escape, imho. The short period of freedom and prosperity on USA Mainstreet is long gone.

I always wanted to live in Hawaii, since the air quality in Waikiki was so much better than Los Angeles where I lived. But, knowing now, it is downwind of Fukushima and China coal dust and that the military is trying to take the whole chain over, makes me skittish.

There is no perfect place, that much is for sure. Imagine Earth in 50 years. The hell on Earth that is coming will make our lives look like heaven. Maybe the bible-thumpers are right after all. (Self-fulfilling prophecy!)

I’d advise living in the boondocks with no power and eat off the land. That’s what I did (the power will come to you later), and I’m 100 percent happier. I eat fresh Papaya and chili peppers out of my garden every morning. Squash is coming in nicely and in a few years the jackfruit and other odd fruit will start bearing.

I’d suggest you need to not look at land offered for sale. Homesteading is the only way to go. Squat and work out the title later, is my advice. But then you have to be married into the culture for that to work. At least that is true out here.

Hang in There (things will get better). With my disasters, I just take life one day at a time. Right now, I’m having trouble walking due to spinal disease, so every day above ground is a good one! :wink:




The drought in Califonia is being engineered. Check out the work of Dane Wiginton.