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Geopolitical Crimes: A Revolutionary Proposal

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/07/26/geopolitical-crimes-revolutionary-proposal

To Sum Up: Current world leaders are engaging in activities which should be called criminal. This goes without saying. I’ve literally thought about finding a way to file a personal lawsuit against the Trump administration and both parties in the legislature and maybe even the Supreme Court as well (the majority) for crimes against humanity. I would lay out exact administrative acts, laws, and court decisions that meet the criteria for a crime against humanity (or us as citizens) and I’d exempt only those people in the administration, Congress and the court who were in the minority and voted against such acts or cases or decisions.

We do NOT have the time to ‘wait’ for another rigged election especially when a large percentage of our population does not have the requisite critical thinking skills, or common sense, or the necessary concern for the needs of our country in order to reasonably and responsibly vote.


I look forward to this thread receiving the weekend attention of the community.

Language and construction of communication of coherent thought benefits profoundly from the essays written by Dr. Falk. The link to “references” at the end of this essay also opens onto his site which has a menu of topics providing access to other writings of equally salient rigor.

Of particular timeliness/timelessness is the 2015

Edward Said’s Humanism versus the U.S. State Department’s Anti-Semitism

Understanding HOW the State Department defines “anti-semitism”

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“As suggested, the Geopolitical Crimes of World War I and II are specified as including an extended conception of war as encompassing “peace diplomacy”, that is, the arrangements imposed on the defeated side after active combat ended. The basic contention is that diplomacy that was deliberately wrongful should be held subject to accountable procedures if responsible for inflicting massive suffering on innocent people and their societies. More specifically, the argument set forth suggest the desirability of adding Geopolitical Crimes to the list of Crimes against Humanity set forth in Article 7 of the Rome Statute (United Nations General Assembly 1998) governing the activities of the ICC.” (emphasis added)

Are we looking at a framing appropriate for hold Trump, Bolton, Pompeo and the others accountable?